snow fingers

A patronus, Harry tells Hermione, is acing a test and the warmth of a butterbeer between your hands. It is your friends holding you when you fall, and Ron’s sparkling eyes when you whisper hi. And there’s an otter, swimming, and Hermione is blushing.

A patronus, Harry tells Ron, is Ginny’s shaky smile lighting up the world at the end of second year. It is winning the Quidditch World Cup, unwrapping yet another knitted jumper, and your startled surprise at the sight of Hermione punching Draco in the face. And there’s a dog, chasing the otter, and Ron is laughing.

A patronus, Harry tells Luna, is the feeling of starlight on your skin and grass between your bare toes. It is snow melting through your fingers, the magic your mother used to make, something singing in your heart when you stare at the impossible. And there’s a hare, jumping, and Luna is shining.

A patronus, Harry tells Cho, is Marietta shouting the lyrics of her favourite song, dancing in the rain during a storm. It is the look on Cedric’s face when he saw you at the Yule Ball, his hand holding yours and never letting go. And there’s a swan, sliding, and Cho is crying.

A patronus, Harry tells Seamus, is Dean’s funny expression when he is about to burst into laughter and the sound of a explosion that turns out right. It is the fireworks, bright flowers blossoming in the night sky; and the fire burning in your lungs as you fly. And there’s a fox, running, and Seamus is smirking.

A patronus, Harry tells Ginny, is the world expanding underneath you and the wind playing with your hair. It is dancing and laughing until there are tears on your cheeks, Molly’s disapproving voice and Arthur’s amused eyes after one of the twins’ pranks. And there’s a horse, flying, and Ginny is grinning.

A patronus, Harry thinks, is that weird feeling that lives in his chest when the Room of Requirement glows silver, speaking of times when the world was golden.


Crimson Peak (deleted scene) | ‘Lucille at the piano’

Real Disney - Snow White

When she breaks the tender peel
To taste the apple from my hand
Her breath will still, her blood congeal
Then I’ll be fairest in the land

Blind Date | Draco Malfoy

Summary: Reader’s friend sets her up to a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and as she arrives to the Three Broomsticks, she gets a big surprise.

Warnings: usage of (Y/F/N) – stands for “Your friend’s name”

A/N: Happy late Valentine’s Day ♡

“Come on, now. It can’t be that bad!” (Y/F/N) said as she pulled on (Y/N)’s arm, basically dragging her through the Hogsmeade’s entrance.

“Oh, yes! Because setting me up to a blind date isn’t an awful idea!” she spat back in annoyance.

It was Valentine’s Day, and as any other Valentine’s Day there had ever been, (Y/N) was spending it alone. Seeing as (Y/F/N) had gotten a partner herself already, they couldn’t really hang out anymore on such date, since (Y/N) made an awful third wheel –a very grumpy and spoiled one. So that was when (Y/F/N)’s partner came up with the brilliant idea that they should set up the girl to a blind date, allowing the couple to spend their good time alone.

“Really, (Y/N), he’s not that bad!”

As they walked past Honeydukes, the girl in the rather uncomfortable situation huffed and stomped her foot on the vanishing snow that lay on the ground.

“Who is it, then?” she asked.

“Well, well, well –if I told you it wouldn’t be a blind date anymore.” (Y/F/N) winked. (Y/N) groaned and pulled herself together as her friend began dragging her again towards the Three Broomsticks, where she and her “Secret Valentine” were supposed to meet.

As they finally approached the main door to the local, (Y/N) couldn’t help but notice how crowded it seemed to be, and how most of the customers were snogging or being all touchy –if not all of them.

(Y/N) turned violently to glare at her friend, and through gritted teeth, she said “You owe me.”

“You can thank me later.” her friend said as she patted her on the shoulder and began to leave. “Oh! By the way, don’t forget the red peonies!”

As (Y/F/N) waved an excited goodbye, (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows and proceeded to enter the bar. The smell of butterbeer and a certain strong fragrance flooded through her nostrils as soon as she placed her foot inside, making her feel warm and dizzy at the same time. She fiddled with her fingers as she looked for someone who could assist her; she was a bit lost, after all. All she knew was that she had to find the bloody red peonies.

Hesitantly, she took a step forward and began to walk across the place, searching for the red peonies on every table. As she passed the fifth table with the lilac flowers, she grew slightly nervous and glanced around anxiously. And then, on the corner of her eye –she saw them.

