snow running is my favorite

Used to work in a hardware store in the mountains. After an unusually large snow storm (we’re in SoCal, so the snow isn’t usually anything to write home about), there was run on snow shovels, snow throwers, ice melt, etc. My favorite clueless tourist interaction that happened as a result had to be the family that asked what ice melt is/does. I’m slow on the sass, so I missed the perfect retort, but my coworker’s deadpan “It makes ice melt” still cracks me up.

Someone To Live For - a MSHENKO playlist {LISTEN}

i. Who Will Save You Now - Les Friction // ii. Something To Live For - Yann Tiersen // iii. The Real You -Three Days Grace // iv. Only One - Alex Band // v. Please Stay - Westlife // vi. I Found - Amber Run // vii. My Fight (For You) - Greg Laswell // viii. M4 (part ii) - Faunts // ix. One Life, One Soul - Gotthard // x. Endlessly - Muse // xi. Run - Snow Patrol 


We’re supposed to get some snow so I squeezed in a run on one of my favorite trails. Once we get an inch of snow, it will be un-runnable until April. It’s through the woods so it takes forever to thaw out in the spring. I’m hoping the snow misses us but I’m guessing the rest of the city would like to see some white stuff.

I also started The Thawing of the Turkey. The Butterball website says it’s going to take 8 hours. Since the turkey floats, I’v had to weigh it down to keep it submerged. Last year I went with an all natural, fresh turkey and it didn’t taste very good. This year I’m going for the Butterball. 

RWRunStreak Day #26

I’m relying on Bibberman Black to tell me what day we are on in the streak as I seem incapable of keeping track. Looks like we are on day #26 and I’m still running! 

My run streak doesn’t stop for man nor kidney. Here I am late at night at the hotel in Rochester, MN on the day that Mike donated a kidney at the Mayo Clinic. I only managed a mile that day and the following day when we finally made it home, but it counts.

Even with those two low mileage days, I’ve still managed 120+ miles in the last 30 days and 30+ miles for the past 7 days. I’m just 4.22 miles away from hitting my goal of 1,700 miles for the year. This will be my highest mileage year ever, and the year also included 2,500+ miles of cycling and a heck of a lot of swimming to get ready for Ironman Florida.

It was raining here today which is frowned upon by many Minnesotans in December, but I grabbed the chance to run on my favorite trail before it gets snowed in again tonight. I was sad when the snow came so early here and I didn’t get to run on it “one last time”. I got my chance to say good-bye to it today and that was fantastic. Now I feel like I can make it to April 1st when they will start plowing the trail. 

Now I’m okay with some snow and a white Christmas. Forecast says 100% chance of snow over the next 24 hours!