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When someone changed the timeline by accident, Mick woke up one day, not on the Waverider but back in Central City. Apparently, he was the Flash in this timeline, but everyone called him Impact due to his signature move of using his speed and body mass against bad guys. Len was Iris, Shawna was Caitlin, Kara was Wally and, somehow, Oliver was Cisco. Impact’s main villain/nemesis was a speedster in a wicked looking suit called Savitar.

Let's face It: Cisco Ramon was kind of a dick in Season 3

I truly love him like a son, but no one is perfect and he’s no exception
Throughout this season though, I’ve noticed that he’s been less perfect than he usually is. How? Well:
* He held a grudge against Barry for not saving Dante. This got to the point where it became petty and he was taking an unnecessarily long time to forgive Barry. While you might say that Barry deserved it for that and for all the other stupid and/or shitty things he did this season, I’ll remind you that Cisco views Barry as one of his best friends and like a brother. Barry, in the space of 3 years, had also been more of a brother to Cisco than Dante ever had in their whole lives.
* Related to the first point, but ALL THE DRAMA HE CAUSED DURING THE CROSSOVER. Oliver told him not to tell the others about Flashpoint and Barry changing the timeline until after they’d fought the dominators, because it would have distracted them from the battle ahead. This is exactly what happened when Cisco decided to completely disregard Oliver, and it proved just how petty Cisco was about the whole saga.
*He was unnecessarily mean to HR and Julian, who were both somewhat already struggling to find their respective places in Team Flash. Before you say that they deserved it because HR was a liar and Julian was a dick, I’ll remind you that Cisco’s behaviour towards them continued after HR proved his worth to the Team and Julian dropped his jerkass facade.
* Related to the above, he took his anger about Julian turning Caitlin into Killer Frost waaaaaaaay too far. Julian SAVED CAITLIN AKA CISCO’S BEST FRIEND’S LIFE, and Cisco was acting like he hadn’t a clue why Julian could possibly do what he did. Remember when Julian was stressing out about trying to find Caitlin while she was Killer Frost, and Cisco was all like “IF YOU WANTED HER HERE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN OFF THE NECKLACE!” UHH NO MATE IF HE HADN’T HAVE DONE THAT SHE’D BE FUCKING DEAD, I mean sure he had a right to be mad at Julian for not respecting Caitlin’s wishes but COME ON THAT WAS SUCH A STUPID AND BLATANTLY WRONG THING TO SAY.
* He told Team Flash about Caitlin’s powers without her permission and before she was ready to tell them.
* He was very pushy while hitting on Gypsy, always saying things like “I know you like me” even when he didn’t know for sure. It came off a little sexist to me.
* Likewise, he was pushy when he was trying to get Gypsy to tell him what her beef was with Abra Kadabra. He’s literally on a team made up exclusively of people with family issues and/or at least somewhat tragic backstories, he should’ve known better than to push her so hard.

Rant over thank you very much if you’ve gotten to the end. I still love Cisco very much, just pointing out his less than stellar behaviour this season.

Fresh Start - Part 17

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Oliver Queen, Thea Queen, Iris West, Kara Danvers, Caitlin Snow, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle

Words: 2379

Warnings: none I think

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Notes: so here it is! The final part of this series I’ve loved so much. I’m not sure if I liked the final as a whole but I’m happy with the series, really happy actually and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve done! Thank you so much for the constant support, it had meant a lot! Also, I know this is not how it happens in the actual show but I hope you like it anyway! As I already said, next week (probably on the weekend) I’ll start my next series about Tom Holland. I don’t know how long it will be because I have SO MANY ideas for it. If you’re interested in it just let me know!

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Once that things were okay with Oliver it really felt like you could win this. Maybe you didn’t know how, but you trusted the weapon they were building would work. Still, when it had been five hours without any kind of notification from any of them, you started to get worried.

“They’re working, guys” Iris said. “You can’t expect them to build a…killing-alien-machine in an hour” she added. You nodded in agreement.

“But maybe in two” Barry mumbled. You squeezed his hand under the table, earning a small smile from him.

“We all are worried but pressing them will not help at all” you said.