The red peonies were sitting peacefully at the top of a circular table all the way to the back, in a comfy and inviting corner. Feeling her shoulders relax, she walked towards the table and sat down in the chair against the wooden wall. Taking off her scarf, she roamed the room with her eyes, waiting for her blind date to arrive.

“I’ll kill you, (Y/F/N).” she muttered to herself.

Ten minutes had passed and (Y/N) still sat by herself on the lonely corner of the Three Broomsticks. She kept playing with her hair, and then her scarf, and back to her hair again as she thought heavily. Was her date going to show up? Had she been stood up? Should she leave?

Just as she pondered on her options, the main door opened and she glanced up, maybe for the fifth time she had arrived. A blond boy, wearing black clothes and a confused look had entered the bar. Draco Malfoy.

(Y/N) decided it was best to ignore him, and keep waiting for her date at least ten more minutes, when, suddenly, she looked up again and saw Draco centimeters away from her table.

“Oh no,” she groaned as the boy looked over at her and stopped at the table.

“(Y/N)?” he asked with a hint of surprise.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” she automatically said in defense. Nonetheless, her narrowed eyes widened as she saw the boy sigh, to then take of his scarf and sit in front of her.

“It seems you’re sitting in my date’s seat, apparently.” he said, his eyes fixed on the table until he cast a glance at her.

(Y/N) was speechless, and as she moved her mouth like a fish gasping for air, all that she managed to croak out was “You?”

“Oh, don’t be so surprised.” Draco smirked, leaning back on the chair. “I think it was a bit obvious, don’t you?”

“How come?” she asked, still puzzled.

“Well, (Y/F/N) is dating my best friend, so it was no wonder they would do this, either just to mess with us or have a good laugh.”

As the boy stared at her intensely, he waited for her answer, but she still looked as though she had seen Severus Snape wearing khakis for the first time ever. Instead, she didn’t gave him an answer as she raised her finger awkwardly.

“Madame Rosmerta? Two butterbeers, please.”

It was now past 5 and Draco and (Y/N) still sat at their table in the corner. As soon as (Y/N) had downed her first butterbeer, she had finally loosened up and was capable of holding a conversation with the one and only Draco Malfoy, who wasn’t as awful as she thought he was. He was actually a pretty fun person, and nice to hang out with. It didn’t seem like it when he was around his gang.

As the clock stroked six, the candles began warming up the place, making it comfier than it seemed when they entered. They now sat side by side, whispering secrets to each other and laughing at certain people.

“Why would he wear such a hideous green bowler hat?”

“Where did she get a furry purple animal to make her coat?”

As they continued, (Y/N) suddenly watched Madame Rosmerta looking at them with a desperate look in her eyes.

“I think she’s tired of us.” she whispered into Draco’s hair, which was now awfully close to her chin.

Draco glanced slightly to his side to see the woman, but he didn’t want to move. He was too comfortable smelling the sweet vanilla perfume on (Y/N)’s neck. Nonetheless, he moved inches away from her neck, to be inches away from her face. They stared at each other in silence, not daring to move. Perhaps it was because they were too shy; perhaps it was because they hadn’t expected the date to go so well. Perhaps it was because they didn’t know if the other would react well.

“I think we should leave now.” Draco said, his smile softening as he pulled back and sat straight, fishing for money in his pockets.

(Y/N) cleared her throat awkwardly as she reached into her pockets too, only to be stopped by Draco.

“I’ve got this.” he said as he placed the galleons on the table. He stood up and threw his scarf around his shoulder just before grabbing the girl’s hand and helping her up.

They didn’t say anything as they walked out, with their finger intertwined tightly.

They stepped out into the cold, only to notice the white snow falling in the dusky night, decorating the locals and the stone street with its yellow lights. (Y/N) looked up momentarily, until she looked back at Draco to find him staring at her.

“I had a good time.” he said sincerely.

“Me too.” she breathed, and once again, they were stuck in the same situation of not knowing what to do. Suddenly, Draco stepped forward, and in a matter of seconds, his lips were touching hers, so tenderly and cautiously, like it was something forbidden, something he was afraid to wreck.

He pulled away slowly, and yet it felt too fast. And as he walked backwards, muttering a “see you around” to then turn around and leave, (Y/N) stood still, under the falling snow, her fingers now traveling to her face and touching her lips.

