snow globe making!

DIY Halloween Snow Globe Ring Inspiration from Etsy User HoKiou.

This is a BUY or DIY Inspration post for a DIY Halloween Snow Globe Ring. 

For more unique DIY Halloween Jewelry go here:

prettydeadcat  asked:

can u do lexy in the pickling pot, in the glass vase, loafing on the sakura pillow, and looking at the snow globe? I'm trying to make lexy themed valentines but if the request doesn't come through til after valentines day that's alright. thank u ♥

here you go!

and the individual frames of the snow globe gif are below the cut :33

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Introducing Octo Valley’s next DJ-in-training - Princess Oliana!

Now, this octokid’s got a story. I’ve got this headcanon that DJ Octavio adopted all Octolings to be his daughters (and with all the other Octarians…they could be his sons, but I’ve got to see how that works out XD). But Oliana (we’ll call her Ollie for short) was his only birth daughter (which can be seen in her color scheme). So he takes extra special care of her, forbidding her to go out with her sisters and fight against the Inklings. Instead, he wants her to train as a princess, so that she can be the next top DJ of Octo Valley!
Now, Ollie has no problem with being ruler. But what really grinds her gears is her father’s refusal to let her be a battle Octoling. She believes that training with her sisters will make her stronger and more adept.
It was Ollie who actually broke DJ Octavio out of his snow globe the first time. She disguised herself as a battle Octoling and snuck past all defenses to free her father, who, while overjoyed at being freed, wasn’t too pleased that she had disobeyed him. Now that he’s been captured the second time, Marie made some adjustments to the snow globe, making it so that only the hands of an Inkling could open it. 
Ollie was disgruntled, as usual, but she wasn’t about to leave her father again. But she didn’t want to risk squidnapping Callie, since that had brought unwanted guests (Marie and Agent 4). No, Callie was too famous. So she decided that she would instead sneak into Inkopolis and squidnap a random common squid from the streets of Inkopolis - the first squid who would catch the pretty sight of the hypno-sunglasses. 

More information shall be given soon. :D I hope you all like it! 

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Chire things to do

Kiddie things to do on your own

- Look at picture books
- Play pretend with figurines, stuffies, dolls or your imagination
- Have a stuffie tea party
- Make a crayon or felt tip drawing for the fridge!
- Stick stickers on everything (If you are allowed that is)
- Make a home for your stuffies or dolls
- Play make believe. Be your favourite character or animal!
- Play with an imaginary friend
- Color a picture
- Build with building blocks
- Play online games

Things to do with your carer

- Make finger paintings
- Go to the park
- Watch your favourite movie together
- Bake cookies or cupcakes! Nommies!
- Play pretend
- Have them read you a story
- Make snow globes
- Play in a ball pit
- Have a water pistol fight

Things to do near bedtime

- Calm down with your favourite cartoon

- Watch a Cbeebies bedtime story video
- Drink warm milk from your bottle
- Snuggle with your stuffies and read them a bedtime story
- Color a picture
- Grab your paci and favourite stuff, get into bed and watch your mobile sway while hanging from your ceiling
- Take a bubble bath with bath toys and bath crayons

canadianwithagun  asked:

Love your blog, May I please request alchemizing boxing gloves with a snow globe?

Seen the absence of &&-||, i will do both

Boxing gloves && Snow globe
these cold, freezing gloves emit a costant aura of cold, winter like snow, being partially frozen. If you hit an enemy, a cone of ice storm will project in front of you. Enough punches, and you can send said enemy into hypotermya.

Boxing gloves || Snow globe
This small snow globe have a miniature boxing ring inside, alongside two miniature boxers on it, on a rail. By shaking the globe, you make the two fight!

The snow globe

Mommy: *spending hours making a home made snow globe*
Mommy: I’m done! Looks pretty good too
Prince: I wanna see!
*shows him picture*
Prince: *makes grabby hands* I want to shake it momma!
Mommy: you want to shake? How about mommy shakes it?
Prince: otay!
Mommy: *sends video of her shaking it*
Prince: its pweety!! *makes grabby hands* I want one mommy!
Mommy: do you? I’ll make one for you

Jacob’s too cute for words

Finding Our Way Back (iii)

This is the final part of a three part series. Each part is based on a different 5SOS song, Part One being Close As Strangers, Part Two being If You Don’t Know and Part Three being Wrapped Around Your Finger.