“She’s right” Thea shrugged. “Whatever they come up with, I’m sure it will be the answer. But Rome wasn’t built in a day”

They all sighed with a nod, knowing there was nothing they could do. After looking at them, you looked out of the window with a sigh. You really were scared. What if the aliens finished their weapon before you could finish yours? What if they attacked?

“Hey…” Barry whispered by your side. You looked at him immediately.

“Want to go for a walk?” He asked.

You smiled a little, happy that he noticed how much you needed to clear your head. It took just a nod from you and he was already standing up. The whole group looked at you two with confusion.

“We’re going for a little walk” Barry informed taking your hand.

“Everything okay?” Oliver asked, looking straight at you.

“Yeah, I just need some fresh air” you smiled at him.

He gave you one more look before nodding so you and Barry headed outside still holding hands. Once you were outside, you let out a huge breath before wrapping an arm around his waist. He pulled you closer by your shoulders and kissed your head before starting walking down the street.

“I’m worried” you finally said. Barry looked down at you, rubbing your shoulder slowly. “What if they don’t finish on time?” You asked.

“They will” Barry replied, not needing any specification.

“But what if they don’t?” You asked again, stopping to stand in front of him. He looked at you and sighed.

“I don’t know” he admitted. Biting your lip, you looked up at the sky. “We will fight. Like we always do” he added taking your hands.

“They’re aliens Barry” you whispered looking at him. The moment he saw the tears in your eyes, he pulled you in for a hug.

“I know” he whispered back, hugging you as tight as he could. “I will protect you. No matter what. You will not get hurt”

“Maybe you will” you finally said looking up at him. He frowned not letting you go. “I’m not worried about me, Barry, I’m worried about you. About Oliver, Thea…about everyone” you confessed.

“They will be okay too” he tried to comfort you.

“You don’t know that” you said shaking your head.

“No, I don’t” he said taking your face in his hands. “But I need to believe it. If we don’t have hope…what’s left?”

You knew he was right but you still found it so hard to believe that you could win this one. Yeah, you had watched many aliens’ movies and the human race always won, but that was fiction, not real life. And the reality was that the chances were almost nonexistent.

“(Y/N)…” Barry said.

But before he could say anything, both of your phones rang at the same time. Immediately, you took them out to see a text from Cisco: we got it. You two looked at each other and without any other words, he picked you up and started running towards the Labs. Maybe, after all, there was hope for all of you.

Since you were the first ones to get to the Labs, you had to wait around 15 minutes before everybody was there. You all were standing around Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity, who were holding something that looked like a big gun but deformed.

“Okay, everyone” Cisco said after clapping once. “We made it, we made the Multiweapon!” He exclaimed.

“Multiweapon?” Kara said.  

“I’m still working on the name” Cisco shrugged, obviously embarrassed by the lame name they had come up with. “I was thinking something about the Ultimate Weapon but-“

“Cisco, there’s no time” Oliver cut him, with his arms crossed.

You chuckled a little at Cisco’s face but then payed attention to his explanation. You had to admit that you didn’t understand much, but if their math was right, which used to be, that was the device that would allow you to defeat the aliens, by destroying their ship so they would have to go home and leave you alone.

“So what’s the plan?” Thea asked.

“That’s the tricky part” Caitlin said, stepping forward. “We have to be close to them so it is powerful enough to work”

“How close?” you asked, not liking the way this was turning out.

“Space close” Felicity said.

“What?!” Barry exclaimed.

“Someone has to go to space?” Kara asked with a frown.

“Either that or we wait until they decide to land in the middle of our ocean” Cisco shrugged.

“That’s not an option, right?” You asked.

“The greens wouldn’t be too happy” Diggle pointed out.

You all looked at each other, not really knowing what to say next even though all of you knew. Someone had to do it, there was no other chance but who was going to take such a big risk?

“I’ll do it” Kara asked.

“Kara, this is not even your world”, Barry said.

“But I’m the only one who can actually go to space” she replied. “Not for too long but I hope long enough to fire the weapon” she shrugged.

“It’s dangerous” Iris said.

“I know” she nodded and looked at Cisco. “Let’s send them home” she smiled.