Run Away With Me - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,333

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Rock Wall Sex, Potential Spoilers from The Fever Code

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @dylan-trash-tbh I FINISHED YOUR THOMAS SIN IN ONE DAY. I hope you like it because I love you! 

On a side note, this is your ONLY WARNING. The first part of this is potentially spoilerish. It contains a bit of the happenings in the Fever Code. If you have not read the book and do not want to be slightly spoiled on this part, skip the italics at the beginning. The rest of the fic is centered around the second movie. 

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Supergirl Ao3 Fic Masterpost

Since it’s the hiatus and y'all might be looking for something to read, here’s a comprehensive list of all my Supergirl fanfictions.

All 19 (and counting!) of them.

Here we go!


certain dark things


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

“The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. It threatens to consume her, to drown her, to pull her from the safety of land and batter her against the jagged edges of the rocks that protrude from the waves until she is in pieces, scattered, like so many grains of sand.

Like falling snow slipping through grasping fingers, like smoke wafting from the end of a lit cigarette, like dandelion seeds dancing on the wind.

Intangible, untouchable, like fine mist on a cool morning.

The pain comes in waves, and she is utterly helpless against it.”



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

Kara zor-El looks down at her chest, at the glyph that has never held any meaning other than hope in her eyes, and is shamed.

This, her family’s emblem- el mayarah, stronger together- has never made her feel more set apart than it does in this moment.

Inspired by one of the Kara/Lena scenes from 2x03

mild AU in which Lex was killed by Kal-El during his attempts to destroy Metropolis

the girl of shadow


Alex-centric fic.

Alex Danvers has dedicated her whole life to protecting her sister, and she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

She’s just not sure who she would do it for.

Inspired by For The Girl Who Has Everything | 500 word Alex angst challenge

of potstickers and preferences


SuperCorp adorableness. Kara-centric.

Because really, who serves potstickers at a gala?

Shameless fluff. Fix-it fic (sort of) to make up for the lack of Kara/Lena interactions at the gala.



Winn-centric. Winn/Alex brOTP.

In which Winn does something stupid, Alex seizes the opportunity to put on her Big Sister pants, and the family we find isn’t always the one we were born into.



Sanvers. Alex-centric.

Shit hits the fan at work, and Alex finds herself struggling to cope in the aftermath of a mission that goes sideways.

Maggie is there to help her get through it.

a reason to smile


Sanvers. Alex-centric. Drabble.

The result of the most dangerous question on the planet- ‘what if?’

What if Alex had met Maggie before, back in college, during her party girl days?



SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her.



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

SuperCorp, post-winter finale.

Fix-it fic for the totally unresolved matter of Lena Luthor in the aftermath of her mother’s arrest.

Lena’s settling in for a quiet night of drinking away her sorrows, but Kara’s not willing to let her fall into a bottle.

in the absence of the sun


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

It’s the anniversary of the day Lena’s mother died, and Kara opens up some old wounds when she digs into it.

Kara’s only trying to help, but the story of that night is more complicated than she knows.

Oneshots in the uncompleted ‘SuperCorp AU’ collection:

of art room supply cabinets and a lack of caffeine


SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Sure. Abandoned sculptures? Maybe. But definitely not a person.

And especially not one with dark hair, green eyes, and a downright killer smile.


The university SuperCorp oneshot AU you were all hoping and praying for.

of misunderstandings and morning detentions


SuperCorp. Kara-centric. High school.

Kara Danvers has detention. So does a certain kryptonite-eyed individual.


She’s just perfecting her vacant stare when the sound of the door hinges squealing in protest breaks her concentration. Her attention snaps towards the doorway, where a girl with dark hair, green eyes, and an absolutely wicked smile meets her eyes- and winks.

A bright crimson flush spreads across her cheeks as she quickly averts her gaze, having suddenly developed an intense desire to count every single one of the tally marks scratched into the battered desk in front of her. “Miss Luthor, we don’t have all day to wait for you to get inside and shut the door,” McCarthy snaps, gesturing towards the other students- most of whom suppress a long-suffering sigh as he glowers. “Take a seat.”

Multi-Chapter WIPs:



SuperCorp. Angst. Slow burn.

Lena’s just trying to drink away the day when she gets a not-so unexpected visitor on her roof.

Post 2x08.

Fix-it fic.

Kind of.

give me touch


SuperCorp. Introspective.


Kara needs it.

Lena hates it.

