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I let myself slip away… Just to stay sane. Just to get through it. And when I felt myself slipping too far, I held on to the one thing I’m always sure of - Blue eyes. Bronze curls. The fact that Simon Snow is the most powerful magician alive. That nothing can hurt him, not even me. That Simon Snow is alive. And I’m hopelessly in love with him.
—  Carry on by Rainbow Rowell
I stand by Caitlin.

Even though they made up in the end and everything is bright & shine for them right now, I stand by every single word Caitlin has said to Barry. She was right about everything and I solely think that when Iris tried to comfort Barry after they put Caitlin in the pipeline, she was not empathizing with neither Cisco nor Caitlin. She didn’t really lost much or was effected much by Flash point.

I feel like Barry took it all in and acted the way he should have, accepting what has been said to him was a manly act. But his stupid ass decisions really hurt so many lives and broke so many people. Though Barry tried to hard to get Caitlin back and I was very happy to finally see those two interact. Even when Zoom kidnapped Caitlin, they didn’t search for her this much. He also quit his job for his friend and it says so much about their friendship.

I don’t like Barry much these days but seeing Caitlin action makes me so happy. I still think that they could have made the Killer Frost action go on a few more episodes though, but still it was a very good episode both character development wise and action wise.


Summary: you’re a metahuman who has the ability to control and sneak into someone’s mind by just looking at them. You can also turn people into stone like Medusa. You were affected by the particle accelerator. You and Barry become close.

Ship: Fem!Reader

Warning: fluff, swearing, angst, flashback, tears, fighting, blood, etc.

Third P.O.V.

(Y/n) walked into Jitters, avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room as she made her way to the cash register. Sun glasses on, covering her eyes. She wore them all the time. There wasn’t a moment where she didn’t have them on. She was too afraid to part with them, for she might hurt someone… like… last time.. (Y/n) ordered her drink, grabbing it before slipping into a chair. She couldn’t help but feel a pair of eyes watching her.. multiple pairs..? She peered over her shoulder to see three people peel their gaze away from her. (Y/n)’s heart rate quickened. What if they know..?

A few seconds went by before she got up and left the cafe. Footsteps heard from behind, she fastens her pace. Before she could do anything, however, she was swooped up out of know where. It took a few minutes for her to adjust to the rather bright lighting, despite her shades. A yellowish red blur ran past her before stopping. “Hello, (Y/n) (Y/L/N).” Once her eyes adjusted, she brought her hand down from her face only to see three people around her age. A woman with long brunette hair, clean dressed, heels, and a pointed but soft look. A man with long hair, not as long as the woman.

A jean rolled up jacket with a star wars t-shirt, slightly shorter out than the other two. The last man was tall with gorgeous brunette hair, pulled over to the side. His eyes were a deep and bright green. Kinda like hers… Except they didn't hurt people.. When she spoke, she took a step back, obviously shaken up. “Where am I?! Who are you?!” The drop dead gorgeous brunette walked forward while (Y/n) took the same amount of steps back. “I’m Barry Allen. You were affected by the particle accelerator. We’re here to ask for your help.” The woman spoke up, kindly. “We actually want to study you. You seem to possess a rare ability given to you due to the accelerator.”

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(Y/n) fiddled with her hands, muttering so quietly it was almost inaudible. “What if refuse?” The other gentleman replied with a warm smile. “Than you can go. And we’ll leave you alone. Well-as long as you don’t terrorize the city-” The woman practically hissed at him. Her glare was terrifying. He cleared his throat, not daring to look at her. “But that’s not gonna happen- I’m Cisco, by the way. And that’s-” pointing to the woman. “Caitlyn.” Barry stepped forward, looking down at me with a warm smile. “We want to help you control your powers. We want to study you and help you. What d'ya say?” (Y/n) bit her lip, swallowing her saliva as she fiddled with her fingers, looking over the room before answering. “I’ll help you. I just want to not be afraid anymore.”

