The Queen

AU. She knew that Queen Eva was beloved by her people and that she will never replace her. But she had no choice and had to take her place as the Queen. She had to protect her loved ones from her mother. But is there anyone to protect her, especially now that her husband, her dear Daniel is dead? Snow Queen mother-daughter relationship.

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Regina’s eyes grew wide as she realized what she just said. She wished to take it back, but it was too late. The blue stream of light entwined their hands and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, although everyone could see it before that happened.

No! the second voice cried desperately, and she quietly agreed with it. The marriage was completed before witnesses and was blessed by the heavens, and now the only way to break it was the death of one of the spouses. And despite everything she did not want to die (although that thought crossed her mind not once. But she had to be strong for Snow and for Ruby. The girls needed her – or maybe she was the one who needed them?). The King was always nice and kind to her and she was not a monster to wish him death. Besides, he was Snow’s father and the girl had already lost one parent.

“And now I pronounce you husband and wife,” she heard as the priest started, “you may kiss the bride, Your Majesty.”

The girl raised her head and once again looked into the brown eyes of the King.

The man made a small step toward her and it cost her much to stay still. He was her husband and her King and from now on she belonged to him. Regina shivered slightly, feeling his hand on her cheek. Daniel used to do the same thing when he wanted to kiss her. But right now that person was not her Daniel.

The former princess closed her eyes and a few seconds later she felt a gentle kiss on her lips. That made her feel sick.

The kiss itself was not as bad as she thought it would be, but… Her second husband was in the same age as her grandfather and she really did not want to kiss someone in the same age as King Xavier. Besides, Leopold was not her beloved one. It was not Daniel’s lips that met hers and that hurt her even more.

Her treacherous mouth, the same mouth that kissed her dear Stable Boy and said „I love you” to him a week ago, was now joined with someone else’s. She had betrayed the memory of Daniel.

You are innocent, Regina, she heard the second voice once again. It seemed that it reigned over its emotions. Your lover is dead. You did not betray him.

She married another man just a week after his death! This time the first voice, the same which wanted her to marry the King and which did not mind calling her a murderer, was crying. Oh, heavens. She will forget him, soon!

She did it only because her parents and grandfather forced her into it! The second voice was angry. She could tell. Or maybe you’ve forgotten that Cora is in possession of someone’s heart? Oh, wait. You remember. That’s why you stopped Regina from running away!

Regina was so lost in her thoughts that she did not know what was happening in the church (and people started clapping. She would never understad why, but well, who could understand them) and actually she did not care about it. At all. Because why should she care about that? She did not want the wedding in the first place so… yes. That was their problem now.

Before the girl had the chance to realize what was going on around her, she found herself marching toward the door with Leopold on her side. She lowered her head and saw that their hands were entwined. The girl frowned, because in fact she was the one who was practically glued to his hand. She smiled apologetically and loosened the grip.

The King smiled back and then they both looked at a smiling Snow, who was right behind her. Regina’s lips betrayed her once more, because when she saw how happy the younger girl was, she started smiling at people, too. However, her eyes were still sad.

The eighteen-year-old practically jumped when she heard the cheers of the crowd as soon as they left the cathedral, and almost had a heart attack when she realized how many people had come. She was informed, of course, that people had come to see her from all parts of the kingdom, but she thought the maids were kidding when they said that. Because she did not expect so many subjects would be there to see her. According to her mother she was nothing but a failure.

Regina really had no idea what was going on around her, but she was grateful that they got in the carriage almost immediately, because soon they were on their way to the Dark Palace, her new home (or as she preferred to say – her new prison), where they would celebrate that… very happy day.

A happy day for the kingdom, but heartbreaking for her. Because from that day nothing would be as it used to be.

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From your @onceuponasecretsanta Secret Santa, Merry Christmas, @eveparrilla! <3 ^_^ Snow Queen is my favorite OUAT BroTP as well. I hope you enjoyed this! I sure enjoyed drawing it, especially since I feel my blog has a huge lack of snow queen arts considering my love for it. xD

I will probably end up posting these (I drew four) individually onto my blog over the next couple of days, without the black screen and words. 


Snow Queen Elsa Maquette Figure
Made by Walt Disney Archives and Enesco for a release of December 2015

It will be LE 5000 and cost $350. It’s expensive but seems so worth it. Apparently this is a model that Disney used for reference while making the movie for the artist to animate on the computer.

Info and Picture credit to Drj1828
(Best Flickr account ever, if you haven’t seen his stuff yet, check it out)

There’s a scene between Regina and Mary Margaret and Mary Margaret says, ‘What about all the parties that we used to have?’ And [Regina says], ‘Yeah, your father danced with you all the time. He chose to dance with you over me,’ and Regina pretty much sat in a corner watching everyone else have a grand old time and Regina’s never danced at a ball. So, we’re going to see her first experience in this and who actually teaches her the moves,” Lana continued. “It’s really light-hearted. She doesn’t know how to dance, and David – Prince Charming – is going to show her how to dance, and so there’s a really sweet scene between David, Regina and Mary Margaret.

Lana Parrilla on a scene from 5x02.

This is going to get me all teary eyed no doubt - I love that there is going to be a touching moment between these three.