A look into why they turned out this way.

these memories, they haunt me


SuperCorp. Lena-centric. The Morgana reincarnation!AU you didn’t know you needed.

“I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes.”

Kara’s departure is hasty, and for that, Lena is grateful.

If she’d lingered a few seconds more, she would have seen Lena’s lowered eyes flash gold.

My interpretation of the Lena/Kara scene from 2x04 and Lena’s shady look at the end of it.

tabula rasa


SuperCorp. Sanvers. Other pairings.

who can we become, when we no longer wish to be ourselves?

what remains when we are hollowed?

Alternate Universe- Dollhouse

our souls entwined


SuperCorp. Daemons!AU

Alternate Universe. Set in a world where the people of Earth have Daemons, physical forms of their souls that exist outside their body in the form of animal companions.

In which Lena is a girl with witch-blood in her veins, and Kara is a girl whose soul has never settled.

This is the story of two girls who have never fit in with anybody else- except each other.

stranger in her skin


Lena-centric. Growing up. Eventual SuperCorp.

“She is fourteen the first time she tries to run away.

It’s not something she plans- she just walks out of the house one day and doesn’t feel like coming back.”

Lena-centric fic set during her childhood. Basically the teen!Lena growing up fic you didn’t ask for and got anyways. :)

dust and shadow


SuperCorp. Harry Potter!AU

The SuperCorp Hogwarts AU you probably weren’t looking for that my trashy gay brain couldn’t help but writing.


Kara is only nine years old when her world ends.

There’s a flash of green light that passes through the glass of the windowshield as though it were as insubstantial as smoke that strikes her father squarely in the chest and then the wheel jerks and the world is spinning spinning spinning-

Her mother’s screams echo in her ears as the world turns upside down and right side up and upside down all over again. She’s reaching for her, fingers outstretched- Kara! -but her mother’s belt won’t loosen and neither will hers and all she knows is that she wants to get out, she wants to move-

They stop falling.

This was all typed and formatted on mobile, so just know I definitely did suffer while making this.

Happy reading! :)


when i read japanese literature, she tries to distract me—tells me, “there’s fungi over your rosary,” then cooks, delicacies, mushrooms and peas; she is synthpop, a bit dreamy in unexpected ways, puts her head on my lap, diming, fragile, roseate; she summons moon-water spirits, her back is unconquerable, mountain snow, i run my fingers over; i insert her in gaps, in meanings, in between raindrops, in lonesome stanzas; her bangles clink—when she absorbs me in her entirety.


     “What the hell were you thinking, Y/N?!”

     “The werewolf was getting away.”

     “I don’t care if he was getting away, don’t run out onto unstable ice in any circumstances!”

     You fought to keep your teeth from chattering as Dean lead you into your motel room, angrily shutting the door behind him and ripping a blanket off the bed. Your soaking wet jacket and shirt were soon to follow that quick removal, hitting the stained carpet with a light thud before Dean wrapped the heavy comforter around your shaking form.

     “He was gonna kill someone,” you said, voice quiet but not timid.

     “He almost killed you!” Dean shot back.

     “No he didn’t, the ice did that.”

     You held your ground and locked eyes with Dean, willing your shuttering breaths to calm as waves of icy cold wracked your body. You wouldn’t yield, not about this. You did it to saves innocents and you’d do it again.

     Dean seemed to read the conviction in your eyes and sighed, running his fingers through snow-dampened hair. “Just … just promise me you won’t do anything like that again, okay?”

     “Sure. In the incredibly unlikely event that I once again find myself needing to run out onto half-melted ice, I promise I’ll let the werewolf mangle people instead.”

     “Y/N/.” Dean closed his eyes and stilled, his whole demeanor shifting from rage to fear as he knelt down on the floor in front of your chair. “Please.”

     You didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to respond. Dean never acted this way. The anger, sure, Dean wasn’t exactly known for being level headed. But this … vulnerability?

     You reached for his hand and gave him a shaky smile.

     “I’m sorry, Dean. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

     It took him a moment to respond, to show any sign he even heard you. But eventually he looked up, those green eyes shining with relief and fear – fear for your life, you realized. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “Just comere.”

     You leaned over and let Dean pull you against his chest, his hand running up and down your arm and chin resting on top of your head. You savored his warmth, let it seep into your chilled skin and surround you. A shiver ran down your spine despite the heavy blanket. Dean simply pulled you closer and kissed the top of your head.

     “I promise,” you whispered.

