Snow day

It’s a lovely winter’s day. The snow freshly fallen covering the forests floor with a thick blanket of white power, the weather cold but not too cold. Ava comes running out of the home in a cute little pink and white kitty coat, grinning as she jumps on to the snow.

“Mommy, Adrian, come on it snowed! Come on come on!” The little angel girl said, still grinning she started giggling as she moved her arms and legs in the snow. Simply enjoying the snow day as any child her age would.

“We’re coming, we’re coming.” Angel chuckled as she grabbed a long black coat and walked outside. Adrian quickly ran passed her and jumped off the stairs into the think snow. Landing close by his sister he started throwing snow at her. Ava started giggling more as she got up and threw snow back at him but it only came out as a powered mess that hit her as the wind blew.

“No, no sweetie. That’s not how you do it. Here let Mommy show you.” She smiled as she knelt down and packed up some snow making it into a soft ball. Both Ava and Adrian watched her closely. “See you grab some of the snow and you pack it into a ball. You want to make it soft enough so that it does not hurt the other person but it has to be hard enough so that the wind does not blow it into your face.” She threw to ball up in the air and caught it. When she got up she saw someone familiar walk close to her home. A devious grin appeared on her face. “And now my little ones I’m going to show you how to hit a target.” She readied her arm and threw it as hard as she could and it hit the person walking by on the head.


All of these are me right now. 

I am SO EXCITED for RYLA this weekend!

 I am off for the weekend to Prescott!

And I got all my work scheduling figured out, so I dont have to worry about missing a shift(: 

AHHH! It’s going to be a good weekend!

expect lots of pictures and I personal post about it when I get back on Mon.

p.s. I set up the HG quotes on the queue list, so hopefully they will post on their own. If not, I promise I’ll make up for it on Monday (:


Temperature: 15°F

Feels like: 2°F

Current conditions: SNOWING! (post-blizzard lake effect, baby)

Road conditions: unplowed; main roads = slushy, side roads = mottled, slush/powder mess

Sidewalk conditions: 1-8" powder, depending on the last time cleared

Lung conditions: pretty okay, considering how long I was wheezing last night post-CrossFit, even with my inhaler; kept my heart rate as low as humanly possible while still moving so I wouldn’t be sucking wind and triggering my asthma

3.0 miles.


13:13 pace.

Perhaps my slowest three miles ever.

Perhaps my wintriest three miles ever.