snow song part 1

In prison with you (Part 3)

Title: In prison with you (Part 3)

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Word count: 1,051

Theme song: Snow Patrol - I Won’t Let You Go

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Kai looked a bit pale. And then it hit him. This is why you stuck here when the wall was falling down. It’s because of Bennett blood. Somehow it must have directed you in this prison world just like Bonnie was in his.
“I think I know who you are.” He said slowly and turned his face towards you.
“What do you mean by that?” You looked confused. “What the hell he is talking about?” you thought to yourself.
“The reason you stuck here and not went to “Heaven” or something like that. Somehow you just like your… Just like Damon and Bonnie you find your way to have a chance to be reborn again. In flesh and blood.”
“Is that even possible?” Your heart started pounding a thousand times faster.
“It would have if we would have the ascendants. But now… Don’t get your hopes up. I think we stuck here. Forever. There is no way…” He shut his mouth when he saw that your eyes were full of misery.

The rest part of the road you drove in silence. You couldn’t believe that you were confinement here forever. When you finally reached your destination – both of you silently get out the car and stepped in old but beautiful home.
“What is this place?” Kai asked you as he curiously looked around.
“I am not really sure but I think it’s my old house. The one that me and my family lived when I were only a little kid.” You smiled weakly and fell on a couch.
“Maybe there or somewhere around lived more of your family?” Kai stared at you.
“Yea. My cousin. But I didn’t saw her since I were five or something.” You sighted and raised your head at him. “Why you are asking?”
“What was his name?” Kai said hoping that you won’t be close to one person whom he hurt the most of all people.
“It’s she. Her name is Bonnie.” You smiled when you remembered all the fun you had and all the pranks you have pulled on your parents or other family members.
Kai cursed in his mind.
“So you both were close?” He asked casually and pretended that he didn’t care much.  
“Yes. At least when we were still kids. I know it sounds absurdly but I even don’t know how she looks now. As I said before, the last time I saw her was when I was five.”  You were a bit confused so you looked at him suspiciously. “But why do you care so much?”
Kai opened his mouth but not even one word came out of it. He was thinking to himself what would be the best to say to you. True? He was afraid what he says he would spend eternity alone. And he didn’t want that. Especially when he has this strange overprotective feeling for you. But he didn’t want to lie to you too.
“I just… I think I might know her.” He sighted and closed his eyes. And then another idea came to his mind. If he could bring you back somehow, maybe Bonnie would forgive him for all the things he has done to her?
“You do?” You jumped from the couch and ran to him. Your eyes were full of excitement and that made him smile.
“You are so innocent.” He brushed his fingers towards your cheek. They burned with redness as he did that. Kai laughed silently. He didn’t know what that was but you made him feel something new. There was something really special about you. Some new feeling that he couldn’t shake off.
“Can you tell me about her?” You whispered and Kai’s smile fell down a bit.
“Yea. I think I can. But you need to know that I don’t know much about her. We weren’t… Close. We weren’t friends.”
You nodded and grabbed his hand. You dragged Kai to the same couch that you were laying a few minutes ago. All your sorrow now was gone. You were too excited to hear about your cousin that you didn’t saw for so long.
“Tell me everything you know.” You said to him with sparkling eyes. He laughed nervously.
“Alright. But before that can I ask you a question?” He raised his eyebrow.
“Sure.” You smiled widely.
“Why you look so different? I mean…”
“You mean skin tone?” You finished his sentence.
“Yes.” He smiled shyly.
“That’s simple. Our moms are cousins. And my mom has mulatto blood but I guess I took looks from my dad. That’s why my skin is so pale” You giggled and looked him in the eye. “Now can you tell me about Bon-bon, please?”
“I think you have a lot in common. You both are brave and soft hearted.” He smiled at you. Kai’s thoughts were spinning in all possible directions. Every time you looked at him with your overwhelming eyes he would lost his mind. He would forget everything that was in his head. He would forget how to speak normally. “Even your eyes look a lot like her. Jus yours are a lot more beautiful.” He whispered.
“Stop that. You are teasing me.” You lightly punched him to his shoulder and laughed shyly.
“I am not. Your eyes are overwhelming.” He said in a dreamy voice and you felt how your knees get weak. You narrowed you eyes to the ground.
“Oh.” Was the only sound that left your lips.
Kai looked at you with admiration. He loved how your cheeks turned red and you were all shy and innocent. This is why he wanted to escape from talking about Bonnie. He didn’t want you to know what he did and what a bad person he was. He needed someone to believe that there was good in him. And at the moment you were the only person willing to do that. Kai gently raised your chin with his fingers and made you look him in the eye.
“Y/N?” He asked silently.
“Yes?” Your voice shivered a bit. His big blue eyes looked like ocean to you and you were about to drown in them.
“Can I ask you for something?” He gently pulled you closer to him. You quickly nodded and listened to his charming voice. “Y/N, can I…Can I kiss you?”

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.