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*

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First Kiss - Part 1

Jon Snow: 

Your first kiss with Jon is sort of unexpected. You and Jon had clearly liked each other for a long time, and Jon eventually built up the courage to kiss you.

Robb Stark: 

You and Robb were betrothed to each other. At first neither of you wanted to get married, because you barely even knew each other. But after a while, you get to know each other more, and the two of you fall in love. Your first kiss doesn’t happen until the night before your wedding day.

Theon Greyjoy:

You and Theon share your first kiss after you get jealous of all of the whores he has slept with. You and Theon had liked each other for a long time, but nothing had ever happened between the two of you, hence why he started sleeping with whores. Once Theon realises that you’re jealous he just chuckles and kisses you, he then tells you that he loves you and that from now on you are the only person he wants to be with.

Ramsay Bolton: 

Your first kiss with Ramsay is the result of a lot of pent up sexual tension. It also happens because you weren’t happy in your current relationship with another man. It isn’t until your kiss with Ramsay that you realise that you should give up your relationship with that other person, and see what happens between you and Ramsay.

Jorah Mormont: 

You and Jorah had been friends for a long time. Constantly protecting each other and being there for one another, through the good times and the bad. It isn’t for quite some time that the two of you eventually realise that the two of you act like more than friends, and that you have stronger feelings than friends have towards each other. Once you realise your true feelings to one another, Jorah finally makes the move and kisses you declaring his love for you, and you do the same.

Petyr Baelish:

Your first kiss is also the result of a lot of pent up sexual tension. The two of you had been teasing each other for a long time, but nothing had happened. And then one day you are fed up of all the sexual tension, that you just kiss him. The kiss leads to the two of you making out, and even more.

Tyrion Lannister: 

Your first kiss with Tyrion is sweet, and passionate and it just sort of happens. 

Jaime Lannister: 

Your first kiss with Jaime happens after he returns to King’s Landing. He’s your best friend and you had been worried about him the whole time he was gone. So you run over to him and just kiss him, not really thinking about what you’re doing just glad that he is back, and you hug him afterwards, not wanting to let him go again.


I got a few requests for this fanfic! I’ll give it a go!

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, Maybe Southside High was where he was meant to be. These people, they were like him, damaged, dangerous , the very definition of wrong side of the tracks. They liked him, they thought he was funny and when they laughed they were laughing with him not at him. So what was the problem?

Thoughts of shiny green eyes and long honey blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail ran through his mind. The image of his beautiful girlfriend made his palms sweat and his heart ache. Betty had cried for him, fought for him, she never gave up, not even when he gave up on himself. And then there was Archie, no matter what happened he would always be his best friend. Pulling his attention back to the conversation in front of him, Jughead couldn’t help but laugh at the groups crude humor.


The beanie wearing boy whipped around,
Archie, Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl were all standing behind him, sticking out against the beat down high school and grungy students.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asked, standing from his seat as the people at his table watched cautiously, silently.

Archie stuttered, speechless. Cheryl shoved past him and stood before Jughead.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed Jones, but your girlfriend hasn’t answered her phone in two days and she didn’t show up for school today. I had one of my vixens stop by her house this morning and ask that lunatic mother of hers to speak to her and the blonde stepford wife claimed Betty was at school. Newsflash? She’s not.” Cheryl angrily stabbed Jugheads chest as fear flashed in his eyes.

“What do you mean she’s not in school? And she’s not at home?! I don’t have my phone. It’s at home. I thought she was just busy, I was going to go over tonight.” His eyes were frantic as Veronica pulled out her phone.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

Kevin ran over to the raven haired cheerleaders side, reading the message on her phone.

“Oh god” he gasped.

“What?!” Archie asked.

Veronica held up her phone and showed the group the text with shaky fingers
“It’s betty”

“Thankyou for being an amazing friend, you’ll do fine V, just stay true to who you are. I love you”

Jughead ripped the phone from her hand,
“Where is she?! Where could she be?! We have to go. NOW.” He shouted, speeding through the halls and heading for Archie’s beat up truck.

Everyone was scrambling as they got into the car, ideas bouncing off the walls of where Betty could be, suddenly Cheryl spoke evenly.

“Sweet water. She’s at sweetwater.”

They all turned to her, Archie not giving it a second thought as he sped through the streets of Riverdale, making his way to the river.

“Why would she be there?!” Kevin was texting Betty profusely to no avail.

