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Hope you like my Cosplay showcase video of my KH3 Sora cosplay at Disney World!!


Some samples of art from my Magical Girl Card series ! (Sorry for the low quality it’s cause they are from the cards I have already made haha)

I hope to finish more soon (and when the card text is finalized I’ll upload the full card!) For now, enjoy!

(Please do not steal the art or my idea please)

It’s About Time

Request:  Hi,is it ok if you can do a jay x reader imagine? Where the reader is the daughter of rapunzel (but she took after Flynn rider mostly) and she’s as flirty as jay which makes him flustered and after awhile he finally confesses to her that he likes her? (Sorry if this sounds funny I didnt know how to word it differently) P.S. YOUR WRITING IS ON POINT 👌👌🤘👌👌

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1,240

A/N: So I kind of made this to where it was after D2 so that is why I made Dude talk. Dude is an amazing character and I love him to bits. #dealwithit and I loved writing this so much it was cute to make! Thank you so much for requesting and I’m so happy you enjoy my writing! ♥♥♥ I hope that you enjoy this! I really like it but I’m not sure if it’s what you had in mind.

Upon arriving in Auradon, Jay became very well known amongst the ladies for his flirty advances upon all different girls, although never once did he become serious with anyone. This was bittersweet for most of the girls in Auradon Prep: while Jay technically was on the market, it was unlikely he would begin a serious relationship with any girl. 

However, there was one girl in Auradon that could possibly tame the young ex-villain. [Y/N] Fitzherbert. She was the one girl who gave Jay a run for his money. 

Jay first met [Y/N] at lunch one day, the two of them bumped into each other while going to get their food, and from that moment Jay had been infatuated with the beautiful [H/C] girl, and he did everything in his power to get her to notice him. And notice him she did, for she too was highly flirtatious and she had found herself wondering about the long haired son of Jafar. 

However, this meant that she couldn’t make it easy for him. No no, [Y/N] Fitzherbert liked to play hard to get. And she played that game well. 

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Those sweet 90′s feels of not having a cellphone so you carry you best friend thru the first snow storm of the year to the nearest gas station after some ass hole seniors tried to steal his prosthetic.