snow covered pines

[image: photo of snow-covered field with tall pine trees in the background. a house peeks out behind the trees. a wide metal gate between two short wooden posts blocks the path in. two tree trunks stand to the right of the gate.]

snow day

Hetalia and scent

America - Grease, motor oil, tabacco, a sugary sweetness, warm bodies of horses and running animals, a swamp, a crackling fire, the sun.

Canada - A musky forest scent, pine trees and wood, maple syrup, a hint of winter, a hint of salt.

France - Roses, freshly baked bread, ripe grapes, something sweet that makes you mouth-water, fresh perfume.

England - The scent of rain, freshly mowed grass, old books, tea, freshly baked biscuits, a hint of something otherworldly.

Russia - Chamomile, snow-covered pine trees, vodka, a dash of iron, a musky scent, something sweet and undefinable.

China - Incense, something rich and very old, bamboo, watery rice fields, cinnamon and other spices, ash, scrolls.

Japan - A salty fish odour, something flowery, bitter tea, soy sauce, a vague hint of cigarettes.

Germany - Sweat, something hearty, the earthy smell of potatoes, alcohol, a hint of steel.

Prussia - Beer, charcoal, freshly washed uniforms, shaving foam, the cologne of hard work, salty snacks.

North Italy - Olive oil, boiling water, paint and marble, herbs and spices.

South Italy - Tomatoes, olives, ploughed up earth, basil and oregano, oven-baked pizza, sunkissed skin and expensive perfume, the Mediterranean sea.

What I Consider Ravenclaw Aesthetics
  • Knit beanies, glass skyscrapers, long eyelashes, glasses, nude nail polish, messy buns, a single feather, a flock of birds flying, a snow covered pine tree, a raging waterfall, bookshelves covered in dusty cobwebs, mismatched socks, a leather cross-body bag, collared shirts, minimalist tattoos, globes and maps, a frost-bitten window, a stormy sea, ripples in a muddy puddle, an ancient brass knocker, diamonds

Kurotomesode Kimono.  Mid-to late Meiji Period (1880-1911), Japan. The Kimono Gallery. A formal chirimen silk kimono featuring snow-covered pine and flying crane motifs. Five mon (family crests). The cranes on the upper front are fully embroidered; while the pines, boats and river were created utilizing the yuzen technique, with additional silk and metallic embroidery. The snow on top of the pines are wonderfully created utilizing white silk embroidered threads.  

i have teared up over the beauty i find in snow-covered pine trees. there is something so deeply wonderful to me when i wake up at home, sleepily wander to the kitchen, and find the people i love who’ve just woken up are having coffee, too (weird, i know). i really like watching golf tournaments. i am hesitant to bring my camera out in front of others because i don’t want to make them uncomfortable/feel like they can’t be themselves.  i would be perfectly content to live off of bread, wine, cheese, strawberries, peaches, and coffee for the rest of my life. there is nothing like having my entire family (and my brothers’ girlfriends) under one roof… i also love bringing people in to my family. i’m really stoked for the day i find someone who’s okay with me photographing them… a lot. i fall asleep to classical music every night. i really, really, really love seeing or hearing men pray. i have a deal going on with my dad that if i run a half-marathon, he has to start taking guitar lessons again (both are things we love that we don’t make time for). a huge part of me wants to get married and have kids, but there’s also a big part of me that wants to adopt a dog, buy a wrangler, and live a solo life - let’s see if i can somehow combine the two. sometimes i get so excited for coffee the next morning that it’s hard for me to fall asleep at night.