Cheryl pulled her own phone out and began texting Betty

“It’s the easiest way to go, with the ice.”

Veronica gasped, shivers racking her body.

Jughead stared blankly out the window, his body tense. No. no, not like this. Not Betty. How could he have not seen? How could he have been so neglectful to not notice his own girlfriend was drowning. She had so much going on, it was too much on her and he did nothing to alleviate that stress. He didn’t deserve her, he never deserved her.

Archie parked haphazardly, his truck skidding to a stop as all the teens hopped out.

“Split up!” Archie called, sprinting through the snow, slipping and sliding as he searched desperately. Jughead pounded through, the cold seeping through his boots.


Veronica’s distinctly feminine voice called from his right as she pointed to a shadowed figure a few feet away. Jughead tripped up falling to his knees as he ran towards her.

“The ice!” Cheryl screeched “its cracking! Separate.”

Jughead couldn’t hear her he was running towards Betty, she was looking at him now, big, terrified eyes.

“You don’t have to do this! Bets please! Come here. I’m right here! I’m here for you! I’m so sorry.” He cried desperately, his arms extended as he reached for her.

She looked at him with such blank eyes he stopped dead in his tracks
“I’m sorry.” She mouthed.

She was gone, fallen through the ice, engulfed in the current as Jughead watched horrified.

“NO!” He screamed desperately, dropping to his knees as he dug through the snow, his fingers red and raw.

Veronica and Archie were beside him, kicking and clawing at the snow searching the ice. Kevin was holding a weeping Cheryl.

“I CANT SEE HER! I CANT FIND HER” Veronica cried as Archie pushed the heavy snow aside

“Right here! She’s right here.”

Jughead shoved Archie aside, his fists flying as he he punched at the ice, blood flying before he stood and kicked the ice sending it shattering, he reached into the water gripping an unconscious Betty by her shoulders and laying her on the snow.

“Come on, come on!” He brought his lips to hers, breathing air into her lungs as his tears dripped onto her face. “COME ON” suddenly her eyes flew open as she spit out water, gasping for air. Jughead dropped his forehead to hers and gasped.

“Oh my god” Veronica breathed and Archie wrapped Veronica in his arms.

“We have to go!“ Kevin said “she’ll freeze if we don’t get her someplace warm.”

Lifting the frozen blonde up bridal style, the group raced through the snow, depositing Betty into the truck, Jugheads denim wrapped snugly around her shoulders as she drifted off

“Stay with me Betty. Stay with me.” Jughead mumbled into her damp hair as he held her to his chest. Everything going black.

When Betty woke up she was sitting up beside a fire, her back resting against a strong familiar chest, slender hands wrapped around her, steady breathing in her ear.

Glancing up Betty looked around, Veronica and Archie were sleeping on the couch, sharing a blanket. Cheryl was on the floor beside Kevin both sleeping as well. Jughead had her wrapped up in his arms, his eyes fluttered open and got wide.

“You’re awake.” He breathed a sigh of relief, his arms squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry.” Betty whispered tearfully. Jughead lifted the beautiful blonde up and onto his lap

“Don’t you dare apologize, this is not your fault. It’s mine. I didn’t see you crying out for Help, you saved my life and I couldn’t even be there when you needed saving.” He cupped her cheek, his eyes desperately guilty.

Betty covered his hand and leaned into his palm

“Technically you did save me.” She smiled softly.

Jughead rolled his eyes,before they softened

“Please don’t ever do that again, please just.. I’m so sorry Betty.” A single tear slipped from his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m okay Juggie. We’re okay.”
She whispered, dropping a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I love you Betty Cooper” he whispered

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”


Went on a bird walk with the Audubon Society, got distracted by dragonflies. There were swarms of dragonflies and damselflies everywhere. So many, in fact, that I actually got some good pictures!

Yes, that is a live dragonfly on my finger. He got scared and flew up onto my hat when one of the walk leads came up to me (to tell me about the black and yellow dragonfly!).