For a moment, he thinks you’ve left him.

Because the flat is empty. It’s almost midnight on a Monday night and you’re not here. And for a minute, a horrible terrifying minute, he thinks he’s too late. That his efforts to get to you were hopeless, because you’ve already given up on him.

And then he sees your clothes still in the wardrobe, and he remembers to breathe again.

His fingers run over the fabric of one of your tops as his eyes scan the rest of the bedroom, quickly doing an inventory to check everything was still there. Your laptop is gone, and a check of the bathroom shows so is your makeup. You aren’t staying here tonight and he wracks his brain for where you could be, turning on his heel and heading straight to your parents.

When he sees the light in your old room, he feels like a school kid again, smirking at you to sneak out with him whilst your parents slept. And for a second, as he grabs some stones from the floor, he pretends he is. That you’re still in the giddy stage of falling in love, not in the mess you’re in now.

It’s with a perfected aim he throws the stones up to tap the glass panes of your window, glancing to the window of your parent’s even though he knows you’re the only one who heard it. He swears you’re smiling when you see him looking up at you.

“What are you doing here?”

“Keeping my promise.” He grins, because even though you’re far from okay, he’s never been more relieved to see you. “I couldn’t stay away any longer.”

“So climb up.” You’re smirking now and he lets out a little sigh of relief. “If you’re that desperate.”

“You climb down.”

“That’s not how the fairy tale goes.”

“It’s how this one does.”

You roll your eyes before slipping out of the window and onto the tree beside it with grace that came from years of practise. Your feet are barely on the ground before Ashton’s arms are around you, lips finding yours in a messy kiss as your hands tangle in his hair. He keeps his eyes closed as he pulls back, not opening them until your fingers begin to trace his lips.

“Tour?” You mumble, and he shrugs, brushing his lips to your again. “Ash-“

“Break. One week.” He mutters, unable to keep his lips from yours. “Got the first plane I could.”

He captures your lips in another kiss, hands holding your hips tightly, scared that if he let go you’d slip away again. Time almost stopped around the two of you, granting you a moment where you could pretend that you weren’t falling apart, that you didn’t have to face the rest of the tour once the week ended. A moment where, just for that moment, you were nothing more than two people in love.

“We can do this.” He murmurs against your lips, your eyes still closed as he speaks. “We’ll make it through this. I promise.”

“You’re a fan of promises.” Your smile as you look up at him, and Ashton can’t stop the grin that takes over his own features.

“I always keep them don’t I?”

You’re a long way from the school kids you used to be back when Ashton would sneak you out of your room, but you’re a hell of a lot closer than what you were before. And in this moment, wrapped up in each other and falling in love again, Ashton realises just how much he would have missed if he had let you get away.

And he thanks all the forces in the world he didn’t let that happen.


Hi. It’s me. I…fuck…I didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have hung up. Why the fuck did I hang up? You’re the best person in my life, in this whole damn world, and I said fuck you and hung up the phone. Y/N, I love you. I love you so much. You’re so amazing and I know I don’t deserve you, and you’re not faultless, but losing you would be the worst mistake. You changed my life, and I don’t want it to change again without you. We can work on this, there’s counselling and shit for couples going through this. We’ll try that. I’ll try anything as long as it means not losing you. I love you so much, I’m wrapped around your fucking finger and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I’m sorry, for making you doubt it, making you doubt me, doubt us. They’re calling me for the flight now, but please, just be there when I get off at the other side. Please Princess, I’m begging you. I love you.

He drags his feet as he follows everyone else towards the gate, eyes hovering over the image of you one last time before he shoves his phone into his pocket. Luke’s hand lands on his shoulder, a small smile of reassurance on his lips, but Michael just shakes his head.

There’s nothing anyone can say to him right now.

He’s a mess the whole flight, fidgeting with his phone, constantly pressing the home button so he can see your sleeping form. You look so peaceful, the polar opposite of how he felt right now, that he can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away. Half an hour in, Calum snatches the phone out of his grasp, passing it to Luke, who was on his other side.

“If you keep looking at that picture you’ll go insane.” Michael bites his tongue, not wanting to admit he already is. “Besides, not like she can call you back now anyway.”

