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The North Remembers [Jon Snow x Reader pt.3]

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Welcome back! <3 Love writing this, haha… Anyway, i’m moving the date from Friday to Thursday since I think it’s a bit of a gap… Let’s get into it, shall we?

Part 1. Part 2.


You pried the door open, poking your head out and glancing both sides to make sure no one was snooping around to see you leave his room. Hurriedly, you turned back to Jon, his eyes fixed on your clothed form as if he was deep in thought. It took a minute for him to figure out you were staring at him expectantly, and he smiled, lightly, squeezing your hand before letting go. You quickly bolted out his room with a light wave and a flirty smile, the door closing as you left.

Your hair was still a bit of a mess, cherry cheeks and a faraway look in your (colour) orbs informing anyone who cared enough to notice that you were head over heels in love. Trying not to linger for more than needed, you marched down the hallway, making as little noise as possible, yet a giggle escaped you despite your attempts.  

Memories are cheatable things… Sadly, memories of him will soon be all you had.

You shook those pesky thoughts out your head, trotting down the stairs and turning a corner. You nearly collided with the young Aria Stark. Abruptly, you stopped, a surprised expression on your face as the girl frowned, confused, tilting her head up to stare at you.

“Where were you?” She asked, slowly, making you gulp nervously yet you masked it with a bright forced smile.

“I was speaking with your brother, Aria.” You told. There was some truth to it, after all. “Why do you ask?”

“Robb was looking for you,” She explained, her sharp eyes fixed on your own. You held her gaze, not faltering, noticing a smile stretch on her lips, “I’m glad I found you first, actually. I wanted to ask you for a favour.”  

“What is it you need?”

“Septa Mordane will kill me if I don’t finish sowing my handkerchief, ” Ah, you already knew where this was going. Cracking an amused grin your eyes twinkled with mischief as Aria frowned at your cheeriness, “–Please?” She sighed out.

“Leave it in Lilian’s room, I’ll finish it in an hour.” You winked, making her nod eagerly, “Just make sure no one will notice you, because Septa will kill me too.” You finished with a dry chuckle.

“(Name)!” Sansa’s voice startled both you and her sister, making you shoot your head back to the girl’s direction. She didn’t seem in the best of moods – brows burrowed as her eyes shone with annoyance. She marched to you, in the meantime you heard light footfalls  rushing away. Aria left. Fully turning to your mistress, you gave her a gentle smile.

“Robb was tearing the place down looking for you, ” She told, bitterly, “Where in the Seven Hells were you?” You disliked the fact that you’ve been asked that question two times in the past five minutes. Your posture didn’t falter.

“Well, I was at the Godswood mostly. We’re leaving soon, and I wanted to…To mull it over. Say goodbye.” You said, your tone lowering as you finished the sentence. “Then I came to talk to Jon.”

“About what?” Sansa pried.

“Things that you are far too young to understand, my dear.” You told, softly, your hand coming to rest on her shoulder. Her brows flickered upwards, unimpressed. “You still have your whole life ahead of you. One day, perhaps you’ll know what I am talking about.”

“Well why can’t I know now?”

“Because if you haven’t figured it out yet – you shouldn’t.” You grinned cheekily, your fingers tightening around her shoulder in a playful manner before you let go. “Now where is Robb? I believe  he had waited enough.” Something shimmered in Sansa’s deep green irises – she knew something, but was obviously unwilling to tell. Instead, she raised her head high, smiling proudly as she continued to stare you down.

“He’s with Theon, training.” You nodded at her words, excusing yourself and promising to braid her hair once you were free.  

Finally, cool wind blew on your hair, making strands of it float in the air as your eyes swept the courtyard – it wasn’t hard to find the two brothers, or Jamie Lannister who seemed to be sparing with Robb. You faltered in your stance, your eyes narrowing from the sharp sound of swords flashing. Metal glistered in the sun as your irises followed the Kingslayer – such grace and elegancy how could you resist?! Robb wasn’t doing all that bad, but it was clear who took the lead.

Bright blue eyes connected with yours only for a moment, making a lone butterfly tickle your stomach as your lips tilted into a smile for Jamie, and you could’ve sworn you saw Theon roll his eyes. You snapped out your daze – no wonder your mother had acted like a fool the night prior, Jamie Lannister was a charmer. Grabbing the sides of your dress you moved through the courtyard, nodding your head at the sparing Robb who only now noticed you, before you turned to the grinning Theon.

“What’s that grin for?” You questioned, instead of saying ‘hello’. He licked his lips, shrugging lightly before his irises landed on the clashing swords.