To be fair, I did see lots of great birds. Painted buntings, blue birds, summer tanagers, lots of woodpeckers, cattle egrets, my first cuckoo! Scissortail fly catchers through the scope. *dreamy sigh*

July 1, 2017
Webberville Park, Webberville, Tx


So, Yasss is showing Ralph and Vanellope around OH MY DISNEY. Suddenly When You Wish Upon a Star plays. There are fan girls screaming, red carpet, photography etc. Ralph and Vanellope are confused:

Yasss: These images of perfection are known as the princesses.
Vanellope: Oh my gosh, I have to mess with them.
Yasss: Oh no, they are strictly off-limits. Now come on, my little ducklings.
Vanellope: But, that’s all I want to do now.
Hey Ralph, thinking what I’m thinking?
Ralph: That Yasss is awesome? (It’s clear he likes her)
Vanellope: No, let’s mess with the princesses!
Ralph: No, kid! Yasss said no!
Vanellope: Come on, Ralph. You always follow authority.
Ralph: No I don’t.
Yasss: Yo! Ralph, get your butt here now!
Ralph: Yes, mam, right away mam!
Vanellope: Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!

Vanellope glitches in the room! We see the princesses hanging out. Vanellope says hi. The girls freak out. They go to self defense.

Vanellope: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m a princess like you!
Anna: Wait, what?
Vanellope: Yeah, Princess Vanellope of Sugar Rush!
Pocahontas: So, what kind of princess are you?
Rapunzel: Magic hair?
Elsa: Magic hands?
Vanellope: No?
Aurora: *about to prick her finger. Snow tries to stop her* Cursed?
Snow: Poisoned? Sing?
Cinderella: Talk to animals?
Rapunzel and Belle: Kidnapped and enslaved? :D
Vanellope: No?????
Jasmine: You got Daddy issues?
*two more lines*
Ariel: Did you ever sell your voice and soul to get legs? *shows off leg*
Vanellope: No! Jeeze, louise! Who would do that?!?!?!
Rapunzel: *crotches to her* One more question: Have you ever felt like you are overlooked by a big man?!?!
Vanellope: Oh my gosh, yes! That’s me and Ralph! *rambles on*
All of them: SHES ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!

They all fangirl. They all check out her outfit.

Cinderella: Oh my gosh, your outfit is wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like it!
Vanellope: Oh, this old thing?
*Princess Line from someone*
Cinderella: You must make it for all of us! My fairy godmother is on it.

You know the Batman transition in the old series? This time, it’s the Disney castle!

Vanellope is in the center of the room. She’s on the bed. All of the princesses are in tank tops and sweats. They surround her. Cinderella says something like BRB at midnight. Moana’s tank is orange with Tamota and SHINY.

Cinderella: Oh hail, Princess Vanellope, ruler of Sugar Rush. Queen of comfort!
Everyone: YEAH!
Vanellope: Oh, guys! Stop it. You know, you guys are great.
Ariel: Oh, my goodness! I love this—what’s it called again? Shirt! *says something like I’ve collect everything, but never a shirt. She starts singing Part of your World*
ALL of the Princesses: NO NO NO NO NO!
Vanellope: I love you guys. I thought you were models of perfection, but no! You guys are flawed
Snow: I have a confession. I’m legally blind. I can’t see without contacts. Or my glasses. *wears glasses. Looks just like Dopey and the diamond*
Jasmine: I love cats! I have my big tiger.
Vanellope: What?!?! That’s so cool!
Jasmine: yeah, but I’m allergic!

Jasmine coughs, does the inhaler, and wheezes.

Merida: *something about turning her mom to a bear*

Awkward silence.

Vanellope: …..did anyone understand that?
Mulan??????: Nope.
Pocahontas?????????: No one ever does.
Anna: She’s from another studios.

Tiana: Like come on, can you imagine how boring we would be if we are all the same?

Everyone agrees!

C-P30 comes out.

CP30: Ladies, I’m here to remind you. You have another show in five minutes. Get ready.

Cinderella and Aurora tease him playfully.

Cinderella: Okay, *Star Wars robot name*. Thanks for telling us.
Aurora: Now, Cinderella! He hates being called that. Thanks, R2-D2!

CP30: Oh, the disrespect! Do the job, they said. You are great with princesses. You’ll love this!

CP30 leaves.

Aurora: Ahhhhhhh, never gets old!
*Cinderella and Aurora fist pumps sparkles*
Vanellope: Guys, it’s been great! I got to go. You know, I think you guys help me realize the problem between me and Ralph.
Moana: You are so cool, Vanellope. It was great to meet you!

*Vanellope sees Meeko looking happy on Pocahontas’s lap.

Vanellope: And of course, I can’t say goodbye without getting a huge hug from this cute little friend of-

*Meeko snaps and hisses at Vandllope*
*She yelps and glitches back*