snow army


tagged by @myg for the bias selfie tag 💕💕💕

just got this bangin jacket this weekend so i thought it would be fun to recreate this iconic pic but i was fooled, it was NOT fun, i don’t know how jungkook managed to fit so much of his body in the frame, he’s truly so talented

anyway taggin some friends and some ppl i’d like to get to know, if you wanna! @chimneytaels @nialljst @cuteseokjin @xmyp @parkjiminbiased @stylannn @kikistiel


“Fabletown is a community located on Bullfinch Street in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. To regular people (or mundies), it appears to be an ordinary New York neighborhood. But it is really the home of Fables from many worlds…”

jeffrey dean morgan as bigby wolf; caroline dhavernas as snow white; scarlett johansson as beauty; armie hammer as beast; sharlto copley as flycatcher; sebastian stan as boy blue; hayley atwell as briar rose; dichen lachman as cinderella; jeff bridges as mister north; lee pace as mister dark; evan rachel wood as rose red; richard armitage as reynard the fox