snow on april 18

You know who is more adorable than Caitlin Snow? Danielle Panabaker

John Wesley Shipp Q&A at Cape Comic Con, April 18, 2015: 

“When I met Danielle, who plays Caitlin, […] when we met she came up to me and said ‘Can I give you a hug?’. So the writers saw that and they wrote it into the script. That’s where that come from. I said ‘Absolutely, I will always accept a hug’.” 

(gifs from caitlinsnowdaily)

Two weeks!

I am two weeks away from leaving for Indianapolis and the Indy Mini.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll be ready.  My training has been a little haphazard and I had almost two full weeks when I couldn’t run because of bronchitis.  I guess I’ll know on May 4!  My main reason for going to Indianapolis, however, is to meet some tumblrfolk and hopefully run a half marathon rather than going to run a half marathon and hopefully meet some tumblrfolk.  No matter what I do there, if I finish it will be a PR, and while I will try my best, I’m not going to get stressed out about it.  That said, my training runs have been pretty good even if they have been on treadmills.  I did 5 miles today in 41:30 and felt like I could have gone longer.  Hopefully, I’ll feel like that tomorrow when I have six scheduled.  I probably should get some miles in outside too.  So much snow though!

And completely unrelated to running or the marathon, I totally stole this picture from Joe who took it today at Lake of the Isles.  Yeah, we have another big snowstorm underway, but I love how bucolic the lake looks here.  Hard to believe it’s just a few blocks from downtown.


ID: 15F08M02TSFC1H1
Morph: Aberrant mack snow pos. het. tremper albino, blizzard, and eclipse
Pairing: Veenie x Sweet Pea; wild type het tremper and blizzard ph eclipse x Mack snow het tremper and blizzard
Weight: 16 grams
Sex: Unsexed. TSF, but this may not be accurate because they’re a mack snow (pore picture provided)
UPDATE: Looking more and more male Hatch date: April 18, 2015
Eating: Small dubia roaches, small superworms, and medium mealworms. Eating extremely well, and will most likely eat anything that moves.
Handling: She settles down after being out for a while, but sometimes she is wiggly at first. Loves to explore! Has not bitten anyone so far, and has been handled by lots of different people.
Price: $35

Comments: This little one has a pattern almost identical to her dad. Her purples are gorgeous and even better in person. Her adult yellows are starting to come in (as you can see on her back legs).