snow lodge
The Obese Twins and the Snow Lodge Mystery
The Twins Arrive
By Keaton Patti

At a party I saw a book on a shelf that I thought said “The Obese Twins and the Snow Lodge Mystery,” which I thought was a funny name for a book. It turned out to be The Bobbsey Twins and not the Obese Twins, so I decided to start writing the story I thought I saw.

Here’s the first chapter.


Sleepy Days
One Day Sugg
Christmas Baking
Feeling Poorly
Sweater Weather
First Christmas Eve…….Part 2
Reconnected……..Part 2
Meeting Your Parents
The Dress
Bad Day Baby………Part 2
They Don’t Matter
Sleepy Holiday
The Tinder Date………Part 2
Just Sex
All Daddy’s
Shape of You
Tonight’s Remedy
Bar Fights
I Miss You
Meeting His Parents
Need a Distraction
A Holiday to Remember
20 Hours
No More Keys
Dr. Sugg
Pranking my Girlfriend
Come get Your Girl
The Set Up………Part 2……Part 3
Let’s Try Something New……Part 2
Never Thought this Would Happen
The Honeymoon
Backseat Taxi
Under the Table
Valentines Day
Singing in the Car
Not Safe for Livestreams
Why Just Fantasize
What You’ve Been Looking For
Blind Love
You’re First
The Next Morning……Part 2
Love in the Club
You’re My Favorite
We’ll Take It Slow
Behind the Scenes
My Game, My Rules
Unpacking Mishap
Meeting Your Daughter
Will You Stay
Camping V.1………V.2
Sleep Talker
You’re Stronger Than You Think
I’m Not Complaining
Not Going Anywhere
You Don’t Have to Hide
Skinning Dipping
Best You’ve Ever Had
Caught in the Rain
Three’s a Crowd
Shit Daily Vlogger
Red Carpet Attraction
Snow Lodge Skinny Dip
Size Doesn’t Matter
A Little Show
Walked In
Backfired Prank
Beach Walks
Revealed Kink
Bad Dreams
Black Lingerie
Not So Fuckboy
Too Hot
Secrets Out
When Did This Happen
Missed Arrival 
Sex Tape
Don’t Be Mad……..Part 2
Predicting the Future
But its My Birthday
Never Stopped

anonymous asked:

My issue with Ned is that, as a powerful man, he knows that once Sansa marries Joffrey, she will belong to Joffrey. Let's say Joffrey's paternity is never questioned, but Ned finds out who killed Jon Arryn,& all evidence points to Cersei. Ned goes to Robert with the evidence, which allows Robert to execute Cersei for treason. Joffrey will end up marrying, Sansa, whose dad helped kill his mom. Ned doesn't recognize that things like the Trident will impact the J/S marriage& her life at court.

That’s a fair assessment of Sansa’s situation and a very valid criticism. I recognize that Ned is in a difficult position since that betrothal is a turbulent political issue in and of itself, and his investigation of the Lannisters only makes it more so but there is something off in the way he handles this betrothal. The text does not give us much in terms of Ned’s thoughts on Sansa’s betrothal so I’m going to trace it back to Catelyn’s second chapter in AGoT because that is the only time we get a sense of what Ned thinks of this matter.

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