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Back in 1925, this Model T Ford with a crude set of bright blue skis and chains attached was at the forefront of winter travel.

It was in 1913 that madcap U.S. inventor Virgil D White hit upon the idea of the ‘Snow Flyer’ kits, which - when attached to a Model T - transformed the popular motor car into the world’s first snowmobile.

The inventor sold his kits for around $400 almost a century ago, and now this 1925 example is expected to fetch upwards of £10,000 when it goes under the hammer in Pennsylvania, U.S., next month. - Full article on the Daily Mail

Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

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Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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I’m prepared to do some serious grovelling for that Storybrooke sheriff drama. For realsies.

How about some headcanons? 

  • Regina is the one that announces the need for a new election after August pushes the issue. 
  • August doesn’t really care about rule of law he just wants something to write about. 
  • When they find out both Emma and David just assume the other one is going to step down. 
  • “I mean I am older and the Prince. People expect me in a position of authority.” “This isn’t fairytale land! I was elected fair and square.” 
  • “Well” Snow butts in because she knows about Emma’s little deal with Gold. And then she helpfully points out that nobody objected when David stepped in after Emma fell through the portal. 
  • Killian counters with a reminder that Sleepy stepped in while they were all at Camelot so perhaps he should still be sheriff?
  • Regina ends the argument. “Why don’t we let the people decide?” They think that’s fair and agree to just have the election. 
  • The next day August slides into the booth across from Hook and Emma with a grin. He asks what their campaign strategy is but Emma waves him off saying there won’t be campaigning. 
  • Just then Snow walks in with a stack of flyers and a big “Vote for Nolan” button. “Seriously?” Emma cries as Killian chuckles. 
  • When Emma confronts her Snow waves a flyer in front of her face that says “Stick with the Savior, Vote for Swan” (or something infinitely more clever?) She recognizes the photo as one that Killian took with his phone. Dumbstruck Emma turns on him. 
  • He explains it was Henry’s idea. Emma gets him to admit that he may have offered to do Henry’s house chores for a week (oh yeah CS lives together in this) in exchange for the help. He further admits to enlisting Lost Boys to plaster the flyers all over town. As a pirate he has won his fair share of elections and assures he knows what he is doing (he also may be a little obsessed with The West Wing lately )
  • “He who lands the first blow wins the fight Swan.” 
  • “I am not fighting my father!”  “Metaphorically speaking of course.” 
  • Snow tells her that they are more than up for the challenge and Killian cocks his eyebrow because not backing down from a challenge must be a family trait. 
  • The fight never turns ugly but there is lots of bribery involved. Snow reminds people of the good old days in the Enchanted Forest and all that her and Charming did for them. Hook reminds them that Emma has magic and David has a tendency to be a bit too straight laced. Also he gives out rides on the Jolly Roger, and rounds of drinks at the Rabbit Hole. 
  • Everyone is shocked when Leroy shows up with a “Vote for Swan” button. Except for David he knows Grumpy never really liked him. 
  • Killian is gloating one day and when David doesn’t banter back Henry notices and they end up having a heartfelt talk.
  •  As the shepherd who pretended to be a prince he admits to having always felt like an imposter. That the people loved Snow and just tolerated him is something he feels deeply. Winning the election would have shown that they really trusted him as a leader. 
  • Henry enlists Belle and together they search the town records for a solution. They get a special motion added to the ballot to change the town charter so that there can be two sheriffs in Storybrooke. 
  • The motion passes in a landslide and Emma and David remain as co-sheriffs. 
  • At the celebration at Granny’s everyone reconciles and August, a gleam in his eye, asks Snow if she has considered running for Mayor. 

Wow…That uh turned into a kind of story…

Fly Away Hero Inspired Questions!
  • I'm not quite sure if this has been done already, but I came up with some Fly Away Hero Inspired Questions! I thought this would be fun as we painfully wait for the release of "Lost and Found" in December, and it's a great way to get to know you fellow flyers! Reblog this or just tag people you want to answer some or all of these!
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  • Your Eyes:  What's the first physical trait you notice in a person?
  • Personal Insane Asylum: One person, thing, or idea that you go crazy for?
  • Farewell: Have you ever said goodbye to someone & regretted it?
  • Eyeliner: What's your go-to accessory or makeup item?
  • We Still Play: What's one thing you kept on trying at even though it might have been easier to quit? 
  • City Run: What's would be your ideal first date, or what's the best date you've ever been on? 
  • High School Jungle: What's the best & worst things about school?
  • I Will Not Bow: Is authority there for a reason, or is it meant to be questioned? Why do you think so?
  • Wedding Chimes: Do you want to get married? What’s love to you?
  • Hercules: What do you believe is your best trait? (Come on I know you have one) What do you think other's see as your best trait?
  • Snow White: What Disney princess/prince/character do you relate to the most? Why?
  • Holy Man: What's been running through your mind lately? (Yes I know this has nothing to do with the song deal with it)
  • Trust Nobody: How long does it take for you to build up your trust in someone? Have you ever trusted someone too quickly or taken too long to give someone your trust?
  • Ugly: Honestly, how important is beauty to you?
  • Parasite: Do you consider yourself a generally dependent or independent person? (Just so you know, neither one is a bad thing)