“You kept standin’ 'round like a fool and starin’. Thought somethin’ happened to your head.” You surpassed a giggle at his comment, surpassing the urge to smack him on the arm. Perhaps, if Jamie Lannister wasn’t around you’d do so, but for now you’ll restrain, “Glad you’re finally here, though,” He suddenly spoke, “They’d been at it all morning.” He motioned his head to the two now shaking hands men, his irises finding you again “I  almost thought I’d die if I had to watch another match.”

“Want to take part?”

“I’d much rather get some ale.”  

“Milady Keylock.” By your side was the blond haired knight, bowing his head in respect as you felt your heart fluff in your chest, a smile, which you did all you could to tame, twitching on your lips. “I couldn’t help but notice you watching us train.”

“Milord.” You bowed your head as well, “How can I not?”

“(Name),” Robb was quick to butt in, “May I have a word?” His voice portrayed urgency, a cold hand clenching your heart – was something wrong? Has something happened? No…neither Aria, Sansa or Theon showed even a speck of concern…Yet you felt nervous either way. You nodded, stiffly, excusing yourself and following after Robb. He gave his sword to one of the trainees, glancing at you to make sure you were following.  

His pace slowed as  you reached the Glass Gardens and finally he turned to look at you. His face portrayed softness he usually didn’t show, eyes glimmering with something you couldn’t quite make out. The air here was warmer, silent in your ears as if the whole of Winterfell was left behind somewhere, only the faint sound of running water echoing in your ears. Your eyes swept the dark flowers, a sense of calmness settling in you as you inhaled their sweet scent.  

“I was told you were looking for me all morning,” You started, seeing as he wasn’t going to any time soon. Your fingers ran through the soft petals of a flower, sadly you weren’t knowledgeable of its name, (colour) irises gazing at it with love, “Now that you had found me you don’t speak.” He could hear the smile in your voice, even if your back was turned to him. “Do you remember when we used to play here? You, me and Theon? We’d rip out the petals and exchange that as currency… The  gardener would scream at us to no end, but we’d always come back…” You turned to him, faltering when you found him standing much closer than you remember him being. His gloved hands took yours, his dark eyes locking your own.  

“This was your favourite place.” He said quietly.

“It still is.” You admitted. He smiled.

“Then I picked right.” You frowned, softly, confused.

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I do not follow–”

“I brought you here for a reason, (Name).” Robb cut you off, though not angrily. He urged you to move through the gardens with him, and you did, yet still unsure “Me and my father had been discussing this matter for years now, but I never got around to agreeing with him. But…when I found out you’d be leaving I’ve been thinking more about it, and now I have finally decided.” He turned to you, stopping, “(Name)…I want you to stay in Winterfell and become my wife.”

It felt like cold water rained down on your form, your heart tumbling to the pit of your stomach. Dread. It was dread you felt. You knew he loved you, you always did but you didn’t want to believe it or even think about it…And now, he was asking you to marry him? What about Jon? He’ll be devastated, Seven Hells, you’ll be devastated!  

You held in the urge to pull your hand out of his and run away, instead it falling limp in his hold.

“Oh, Robb…” You uttered, shaking your head softly, your eyes saddened “You know I can’t do that. I’m your sisters handmaiden, I can’t marry you–”

“You’re not her handmaiden. You’re (Name) Keylock, a dear friend both to my family and me. My father approves of this. And yours does as well.” You froze.

“How long have you been planning this?” You asked, shocked.  

“A long time.” He answered, truthfully. You were unable to look him in the eyes, “Sansa can find another handmaiden…I need you more.” At his word his hand squeezed yours as if wordlessly asking for you to look at him. His other hand reached your face, fingers softly hooking a loose strand of (colour) hair away from your paled face, a loving smile blooming on his lips as he tilted your chin. “It’s a lot to take in, I know. You don’t have to give an answer now. Even If you change your mind in Kings Landing – send a raven. I’ll be waiting for your letter for as long as you wish.”


You sat on a wooden chair, hands tangled into your hair as depression took over you. Your aunt snorted, her half naked form lying on her messy bed as she chuckled at you trying to block out the moans and screams coming out other rooms. You never liked visiting the whore house, but this was the only place you could find her.  

Finally, you looked at Relina – she had long, wavy brown hair and a figured many woman desired, even though it was covered in bruises and hickeys. Her eyes strangely resembled your own - (colour) and full of life, despite her being more on the lazy side. She tilted her head to you, rogue smeared on her cheeks as she swirled the bottle of ale in her hand.