A few weeks past, and already so much has changed in (Y/n)’s life. Slowly but surely, she became more and more comfortable with herself and her new found friends. After work, she would come and test her abilities, which varied. Sometimes she was able to read minds or move things. Other moments, she was able to turn things into stone…like Medusa. Of course, she hadn’t shown them that part of her yet. Today was the day she would do it. (Y/n) walked in to Star Labs, hands shaky and heart rate erratic. When she spoke, her voice was a lot softer than intended. “Guys…I have to tell you something..” They stop what they’re doing to look at her. She can barely meet her gaze, looking down at the floor with guilt. Barry walked forward, brows furrowed. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” 

She pulled three pairs of sunglasses out of her purse, handing them to each other of the members. They looked back at her with a puzzled expression, following (Y/n) into the testing room where Barry usually runs. They stood behind the glass while she stood on the other side, fidgeting with her shades. She picked up glass, placing it on the table in front of her. “Cisco, you asked me when I first came here, why I always wore these shades? You’re about to find out.” Cisco glanced at the other two, excitement coursing through him. “What do you mean?” Caitlyn asked. (Y/n) bit her lip. “You should put on the shades.” They did so, immediately. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she slowly but surely took off her glasses, eyes still closed. 

Her hands were shaking as she set them down on the table. Barry’s body tensed as he watch (Y/n) closely. In all honesty, he begun to fall for her. She was reserved but kind and funny. Cisco and her became the dorkiest friends and she was always so respectful. (Y/n) was beautiful and amazing. He loved her. And in this moment, his heart raised with worry for his beloved. She took another deep breath, slowly but surely opening her eyes. They were a striking green. Not any normal color, more vibrant that usual. The outer layer of her eyes, however, turned black. The longer (Y/n) stared at the glass, the darker her hair got. Eventually, her hair morphed into long striking reptiles. Snakes.

In a matter of seconds, the glass turned to stone. The team backed up with shock. When (Y/n) saw their expressions, she broke down, tearing her eyes away from them. Slowly, she turned back into herself. She kneeled on the floor, trying to maintain her breathing pattern, shutting her eyes. Barry flashed in, worry washing over him. “(Y/n), are you okay?!” She nodded, not daring to make eye contact with him. “My glasses..” In a matter of seconds, her glasses were in his hands. Barry gently slipped them on her face, wrapping his hands around her cheeks as she adjusted and opened her eyes. He rubbed his thumb against her cheek, soothingly. Caitlyn and Cisco ran in, standing over them. “I’m a monster..” (Y/n) said, looking down. 

Barry shook his head. “No, you’re not. We’re gonna figure this out. I promise. It’s gonna be okay.” Cisco nodded. “That was awesome. I was thinking your superhero name would be-” (Y/n) spoke up. “Medusa.” Caitlyn nodded, smiling. “That works.” After that moment, things seemed to change within Barry. It was though he looked at her differently. Not that he didn’t love her, in fact, he fell more in love with her. The myth of Medusa was as tragic of a story as any. She was cursed to turn every man she ever loved to stone for the rest of her life. She would no longer love and possess the amount of happiness she had prior. He looked at (Y/n) with pity but with hope. He would love her no matter what. It didn’t matter to Barry that she was able to do what she could do. He loved her. 

A few weeks past and (Y/n) was already getting use to her powers. She was actually able, reluctantly for Barry, to join the team on some missions. He always wanted to protect her out in the field even though he knew she could hold her own, probably hold her and Barry’s own. But that didn’t stop him from keeping a careful eye on her. That morning, (Y/n) came in, greeting Cisco and Caitlyn as per usual. A few seconds later, Barry flashed in, hugging (Y/n) around the waist, pecking her head before leaving her to work. Their relationship, with was categorized as strictly friends, seemed to be, from Caitlyn, Cisco, Iris, Wally and Joe’s point of view, to be rather romantic. They all shipped it. 

They both, loved and hated, the long stares and small smiles that came from either one of the two. It was adorable. Although nobody could visually see (Y/n)’s eyes through her shades, they knew there was a look of pure adoration for him. And visa versa. Barry always glanced at her, smiling to himself. Little did (Y/n) know, Barry looked at her as if she were his world. And in all honesty, she was. She meant everything to him. And she thought the same for him. Every time (Y/n) glanced in his direction, memories of how they met flooded through her head. She was so nervous then and he was so very open and loving, even if they didn’t know each other. She always loved how kind he could be. But when she met him, deep down, she knew she’d fall hard and fast for him. 

