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All in black, he was a shadow among shadows, dark of hair, long of face, grey of eye.

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“He has an ally,” Lady Selyse said. “R'hllor, the Lord of Light, the Heart of Fire, the God of Flame and Shadow.” (Prologue, ACOK)

one of martin’s build-ups over the course of a clash of kings through a dance with dragons is the confusion surrounding who azor ahai reborn is on the part of the players within the series. from the moment that stannis’ entourage is introduced in the begninning of a clash of kings, it’s made clear both that selyse and melisandre believe that he is indeed the lord of light reborn, but also that there’s no proof beyond melisandre’s visions that he is.  when melisandre is at the wall in a dance with dragons, she is shown a different vision, one that lines up much more with what the reader knows to be true:

Yet now she could not even seem to find her king. I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R'hllor shows me only Snow. (Melisandre, ADWD)

that jon snow is likely that great hero that she envisioned, and that he, not stannis, will be the one to save the world from whatever apocalypse the winds of winter and a dream of spring have in store is hardly a surprising turn for the reader, however shocking it may be to the red priestess. jon snow, whose narrative traces the rise of a hero, has taken vows to wear the black for the remainder of his life, and to be “the watcher on the walls…the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men.”  he has all the makeup of a shining hero, and yet one whose very birth is shrouded in mystery, in shadows.

shadows comprise one of the strongest visual themes in a song of ice and fire.  they visually encapsulate those “shades of grey” that martin so enjoys examining in his thematic and character work.  the imagery conflicts itself.  do the shadows represent the light or the dark? r’hllor or the old gods of the north? jon’s bastardy or the potential for him to wield intense political power?  or, perhaps, it is all of this, mixed together, for lines get blurred in the shadows.

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rosered282  asked:

Could you please do 'I forgot it was halloween so I didn't dress up and now you're making fun of me' for Jonerys please?

“you didn’t dress up,” jon says even before she gets in the car and dany freezes.

“dress up?”  dany looks down.  she looks nice, she thinks.  she’s wearing a new dress that she’d gotten on sale when she had taken missandei shopping for interview clothes the week before, and had spent the past hour getting her hair in order.  it’s the first time she’s meeting jon’s brother robb, who he never shuts up about.  it’s a party, jon had told her over text two days ago.  if you don’t have other halloween plans.

“it’s halloween,” jon replies. and it all falls into place.  of course he’d meant a halloween party, not a regular one.  of course he had.

“you’re not dressed up,” dany points out.

“i am,” jon says and he pushes his long dark hair out of his face and she can see a lightning scar painted there.  he pulls a pair of fake round glasses from the dashboard of his car and pops them on his face.  

“cute,” dany says as she gets in the car.

“subtle, really.  especially after they started getting the actors to wear normal clothes in the movie,” he says and his face changes.  “you can’t go to robb and theon’s party not dressed up as anything.”

“i don’t own any costumes, so it’s gonna have to happen,” dany shrugs, pulling on the seat buckle.  

jon looks at her, half astounded.  “you don’t own any halloween costumes?  what are you, scrooge?”

“that’s christmas,” dany says dully, crossing her arms over her chest and looking out the window.  she waits for jon to turn the key in the ignition, but he doesn’t.  

“didn’t mean to tease,” he says at last.  “halloween’s a thing in my family.  like a real thing.”  she remembers.  she’s heard his story about dressing up as a ghost and covering himself in flour to freak out his younger siblings.

“i never celebrated growing up,” dany replies quietly.  “viserys never took me trick-or-treating or anything.  it’s just another day.”  she shrugs.

“is this gonna be your first halloween party?” jon asks her.

she looks at him.  his face is gentle now.  she nods.

“right,” he says.  “well…” he considers.  “i guess your look could be emma frost-ish if you wanted.”  he gives her a one over and she sees the way his eyes drink her in.  “but that’s only if you want.”

“emma frost…she’s one of magneto’s right?” dany’s already pulling out her phone to google it.  when the picture loads, she smiles and looks at him.  “if you can wait five minutes, i have an idea,” and jon nods and she’s out of the car again.  

five minutes was a bit of an underestimation, but it’s worth it.  gone is the demure blue dress she’d picked up at anthro and on with the small silver sheath she’d worn to her company’s holiday party the year before when she’d still been fucking daario and wanted him to never take his eyes off her.  she covers her eyes with silver eyeshadow and puts deep red on her lips.  then, with a sigh, she loosens the braids she’d spent so much time on so that the crimped hair falls in waves from behind a high silver headband.  but the time is worth it when she comes back out of the house and sees jon’s face as she marches towards his car and gets in again.  

“jesus,” he mutters, and she smiles at him and leans over the gearshift to kiss him.

“merlin,” she corrects.  “if you’re going to be harry potter, at least get the swears right.”


pairing: jungkook x bff!reader

summary: you love snow and the winter weather almost as much as jungkook loves you.

details/genre: very fluffy, best friends, ft jin and namjoon, shy!jungkook (the best jungkook)

word count: 1.4k

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SSS: Six Months to Strawberry Time

“You must play for your lover, petal,” my mother’s voice breaks into my mental ramblings, so softly that for a moment I’m certain I’m imagining it. “Bid him warm himself by the parlor fire and woo him with the spindrift of your fingers over the keys.”

This remark is so unexpected, not to mention absurd, that I look up with a start, fearful that my mother is inevitably, irrevocably drifting back into that haunted dream state in which she’s dwelt for so much of my life, only to find her grinning like Prim at her wickedest and my father blushing like a schoolboy caught in misbehavior. “There was very little wooing intended, Maddi,” he protests, but weakly, and she takes one of his pale, long-fingered hands in both of hers and raises it to her lips.

“A fireside chair on a winter evening and a lover at the piano is as powerful a magic as any the Everdeens ever wrought,” she counters huskily, but her eyes are merry. “And you are as deft a magician as your father, petal.”

Conquerors and Liberators: A Jonsa Meta, Part I

Meta Navigation

Volume 1: Historical Analysis

Part 1: The End of the Middle Ages

Part 2: The Battle of Bosworth is the Battle of the Bastards

Part 3: Bronn Says Let Them Eat Cake

Part 4: Zombies! And reconstruction.

Volume 2: Literary Analysis (Coming Soon)

The concept of self-determination is an important theme in Game of Thrones. Many of the main characters seek personal agency against oppression in their lives, and secondary characters as well as groups of characters within canon also symbolize that struggle.

In this meta series, I am going to talk about self-determination and what it means for the Game of Thrones and for the ending which will result in a Jon Snow and Sansa Stark marriage. This will be a long meta that discusses history and canon, so be prepared, and it will be posted over several days instead of my usual Monday schedule.

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