He takes to fiddling with his bracelets then, running the pads of his fingers over each one repeatedly, trying to find patterns in a way that would distract him. He doesn’t notice everyone else falling asleep, not until Ashton speaks softly from beside him that it makes his eyes dart around.

“She loves you.”

“What if that’s not enough?” Michael speaks his genuine fear then. Because what if he’d blown it and lost you forever, what if you didn’t meet him like you said you would. “What do I do then?”

“You can stay at ours.” Ashton’s voice is full of sympathy. They both know it’s not what Michael meant, but he didn’t have a solution for that. “As long as you need to.”

“Thanks mate.” He tries to smile, but he knows it looks forced. “Appreciate it.”

He’s always hated plane landings. They’re too bumpy, too disorganised, and since the majority of flights he’d been on were with the boys, none of them had ever been a reassuring hand to hold. But this time, all three of them have their eyes trained on him as the plane touches down, watching him carefully as it slows to a stop. He concentrates on breathing, in for three out for three, and then putting one foot in front of the other to guide him into the airport. Luke hands his phone back and he takes it wordlessly, putting it back into his pocket without a second glance. It’s robotic, the way he moves through customs and collects his luggage, already resigned to the fact he isn’t going home with you; that he’s spending the night on Ashton and Calum’s couch as they move into arrivals.

And then you walk straight into his chest, arms locked around his waist.

Michael lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as your lips find his.


He’d been dreaming about you again.

This time, it was a memory more than a dream. His mind had taken him back to a night not long after declaring your love for each other where you’d joined him on tour over a summer break, a night spent exploring the Santa Cruz beach. He remembers the way you’d gripped his hand so tightly as the two of you made so many plans for your future, and you’d looked at him in such awe as he’s described the life he’d planned out for you that he swore he had you in the palm of his hand.

A loud bang causes Luke to jolt upright.

For a second, his mind flies to gunshots, his sleep induced brain reeling with possibilities as he rubs at his eyes. But then the bedroom door flies open, and Luke wonders whether this outcome was going to be worse.

“You bought me a locket?”

He gapes at you for a moment, eyes flicking to the clock beside the bed. It was nearing three am, meaning he’d left you the message six hours ago. Six hours ago he’d given you an ultimatum, and now you were standing in front of him asking if he’d bought you a locket.

“And a snow globe.” It’s a lame response, he knows it. But he sees the way the corner of your mouth twitches, and he thinks that maybe that’s what he needs right now. “Can’t forget the snow globe.”

“With the Eiffel Tower model.” You nod slowly. It’s dark, the only light in the bedroom being a sliver of the orange glow of the streetlights let in through a crack in the curtains, but he can see your smile now, even if you’re trying to hide it. “I heard you.”

“Are you…did you…have you thought about what I said?” He stutters out. He’d like to blame the time for the way his voice cracks, or the fact it’s the early hours of the morning, but he thinks you know him well enough to realise it’s because he’s not sure he wants the answer. “I mean, are we-“

He doesn’t get to finish his question, because you’ve crossed the room and climbed onto the bed to press your lips to his. Your fingers are threading through his hair and his hands find your waist to pull you closer, despite the awkward position.

“We can’t fix everything with a locket.” You mumble against his lips, Luke’s fingers digging into your skin to keep you close. “But I love you, Luke Hemmings, and I’m so sorry I doubted us.”

“You keep forgetting the snow globe. I spent ages choosing that.” He grins, moving to brush his lips to yours again. “I love too Pretty Girl, I’m sorry that I made you doubt us.”

“It isn’t your fa-“ He swallows your protests with another kiss, shaking his head gently.

“Yes it is.” He mumbles softly. “We’re in this mess because of me and the tour. I know that, and I accept it. But from now, it’s not going to get in the way. I’m not losing you, not again.”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you more.”

He presses more kisses to your lips before pushing you back gently, climbing out of bed.

“Where are you going?”

“To get your locket.”

“And my snow globe?” Your smile makes him beam at you from his place in the doorway, unable to contain his adoration for you. “Can’t forget my snow globe.”

“Of course.”