Later that evening, Barry, Cisco and Caitlyn sat at their chairs working. Cisco and Barry glanced at one another, smiling. They get up from their chairs, standing anxiously across from you. “You guys, okay?” (Y/n) asked as they fiddled with their fingers. Barry spoke first. “So, Cisco and I made you something-” Cisco interjected. “-Actually I made it-” Barry bud in. “-But it’s was my idea-” Cisco rolled his eyes, huffing before Barry continued. “-Okay, so. Cisco and I got you a present- well made you something.” They handed the small box over to (Y/n), beaming like kids on Christmas. “We were thinking you could wear them tonight for the trivia thing at Jitters.” Barry said, blushing. 

(Y/n) took the box, brows furrowed. Caitlyn leaned forward, paying close attention to the situation about to unfold. She opened up the little box, glancing at her two friends before unwrapping it. (Y/n) gasped, jaw dropping. It was a pair of contacts and a ear bud set. Barry explained, excitedly. “Once you put on the contacts, with the ear bud, you’re able to control when you want to use your powers and when you don’t. So now, you don’t have to wear those shades. I mean- you can if you want- not saying you don’t look good in them- because you do-” He began to sputter. (Y/n) smiled softly. “Thank you.. This means- this means the world to me..” She hugged Cisco and Barry, tightly. Cisco grinned. “Also, we tested it, so it does, in fact, work.” (Y/n) bit her lip to stop her from crying. She managed to croak out another simple thank you, showing them to Caitlyn excitedly. 

Later that evening, (Y/n) picked out her outfit, getting dressed and everything before taking out the box of contacts and ear piece. Hands shaky, she put them on, taking a deep breath before riskily looking into the mirror. For the first time since the incident, she saw her eyes. Her real eyes. (Y/n) couldn’t help but gasp. She looked beautiful…stunning even. Everything about her looked phenomenal. She did a quick spin before heading over to Jitters. It was the first time she drove without her shades. Everything was so bright and alive. (Y/n) couldn’t help but smile, grin even. She pulled up to Jitters, heart racing. This would be the first time she could see clearly. The first time anyone saw her eyes.. Eyes that told showed a painful story. She waited for everyone to get in, taking deep, nervous breaths. 

After a few minutes, she hopped out of her car, slowly but surely making her way up to the front door. Swinging it open with a loud cling, she felt the rooms eyes on her. She kept her eyes low, down to the ground for the first few seconds before looking at the overly packed room. Each one of their eyes was on her. She felt somewhat uncomfortable under their gaze but on the other hand, she felt strong. She knew she could over come anything. As long as she had help. (Y/n) took a deep breath, reluctantly forcing her head up to look for Barry, Cisco, Caitlyn, Iris and Joe. After a few seconds, her eyes finally found Barry, who’s jaw was dropped practically to the ground. She smiled shyly, making her way towards the group. 

All of them looked at her with awe, amazement. Especially Barry. He stood up from his seat, watching her come near. She was gorgeous… Absolutely stunning. Barry swore she took his breath away. She were vibrant and alive. She reflected her eyes. Her real eyes. When (Y/n) walked up to the group, she couldn’t help but look up at Barry. It was almost like they had a glint to them. Barry’s heart soared, achingly. Caitlyn and Cisco smiled. “You look beautiful, (Y/n).” She blushed, fiddling with her fingers. Eddie and her shook hands, first time introductions. Iris complimented her, grinning as she looked between her and Barry. 