Immediately, everyone started to get ready. Cisco explained to Kara how the weapon exactly worked while you, Caitlin and Felicity made sure that the coms were working properly. None of you knew if they would keep on working once she crossed the atmosphere but everyone hoped for the best. The rest of the team didn’t have much to do, except watching the sky and the streets in case some alien decided to attack.

“All set up” Barry said speeding into the cortex after setting up different new camera around the city.

“We’re ready” Caitlin told Kara.

“I’m ready” she nodded, even though she looked nervous.

“Are you sure you can do it?” Oliver asked her.

“Of course, I’m Supergirl, my cousin is Superman” she shrugged.

“Super-what?” Thea asked.

“Never mind” Kara laughed, shaking her head. “I’m ready”, she said again.

Barry approached you while everyone walked out of the cortex to do their part. You knew his part wasn’t big or too dangerous but you still were worried.

“I love you” you said hugging him. He laughed a little and kissed the top of your head.

“I love you too” he replied and pulled away to kiss you. “I’ll see you soon, okay? Don’t worry” he smiled.

You nodded, still worried, and kissed him again before letting him go to join the others. With a sigh, you sat next to Caitlin who squeezed your arm and gave you a reassuring smile, which you returned before focusing on the coms.

“Everyone in position?” Oliver’s voice said through the coms.

“I’m good” Barry said immediately.

“Yes, Barry, we knew you would be ready soon” Thea mumbled making you chuckle.

After a few moments everyone was in place thanks to Cisco, or Vibe in this case, who had taken all of them to their positions in no time. Caitlin was constantly checking the city cameras in case there was any kind of movement, Felicity was trying to hack into the alien ship, while you paid attention to the coms, in case something went wrong.

“All clear” Digg said. You took a deep breath, knowing it was all about to start. When everyone checked in, you all looked at each other, it was time.

“Okay, guys, I’m flying” Kara suddenly said.

“Remember, you have to be-“ Cisco started saying, but Kara but him off.

“200 meters away. The less the better, got it, Cisco” Kara said.

“Damn guys, I’ve got an alien on the 3rd with Jackson’s Boulevard” Thea said.

“I’m on my way” Barry said immediately.

As usually, no one had to time to stop him so all you had to hear your boyfriend and your sister fighting a space monster, while Kara kept on reporting on how high she was. Just a few more minutes and probably the coms would be dead.

“We’re good, guys” Barry said through the coms.

“Fifty seconds guys, in case we lose contacts, I’ll do it as fast as I can” Kara said.

“Good luck” Oliver said.

You looked at the screens, seeing how something was going higher and higher into the sky until it just disappeared at the same time your contact to her was cut. She was on her own. Meanwhile, Oliver and Digg had also reported some alien attacks around the city. You could feel how tense you were and it didn’t matter how much Felicity and Caitlin tried to comfort you, you wouldn’t calm down until they were all back, safe and sound.

“Fuck…” you heard Barry’s voice in the coms.

With a frown you looked at the girls but they were too focused looking at the screens. You followed their gazes and gasped as you saw the image of the sky. A bright light was lightning up the whole sky, a light that suddenly turned orange and red, like a fire had started up there. It had to be Kara.

“She’s doing it” Caitlin mumbled.

“Really?” You asked.

“Yes!” She exclaimed. “Their engines are blowing up!”

Just then, something came down form the space, leaving a trail behind it. Usually, you would be terrified, thinking it was a meteorite but this time you gasped, knowing it was Kara.

“She did it!” You exclaimed.

“Guys?” Her voice appeared again on the coms. “Some assistance?”

“You okay?” Felicity asked her, worried.

“Yeah, just suddenly exhausted. I’m going straight to the Labs” she said.

The three of you ran towards the elevator to be outside when she landed which didn’t take her long. She was stumbling a little so you hurried to help her. She thanked all of you but sat down on the concrete floor.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, bending down next to her.

“Going to space, firing a Multi Weapon and destroying an alien ship is kind of exhausting” she said.

“It worked?” Barry said appearing out of nowhere, as usual.