His suitcase still sits in the hallway, but it isn’t mocking him anymore. And as he takes out the carefully packed box, he makes note to leave everything else where it is, to prove to you he can pack a suitcase.

He returns to find you in his shirt from earlier, settled on your side of the bed, and his heart swells at the sight.

The gift might not fix everything, but it was a good enough start.


It had turned into a dull ache, the pain of missing you.

It was like he had a constant headache, always there, morning to night, that no amount of medication or alcohol could rid him of. And in a sad way, he’d grown used to it, begun to accept that it was just another part of him that he was going to have to get used to.

“M’going for a smoke.”

Everyone’s heads dart to him then, the tour bus quietening momentarily. It was only meant to be a quiet murmur to Luke, and he’s not sure why everyone decided to stare at him. Cocking an eyebrow, he grabs the packet from where they sat on the counter.

“Is that alright with everyone?”

“Course mate.” Luke smiles, but Calum doesn’t miss the glare he sends everyone else, or the way Ashton and Michael begin to mutter quietly. “See you in a bit.”

“Yeah. Sure.”

He can feel their eyes on his back as he leaves, and a voice in the back of his head reminds him why. You were meant to fly out to meet him today, when you were still together. Calum didn’t need to double check with Luke if they were worried about him, he knew everyone was waiting for him to fall apart.

He thinks it’s too late for that.

For once, as he stands there smoking, he can see the stars. It’s a rarity these days; usually his evening smoke was a view of a concrete wall at the back of the arena. But tonight, he was able to find constellations as he breathes in the nicotine. His whole life seemed like a postcard when he compared it to the lifetimes that existed above him, and if he closed his eyes he could almost pretend you were standing there with him, randomly telling him facts that he never remembered.

“You know, there are approximately four hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone.”

This isn’t his imagination, and he’s almost scared to drop his eyes from the stars to find you standing there. The cigarette drops from his fingertips and he toes it out, taking a deep breath before he lowers his gaze.

The headache becomes a migraine.

Because how is Calum meant to ignore it when you’re standing there in front of him. And he hates that you look so good, that in the moonlight you really did look like the angel he claimed you were.

“What are you doing here?”

His voice cracks slightly, but Calum can’t bring himself to care. He doesn’t care because it’s you standing in front of him, and it’s everything he’s dreamed of these past few months but he doesn’t understand why.

Because you didn’t love him enough, that’s what you said.

“I…Michael called.” You sigh, and Calum finally realises your nervous. “He said you weren’t doing so good. And, well, truth is Cal neither am I. Because I lied to you. It wasn’t that I didn’t love you enough. I was scared because I thought I loved you too much. I was scared of my feelings for you so I lied so that you’d let me leave and now I’ve fucked it all up but when I spoke to Michael I got this…this hope that maybe there was some way I could fix it. Some way I could say sorry enough times that you’d forgive me and let me try and make it up to you.”

He stares at you blankly. He’d imagined this, a situation where you realised you were wrong and came back to him. But he never thought it would be because you loved him too much, or that it would actually become reality.

“Calum…please say something.”

Your words are an echo of what you’d said on the phone, and he smiles a little of the irony before closing the distance between you and pressing his lips to yours.

Because what was there to say, now that he was going to be okay again.

carlyisnotoffthewall  asked:

me and my significant others 6 months is coming up very soon, as is his birthday. do you have any suggestions for gifts or things we could do to celebrate?

hello valentine
how lovely wow ! 

♡ a music box (that perhaps play their favorite song…or is also a snow globe…maybe make them a mixtape if you are on a budget)
♡ roses (vibrant plants to symbolize vitality)
♡ a tea set (you could brew tea together…maybe buy them tea leaves or coffee as well)
♡ sweets (preferably their favorites or a few from a local bakery)
♡ something little yet meaningful (remember what they told you they’ve always wanted…get them that)

♡ visit flea markets (and buy them a gift)
♡ eat honey and pomegranates at a farmer’s market
♡ botanical gardens
♡ read to each other in a sleepy library
♡ ice skating 
♡ carnivals (try to win them a prize)
♡ watch the sunset (the most intimate creation of the universe)

hold me tight, it’s getting cold.

it’s so quiet when the snow covers everything, like living inside a shimmering snow globe that makes your bones ache for warmth. flushed and frozen, your cigarette smoke mixes with your breath as it pours from between your chattering teeth.