“You look amazing, (Y/n). Doesn’t she Barry?” After a few seconds, he reluctantly peeled his eyes away from her to look at Iris and Felicity, confused. “What?” She motions to (Y/n). “Doesn’t she look nice, Barry?” He swallowed the build up of saliva, nervously. “Yeah, she looks-” He pauses, blushing slightly as their eyes met. “-She looks- absolutely stunning.” (Y/n) blushed the most at Barry’s comment. After a second or two, he stumbled to pull a chair out for her, making sure she sat next to him. He nervously played with his fingers. “You ready for trivia?” He whispered into her neck, driving unplanned for shivers to make it’s way onto her skin. She whispered back, having the same effect on Barry. “Absolutely. I was born ready.” He couldn’t help but smile. 

After the trivia game, Barry decided to walk (Y/n) home. He loved being in her company. She always had the most amazing thoughts. As did he. They could honestly and genuinely talk for hours. In fact, they did. As they pulled up to her house, with a good pep talk from the gang, especially Cisco, Barry decided to take a chance. He took a deep breath, gulping nervously. “Uhh- (Y/n)-” She peered over her shoulder, smiling softly. “Yes, Barry?” In that moment, his heart was beating faster than ever before. “(Y/n)- I- I was wondering- if you- uh- maybe- wanna- go out sometime? With me? I mean-” (Y/n) grinned, tucking her hair behind her ear before making her way down the steps. The second she got their, she grabbed Barry’s collar and killed him. 

(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, I’m just kidding. Here’s what really happened

The second she got to the last step, she laced her fingers around Barry’s collar, pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss. Barry being, well- Barry, it took him a minute to register the situation but in no time, he kissed back with just as much love and fire as she did. They moved in unison, Barry gripped (Y/n)’s waist, smiling into the kiss. Her hands played with the tip of his locks, running through his hair. He moaned, not even bothered by the fact that their could be others watching. As they released, she couldn’t help but blush under his gaze. “Does that answer your question?” He nodded, kissing her once more before happily skipping home. The second (Y/n) closed her doors, she leaned against it, pressing her fingers to her lips at the sweet memory of Barry’s lips on top of hers. He loved her.. And she loved him.. 

(I hope you guys liked it!!) 


It’s late sunday evening! You know what that means! Obligatory crappy Zesty X episode 22 reaction crack doodles, here we go! Of course it comes with a list of pros and cons, like always:

+actual fighting! Hooray! As if somebody finally realised what I’m here for. I want more actual fighting hellions, not party members fighting each other. You could give me entire 20 minute episodes consisting of nothing but Sorey and Rose wrecking shit with rainbow sparkle powers, and I’d enjoy it, honestly. MOAR.
+Wow. Like, holy crap, that is the shippiest.sappiest.gayest next episode preview skit in existence. Why not using the letter skit from Asteria next time? The night before the optional stuff and sidequests because Distracted By The Goldsaucer ™ final battle in the game was even shippier and sappier and gayer, though, I want it back.
+Rose armatized!

–are we sure Dezel is gonna survive this?
–Rose, who has raised you? It’s not nice to either of them to first promise Alisha to marry her do a cooking course with her and then lie down in Dezel’s arms, get your priorities sorted
–shoo, Rose, armatization rocks, come on, you know you love it, your AI let’s you do it all the time in the game
–Sorey being mean to Mikleo, I decided to fix it. How is the boy not sleeping on the sofa all the time
–at least he said “thank you” for once? I mean, he owes Mikleo at least a trillion “thank you”s more, but it’s a start, right?
–why does Alisha get a magical transformation sequence and Rose doesn’t? I’m disappointed
–still not a fan of her armatization for characterization/plot reasons, but at least it gives me an excuse to draw Team Shepherd Sailor Senshi, now updated from duo to trio
–yes, Zaveid, as usual, you’re summing up everyone’s thoughts: PLOT WHAT PLOT!??? I swear I produced very inhuman and very indignant noises throughout most of the episode. Mostly sarcastic laughter. Zaveid for president. And RIP Symonne. I suppose it won’t take more than an Azure Assault to take you down!

I wanna eat pumpkin mousse now, I love pumpkins and one of my favourite dishes is pumpkin pie ôo.

It was snowing yesterday as I was walking home. The world seemed so quite and so peaceful. And for a tiny moment the voices in my head were gone. I was at peace.
—  Philippa A. Madsen - Twelve Months