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That being said about super snow leopard geckos, I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate to call tumblr breeders working with them “torture breeders” or that it’s okay to start a witch hunt about it. Super snow is not like enigma, not ALL super snows have issues. I’ve seen no evidence that a neuro issue is linked to super snow in the same way as it is in other genes. (I honestly think the neuro symptoms are caused by the weird skull deformities that ss sometimes have)

Unless you have proof of someone breeding super snows that have DEFINITE issues (skeletal deformities, neuro issues, etc) or are producing super snow hatchlings with issues and marketing them as breeder quality, there’s no need to not support them. Hatchling issues can pop up in any morph as well. Most of the breeders on tumblr I’ve personally interacted with have been very dedicated to producing the most robust hatchlings possible and are working to better their lines, not make a quick buck.


So some of you may remember Pegleg, the snow eclipse enigma that was very thin and missing a hand when he came to me. Well this little dude has filled out (and nearly doubled in weight) and is looking great! He could still gain some weight I think, but he’s eating like a pig and has been cleared for parasites. Seeing Pegleg make such a great turn around is really a big part of why I enjoy keeping reptiles and animals in general. I love watching an animal grow, thrive, and explore it’s habitat knowing that I’m helping it live a good enriched life. 

*Please note that I do not support the breeding of any animals with neurological issues such as the enigma gene. This leo will be pet only and I urge you to think twice about buying an animal that expresses a gene linked to a neurological abnormality. 


Here is the Mack Snow Eclipse Enigma pity purchase that I got for cheap. You can clearly see in the second and third photos his stumpy leg. I was told by the vendor that he had received the animal that way and the previous owner said the foot had been bitten off by another leo. He seems to be a sexually mature male so perhaps it was during mating? Who knows. It’s fully healed, although fairly squishy and odd. Besides that his enigma syndrome is not bad; he circles if he’s stressed out but I think his body condition will rebound quickly. He wasn’t interested in mealies or supers, but the moment I brought out the grub pie he ate it, so that’s good! He’ll be treated for internal parasites, and fattened up ASAP.

Please note that I do not support the breeding of any animals with neurological issues such as the Enigma gene. This leo will be pet only, and I urge you to think twice about buying an animal that expresses a gene linked to a neurological abnormality.

When Your Line Is Crossed (I Get Off) || Scaria

Everything was set, the quiet before the storm, smokey eyes and bloody lips and a drowning excitement that was impossible to shake. Aria Snow… The girl had become a fixation, and obsession, something that spoke the rare and complex language that her twisted soul responded to, and this had been so long coming. Scarlett wanted her, she had wanted her since that first conversation, but in the days between it had become more than that; now, it was personal. Steady hands smoothed down the skin tight material of her dress, a brilliant, bleeding crimson against softly tanned skin, her hair loose, softly curled, her eyes dark and eager. Eight thirty had been and gone, and she could imagine her now, naked in the shower just down the hall, golden hair drenched to caramel, bare and vulnerable, and her fingers were digging into the edge of her mattress. Aria Snow was an enigma, a rare jewel amongst the rubble of the fringe, and tonight, Scarlett would make her belong to only her.

She was almost underwhelmed now her careful preparation was done - the pristinely made bed, the moderately sized strap on that sat in a thick leather harness on the nightstand, the cuffs and knives and toys that were hidden just out of sight, but so easily in reach. Tonight had been so slow to come, and although she’d had so much time to think, to fantasise, to plan - she’d made no solid arrangements; Aria was fluidity, she was the power to surprise, and tonight, Scarlett had no doubt that she’d do that again. The knock at her door sent a hot flood of excitement crashing through her, a rising buzz and a plummeting anticipation, and her tongue was running over waxy lips as she stilled her fingers where they fidgeted in her lap, and moved to open the door. 

Mismatched eyes made no secret of roaming her body, the way the heavily contoured black dress she had chosen hugged her gaunt figure, the swell of her chest and the dip in her waist; even with damp tousled hair, she was perfect. “Come in…” Her voice was smokey, thick with satisfaction as she stepped back to let her inside, her gaze hungry, eager to meet green eyes, studying her from behind thick, inky lashes, searching out her feeling about all this, already scanning for the weakness that would be her way in. Tonight she’d fuck Aria Snow, but she was Scarlett Pearce, and she wanted far more from her than just that - the best part of the game was that for the first time in years, she had no idea if she’d actually get it.