i.  white winter hymnal - fleet foxes ii. cold nites (koreless remix) - how to dress well iii. hello, i’m in delaware - city & colour iv. caretaker - laura stevenson and the cans v. pusher - alt-j vi. i need some sleep - eels vii. blood bank  - bon iver viii. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys ix. black flies - ben howard x. smother - daughter xi. a lack of color - death cab for cutie xii. take a bow - greg laswell xiii. work song - hozier xiv. 1901 (phoenix cover) - birdy xv. crosses - jose gonzalez xvi. boats and trains - stornoway xvii. 40 mark strasse - the shins

listen (x)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Do you know any kind of magick that can be done with snow globes? Thanks in advance!


You can use the figurines to represent different intentions for spells or charms - for example, if hoping to use a snow globe for deity work, stags can be a representation of a god or spirituality, so a reindeer figure would be appropriate (and would make a great piece on a Yule altar!)

You can also CREATE YOUR OWN snow globe and basically make AWESOME AESTHETIC BOTTLE MAGIC. 

  1. Grab one of your many many extra jars I know you have lying around (since every witch worth their salt has several on hand ;) )
  2. Hot glue your own choice of figurine to the jar lid (waterproof spray first
  3. Add glitter/ beads/ sequins for snow into the jar
  4. Add a dash of glycerin (to keep the snow from falling too quickly)
  5. Fill with water 
  6. Carefully screw the figurine-lid into the jar TIGHT (over the sink, so the spilled water doesn’t make a mess - otherwise your snow globe will have bubbles!) 
  7. Hot glue the edges of the lid to seal it in. 
  8. Decorate your snow globe accordingly - ribbons, lace, paint, etc!


  • Other than a traditional figurine, try using crystals or enchanted charms!!
  • Don’t use too much glitter or you won’t be able to see your figurine!
  • Use acrylic paint - nothing water based or else it won’t last in the globe
  • Use different colors or kinds of beads/sequins for different spell intents
  • Add a pinch of salt/ pepper/ whatever-spices-for-whatever-intents that will harmlessly float around with the glitter/ snow
  • Add a couple drops of food coloring to water for added color intent boost and also aesthetic
  • Incorporate sigils into your snow globe for added magical oomph! Paint one in the lid before you glue your figurine on if you’re looking for inconspicuous (but magical) decoration!

Be creative, have fun!

addicted--to--nothing  asked:

Wolfstar pretty please *bats eyelashes*

lemmie just assume the meme

  • Who’s more dominant: in bed its Remus
  • Who’s the cuddler: Sirius without a goddamn doubt 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Sirius is little spoon. Not for any other reason than he likes being held
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: planning pranks with the other marauders
  • Who uses all the hot water: fucking Remus
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: ‘Remus, did you eat the chocolate I set aside for myself?!’
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Sirius  
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Remus 
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Sirius  
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Sirius 
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Remus (they’ll be in line and Sirius will be like ‘arent we forgetting something’ but then Remus is like ‘nope’ as he returns with the milk)
  • Who remembers anniversaries:  Sirius (he is up and cooking Remus’ favourite meal at 5 AM so he can wake him up to it. He always says ‘its been __ years since the best days of my life started, how could I forget that’)
  • Who cooks normally: Sirius (but Remus likes to watch him cook)
  • How often do they fight: not often (or at least not seriously. Its always a fight over the last chocolate bar tho)
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Work hard so they can get back to each other.  
  • Nicknames for each other: for Sirius: Black, padfoot, babe, my star
  • For Remus: moon, moony, moons, bae (don’t try to tell me Sirius didn’t call him bae all the time), love
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Remus cause ‘Padfoot please, you’re always cooking for me. So, I am paying’ (mostly cause Remus can’t cook)
  • Who steals the covers at night: Remus (he says he doesnt and that Sirius just pushes them off anyways even tho Sirius is always waking up cold)
  • What would they get each other for gifts: flowers, snow globes (Sirius loves them), make up, howlers (that will howl love poems), A star (Sirius gave it to Moony and said ‘there, now we are both stars’)
  • Who kissed who first: Sirius (After Remus admitted to liking him they didn’t speak til he was invited to the ball by Remus at which point he broke and kissed him)
  • Who made the first move: Remus (if by first move you mean ‘Padfoot you git! Stop trying to set me up, I like you’)
  • Who remembers things: Sirius for big dates and Remus for the smaller details
  • Who started the relationship: Remus (’be my date to the ball? We haven’t spoken since I told you-’ kiss
  • Who cusses more: Remus (like a sailor but worse (so like me))
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Sirius would freak out ‘MOONY NOOO YOU’RE GOING TO DIE I’LL SAVE YOU’ Remus on the other hand is less dramatic ‘Padfoot…stop saying you’re dying. Its a scratch’ 
  • Who is the dirty talker: REMUS REMUS REMUS REMUS REMUS REMUS
  • A head canon: there are already just so many in here BUT HERE IS ANOTHER When the first moved in together Remus tried to cook but they ended up getting Pizza cause Remus burned what he was trying to make (that boy can’t cook to save his life)
🎄 Festive & frolicking Christmas sisterhood socials! 🎄