“I fucked the imp.” She said, making you close your eyes in annoyance and even embarrassment as her melodious laughter ringed in the small room, “You should’ve seen his–”

“Please, Aunt Relina.” You shot, glaring at her, “Please, just for once, let me do the talking.” She raised an amused brow, snorting and taking a sip of your drink.

“I thought you’d be happier not being a virgin.”  

You nearly choked on your own saliva, eyes growing to the size of moons as your aunt laughed again.

“How do you-”

“Well, despite you sittin’ there, mumbling somethin’ about marryin’ Robb Stark and drownin’ in your own self pity, I say the healthy glow of your cheeks gives it all away.” She watched your face, then body, loosing the mischievous tone she always had “I miss seein’ it. Not many virgins run around here these days.”

“That’s not why I am here, don’t change the subject.”

“Then why are you here?” She sat up, abruptly, frowning. “Why did you come to a whore instead of your mother or sister or a bloody friend?” You felt a loss of words at her statement, your mouth prying open before it shut. You felt ashamed – her eyes were so judging. Hanging your head low, you stared into the very depths of the dirty stone floor, feeling tears gather at the surface of your (colour) orbs.  

The room was quiet whilst you gathered the words you needed to say as your aunt continued to watch you, patiently waiting for you to speak up. Only when a door slam was heard from the corridor and the yells of a woman demanding for money filled Relina’s room did you finally tilt your head to her.

“I love Jon Snow and I laid with him last night.” You squeezed out, your eyes rolling down yet again, unable to look at the woman. She shook her head, gulping her drink down in one go and standing up. She staggered to you, crouching to your eye level, her hand dangled into your messy locks as she gently caressed them, her still young face lighting up with a soft smile as she tried to catch your gaze.

“Lovin’ a bastard is nothin’ to be ashamed of.” She reassured.

“I’m not ashamed!” You snapped, “I’m lost, because I don’t know what to do!”

“Do you really?” Relina raised a brow, “Child, you’re just like your father – anskin’ questions you know the answer to. Ask yourself this…Do you want to marry Robb Stark?” You shook your head, biting your lip, “Well, you’re a bloody fool  trading him for a bastard that’s leavin’ to take a chastity oath, but the heart wants what the heart wants, no? Your family would say the same.”

“You are my family.”

“I meant better family.” She cracked a smile, “My profession isn’t exactly worthy of the Keylock name.”

“Yet somehow you always know what to say.”

“Or maybe you just know how to listen. Look. (Name), you’re leavin’ for Kings Landing in two days. I’ve only been there once and let me just say this – it was beautiful with rich young rich men hangin’ on every corner, waitin’ for a (colour) haired, (colour) eyed pale cheeked northerner to enter their life. You’ll forget all about these Stark boys in no time. The world is so big,” She cupped your cheek, making your teary eyes find hers “-I want you to see and experience it all before you lock yourself in Winterfell or cry your days away for a Snow. There are better men out there, better life out there and a better future for you. Go with Sansa, (Name). Winterfell isn’t for you. You’re a summerchild, radiating happiness in such a grim place… Go where the sun never stop shining.”

You hugged her, your arms tightening around her neck as she chuckled dryly, rubbing your back.

“But for now…Fuck little Jon’s brains out.” She finished with a melodic laugh.

“You should marry him.” Jon said, coldly, “He’ll be a good man to you.” You frowned, pulling the sheets closer to your naked body.  

“But I don’t want to.” You declared, making him glance at you, “The one I want to marry is you.”

“I’m leaving for the Night’s Watch.”

“And I for Kings Landing.”

“You can always come back.” He shot, making you falter – since when was he so good with comebacks? Must’ve picked that up from you. You inched closer, not wanting to fight. It was your last night together. The carriage was already prepared for morning along with all of your belongings. The least you could do was spent the time you had left not fighting.  

His deep brown irises found your innocent ones, his gaze dropping to the (accidentally) slipping sheet that exposed more and more of your skin. Using that to your advantage, you captured his lips in a sweet kiss, his hand coming you cup your cheek and bring you closer. As you pulled away, you came to rest your forehead on his.

“I am not giving up on you. No matter what you say, Jon, I won’t give up on us. I swear it to you. A promise is a key we lock–”

“–may it never be broken.” He finished for you with a kiss.

pt 2

-simon realized almost immediately the type of person baz was

-they had two classes together, french and english

-baz took notes during every lecture (his handwriting mesmerising??)

-he gave the teachers his undivided attention

-simon, meanwhile, slouched back into his chair, doodling idly while only halfheartedly listening to the class

-baz kept his notes organized like he kept his life organized

-like he literally had a spot for everything, he knew where everything was, he often scoffed whenever he saw simom searching for something

-after the first week or so of classes there was something else that caught Simon’s attention

-or rather, someone else

-a girl, with long blonde hair and big brown eyes

-she was in his photography class (intro to photography ??)