You all looked at Kara before she nodded. You let out a huge relieved breath and let Barry wrap an around you as you leaned against him, suddenly exhausted as well. Eventually, everyone started to arrive to have the news deliver to them. Relieve was all over their features, at least until Kara confessed not having the weapon with her.

“What?!” Cisco exclaimed. You smiled a little, knowing what was coming.

“I just dropped it I guess?” Kara said, finally standing up.

“You…dropped…my weapon…my baby…in space?” Cisco mumbled, suddenly pale. You tried not to laugh by hiding your face in Barry’s chest. “Can’t you fetch it back?”

“Cisco!” Caitlin exclaimed. “She’s not a dog!”

“But my-“ he tried to keep on talking but Caitlin wouldn’t let him.

“All she has to do now is rest and then go to her own planet, you get it? Are you aware of what she has just done for us?” She kept on scolding Cisco, who kept on trying to say something.

“Thank you so much, Kara” you thanked her, walking over her. “Are you really going back now?”

“Yeah, my world needs Supergirl” she shrugged looking down at you.

“You can stay and rest?” Thea suggested.

“Don’t worry” she smiled. “I’m better now” she nodded.

“Will you come back, right?” Barry asked wrapping his arms around her.

“Actually, it’s time for you to come to my Earth” she winked.

“I want to go! I want to meet the other me!” you exclaimed.

“Calm down there” Oliver said, wrapping an arm around you. “We still have to talk about interstellar trips, alright?”

“Boring” you said rolling your eyes.

You hugged Kara before the rest of the team did it and finally Cisco, who was still pouting about his weapon, opened a breach for her to go. She said one last goodbye and went through it.

“Damn, that’s cool” you mumbled.

“Forget it” Oliver said, making Barry laugh. “Don’t, Barry, I see you” Oliver added, looking at him. Barry gulped and looked at your brother. “We still have to talk, you know? If you’re going to date my sister, there’s a couple of things I have to say about it”

“Oh man, there we go” you said rolling your eyes.

“Good luck” Thea laughed. You smiled and walked over her to hug her tight. “I guess you’re staying here?”

“Of course” you smiled before looking at your brother and your boyfriend.

“I won’t hurt her, Oliver” Barry said with a sigh.

“Good, because if you do, I swear I will come here and hunt you down” he threatened Barry. You laughed at Barry’s face and walked over them, before someone said something wrong.

“Oliver, it’s okay” you smiled at your brother. “He’s the best thing I’ve got” you added looking up at Barry. “I love him”

“So cute” you heard Caitlin in the back, which made you chuckle.

“And I love you” Barry replied, looking down at you, forgetting about Oliver.

You smiled at him and turned so you were facing him, at the same time he placed his hands on your face to kiss you slowly, just happy that everything turned out how it was supposed to do.

“Okay, I’m not having that in front of me” Oliver said and turned around to walk away.

You laughed against Barry’s lips and pulled away but hugged him anyway. What had started like a simple university adventure, a new degree, had soon become your new life, your family. You had gotten what you had been looking for: a fresh start.

Everyone on Earth-1 has a crush on Alex. EVERYONE. All for different reasons too. Cisco, Felicity, Iris, Caitlin and Stein ( more as a proud father) all like her because she’s a certified genius and a huge badass. Thea and Sara both like her because she once beat Oliver to a pulp for saying something rude about Kara and the rest are just so shook that this women took down basically every guy on all the teams ( yep even Barry) ( in her defense she only fought them because they didn’t believe Kara that she was a better fighter than anyone else here) and has a PH.D. in bio chemical engineering.


Guys, we are all worried about Caitlin going over to the Dark Side but what about Cisco??? WHAT IF THAT VIBE HE VIBED WAS TRUE BUT HE IS THE BAD ONE??? Like, This whole Dante and Barry thing push him over the edge?

Unbeknownst to Barry, the entire time he has been fighting trying to figure out who Savitar was, everyone else had a betting pool as to who it was on the side. Iris, Joe, and Caitlin thought it was Hunter from yet another world and time. Wally was terrified it was future him. HR, Cisco, and Jesse thought it was an all knowing alien (because they KNOW now that aliens are a thing). Only Oliver and Felicity had a feeling it was Barry himself.