Tis the season for celebrating the holidays with your sisterhood. Plan a merry, merry event and share holiday cheer with your sorority! 


  • Anything But Clothes Holiday Party {bows, tinsel}
  • Gingerbread House Decorating
  • UGLY Ornament Exchange 
  • Ornament Decorating
  • Trimming the Chapter Tree
  • Caroling on Greek Row
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater Party
  • Holiday Brunch with Alums
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Christmas Movie Marathon
  • Night Before Christmas Slumber Party
  • Christmas Trivia Game Night 
  • Snowman Building Contest
  • Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  • Gift Wrapping Party
  • Attend a Holiday Play or Musical Together
  • Attend a Christmas Festival or Craft Bazaar 
  • Visit an Amusement Park with Holiday Decorations 
  • Elf Costume Party
  • Play Name That Christmas Carol 
  • Santa’s Christmas Breakfast {with a visit from St Nick}
  • Decorate Christmas Cards
  • Peppermint Theme Party
  • Bonfire, S'mores and Caroling
  • Holiday Cupcake Decorating
  • Wreath Decorating 
  • Sorority House & Dorm Christmas Door Decorating 
  • Craft Fancy Paper Snowflakes
  • Paint Christmas Picture Frames 
  • Cookie Decorating 
  • Read Classic Christmas Stories
  • Victorian Christmas Theme
  • Ceramics Studio Painting Party
  • Nutcracker Tea Party
  • Ice Skating or Sledding & Hot Chocolate 
  • Christmas Bingo Night
  • Outdoor Reindeer Games
  • Christmas Sing-A-Long
  • Christmas Lights & Decor Scavenger Hunt
  • Holiday Minute To Win It Tournament
  • Whoville PJ Party
  • String Popcorn & Cranberry Garlands
  • Holiday Open House for Alums & Panhellenic
  • Campus Candy Cane Hunt
  • Mocktails & Mistletoe Party
  • Polar Express Hot Cocoa & Dessert Bar
  • Make & Jar Mint Sugar Scrub
  • Mason Jar Decorating & Crafting
  • Craft Holiday Snow Globes
  • Make Flavored Popcorn Balls
  • Decorate Christmas Stockings
  • Write Letters to Santa
  • Craft Christmas Gift Tags 
  • Chocolate Dip Pretzels and Peppermind Sticks
  • Red & Green Dinner {all food & drink red & green}
  • Assemble Gift Baskets for Greeks on Campus
  • Nighttime Gingerbread Pancake Breakfast
  • Play Christmas Pictionary and Charades 
  • Make DIY Gumdrop Topiaries 
  • Make & Jar Peppermint Body Butter 

anonymous asked:

Sea Family, I need some help. My Aunt has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's off for a lot of scans and tests at the hospital this week, and I want to make her feels better and try to cheer her up a bit. What can I do? Flowers don't last very long, so I want to do or send her something different. What can do or send to her? Any ideas would be appreciated! Please...

I’m sorry to hear about your aunt! 

Maybe try making something that will last longer, maybe try these crafts for her, these can be inexpensive and show that its a gift from the heart!

((I have linked tutorials below))

You guys can even do these things together! In a hard times like this people need each other and give your aunt a get well soon from the sea family! xoxo

-Hermit Sam