-and god she was beautiful

-aphrodite in the flesh

-simon decided to talk to her in his third week

-she wore a playful smile the entire conversation, flirting with him heavily the entire time, they agreed to grab a coffee later so they could study for a test

-simon was in a daze the entire walk back to his room

-he fell face first on his bed the second the door closed

-baz looked at him carefully, an amused smile tugging at his lips


-simon turned his head towards him and smiled dreamily

-(Baz’s heart caught in his throat)

-“ive got a date with a cute girl later”








-“her name is Agatha, we’re going to study over coffee tonight”

-Baz turned around in his chair to face Simon

-“you say all this like we’re friends, Snow”

-simon sat up, frowing, “because i thought we /were/ friends, basil”

-baz looked at him like he was stupid (it was an expression simon received quite often)

-“we’re roommates, simon”

-“so we can’t be friends?”

-“we’re not friends just because we sleep in the same room, and frankly I’m not sure i want to be your friend. Honestly you’re far too sure that your charm will work on everyone you talk to.”

-“ What charm???”

-Baz rolled his eyes and turned back towards whatever journal he was writing in

-simon, on the other hand, was fuming

-he changed into a loose shirt and a pair of shorts and slammed the door behind him

-Baz could be such an Asshole

-he went to the gym on campus and stayed there for a good hour

-he showered before dinner and hurried back to his room to grab his books afterwards

-the date (study-date)(call it what you will) went marvelously and ended with simon learning nothing thathad to do with photography

-he’d been much too focused on figuring out how close they could be without touching (and then she’d ended up brushing her leg against his)

-he walked her back to her dorm and took the long way back to his own

-when he walked in (quietly, so quietly, he didn’t want to wake Baz up so he could deal with any more condescension) he realized that Baz was sitting up on his bed, reading a book (with the book sleeve missing)

-simon looked at the alarm clock on the shelf above his bed, 11:47

-Baz was normally in bed by 11:00

-they didn’t talk to eachother

-simon got undressed after dropping his books by his desk

-he climbed into bed and stared at the wall

-the lamp glowing from behind him cast an orange glow on the white paint

-he traced the brushmarks with his eyes for a few minutes until the light clicked off

-baz closed his eyes almost as soon as the light was off

-why had he waited up?

-a thick uncertainty spread over him like chunky peanut butter on bread

-Simon Snow talked too much and made an ass of himself on a daily basis

-he was so confident in his easy going personality

-so sure that making you feel welcomed would in turn make you welcome him

-it was exhausting amd nauseating and


-baz had barely stopped thinking about Simon’s one rule

-N O A L C O H O L

-what horror had he seen

-he opened his eyes and looked at the lump across the room from him

-it was moving slowly up and down, in time with the ticking of his old alarm clock

-4 weeks into the year and Baz had already heard rumors about him:

-he was an orphan

- he was a flirt

-he was homophobic

-he was a super model

-the credibility of most of these claims was obviously not /so/

-but the orphan one had caught his attention (so had the flirt)

- just as the boy had

-he watched his breathing slow and heard a soft moan

-simon snow moaned in his sleep

-nothing like a sexual moan

-at least, it wasnt like any sexual moan baz had ever heard

-but then again, he was only educated on sex(and sex noises) because of porn

-another soft moan

-baz wondered what simon sounded like when he was having sex

-his face felt like it’d been splashed by lava

-he shoved it into his pillow and focused on his own breathing

-insomnia was an old friend that baz hadn’t missed

-baz thought back to that afternoon, when simon had stormed out

-he wanted to go back in time to wring his own neck

-“i don’t want to be your friend”











-he closed his eyes and

-wished he would have taken his medicine and


-having simon snow as a roommate was proving hard and

-he wished he understood why he felt so confused

Sweet Dreams (pt. 3)

Snowbaz fanfiction

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six -          Part Seven

For my valentine @senthr, I hope you like it <3 (also @sparkleybutt you said you wanted to read this)

Summary: College AU

Word count: 3.113

Warnings: swearing, don’t think anything else, maybe a little bit of angst


He had been hiding in the library until he was sure Snow would be asleep. Then he quietly made his way back to their room, trying not to get caught.

Relieved when he finally reached it, he unlocked the door and slid in. It was remarkably calm. Why was Snow not snoring? He couldn’t be awake, it was already past midnight. Snow always fell asleep way before that – Baz would know.

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