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Pupper to the Rescue

Pepper and Lily (the older poodles) sleep in my parents’ room at night and the bed there is made up of two smaller ones on rollers that can slide apart from each other. This morning I went upstairs with Vivi to wake up my mom and noticed that only Lily was there. I didn’t think much of it since my dad had already woken up and Pepper often follows him.

After a minute or so, Vivi gets up on the bed, starts sniffing around and sticks her snout in between the beds. She starts pawing between them, snuffling loudly and trying to get into the crevice. I come over to see what’s up, and after looking for a moment, I see a tuft of gray hair.

I immediately push the beds apart and am faced with a very grumpy looking Pepper who must have fallen in at some point and spent the night down there. I don’t know if she was trapped or not since she didn’t budge until I moved the beds (when she stretched and got up as she normally does in the morning), but she also never cried or made a peep when she was down there. I wonder how long it would have taken us to find her if Vivi hadn’t used her little snoot to find her grumpy big sister.

Across The Sands A Bells Do Toll

The Boy Seymour Is In His Hole

This Boy Inspects His Scrying Glass

To Scry What Futures Come To Pass

He Sees Great Kings Whom Rise And Fall

To Be Forgotten, After All

The Sands And Dust Devour Them

Till Every Crown And Diadem

Lies Blackened In The Endless Dunes.

No One Is Left To Read Their Runes.

These Men Are Feeble, Shaped From Clay

They Bake And Crumble In A Day

But Tapirs Built Of Ageless Stone

Across The Stars They Rule Alone.

Eternal Boys, Undying Kings

In Time Tapir Will Rule All Things

Your Nations Fall, Your Stars Burn Out

But Seymour Still Retains His Snout.

“Wake up, Pa!”

Big Mac came to slowly, like a bear waking from winter. His daughter’s face was approximately half an inch from his snout, and she greeted him with a bright, snaggle-toothed smile.

“Hullo, Peachy.”

“Don’t just lie there!” Peachy was impatiently shoving at his side, trying to herd the huge stallion to his hooves. “Git up! We got apple-buckin’ to do! On your hooves, lazybones!”

“Apple-buckin?” Mac yawned, rising to sit on his haunches. “…It’s too early, Peach. Apples ain’t ripe yet.” He smiled down at her fondly. “ ‘Sides, you’re too little to be much help.”

“No I ain’t!” Peachy whined, ears folding back. “Mama says I’m a whole inch taller than I was last year!” To demonstrate, she reared up onto her hind legs, but wobbled and fell over in a tangle of limbs. For a moment Mac watched her tiny hooves paddle in the air, as she struggled to right herself. With his hoof, he gently nudged her right side up.

“S-see?” Peachy plead, hay stuck in her mane. “I’m big and strong! I can help, Pa! Please?”

She’d turned the full might of her puppy-dog eyes on him, but Big Mac liked to think he was developing an immunity. At least when it involved his filly’s safety. “Eenope.” He said sternly. “You’re too small, Peachy. You could get hurt.”

Peachy pouted, and scuffed the ground with her hoof. “It ain’t no fun bein’ little.”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with bein’ little. You’re plenty of help to yer Ma, and Aunty AJ.”

“But I wanna help you, Daddy.” Peachy sniffled. “I miss you when you’re out in the orchards all day. And you have to do all of Aunty AJ’s work, cuz she’s gonna have a foal soon….it ain’t fair. I wish I could help. I wish I was grown up.”

Big Mac gazed down at his forlorn little filly, and found himself wanting to tell her to never grow up. To stay tiny and sweet and perfect forever. Instead he pulled her into a hug.

“Y'know, I used to be pretty little myself.”

“Nuh-uh.” Peachy shot him a flat look.

“Uh-huh.” Mac teased. “The tiniest colt in my class. Even littler than you.” He booped her muzzle with his hoof, and felt a victory at her giggle. “And shy. Sooner run away than look at ya.”

“Mama says you’re still shy, Pa.”

“Eh.” Mac shrugged. “Point is, everypony is little once, and just once. Don’t rush growin’ up. Ain’t as much fun bein’ big. Little ponies get to play outside, and bake with Granny, and read stories with Ma-”

“And catch fireflies!” Peachy interrupted, brimming with enthusiasm. “Little ponies get to go explorin’, and read comic books, and and eat zap apple candy, and-”

Mac listened to his daughter rattle off examples, bouncing on her hooves with newfound joy. “And draw with crayons, and listen to radio with Granny, and-” Her voice was suddenly interrupted by a thunderous growl from her stomach. She glanced back at him, cheeks crimson.

“And go eat lunch back in the house.” He finished.

“….and get carried home by Pa?” She asked, peeking at him shyly.

Mac regarded his daughter with a warm smile. He stood to his hooves, then knelt so she could clamber up onto his back.



can’t sleep, draw ponies
dads and daughters will never not be a favorite subject of mine
also, lookit wee Peachy Keen
she is the daughter of Big Mac and his wife Cheerilee, to all ya’ll new to the party

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Please Give Me A Spell To Geep Me Safe From All Ghost's Anywhere

Here It Is Gustom Made For You My Great Ally

On This Night Of Mist’s And Rain’s

Seymour Focuses His Brain’s

Ancient Things Will This Boy See

Through The Fen, Across The Lea

A Skelegton In Armor Bright

His Image Comes To Me Tonight

Ten Feets Tall With Sword Of Steels

Before My Snout He Gnobly Gneels



Protecting You From Imps And Sprites

This Deathless Warrior Ever Fights…


Look look! I can even stack them….sorta…it’s a very frustrating game of balance to get Wander to stay without toppling off. His hat makes him kind of heavy in the front and it causes him to lean forward a lot.

Sylvia kinda looks like a blue egg with a Mohawk, lol….sorry. I’m debating on if I should add a little snout to her for accuracy sake. But I think they both came out really cute……and Wander just toppled off as I type this….

Aw well, they’re cute and I love how they came out.

I've sold my soul to this AU

Tsukkishima ran, his feet pounding against the floor. He had to get away. He had to get away before anyone saw. You see, Tsukkishima was a thing of myths, of legend. He was a werewolf. 

His red jacket hung sloppily off his shoulders, shifting slightly with every step. In a swift movement, he slammed the door open. Throwing his glasses off, he shifted, the clock chiming 11. Pointed ears sprouted from the top of his head, as well as a snout and sharp canine teeth. Soft blond fur made its way over his body, covering him in the thick locks. But little did he know he had been followed. Yamaguchi knew this was dangerous. To follow his best friend and colleague so close to midnight was a large risk. But it was one he had taken all the same. Tsukkishima and Yamaguchi had been a shock to the hunting world. They worked together flawlessly and genuinely seemed to share a bond that wasn’t about work. Not to mention, they seemed to know all the inside secrets of the woods that lay before them. Yamaguchi knocked on the door. He had taken his time walking to the cabin, giving him time to admire the scenic route there. There was no reply. He knocked again louder but again to no avail. The boy sighed, slowly pushing the door open. What he saw was never what he would expect. Tsukkishima had said the scratches on his coat were from living in the woods with bristled plants at every corner. Not shifting. He had also said that the harsh scars on his face were from previous solo hunts. Not shifting. His lies were said in such a believable and reassuring tone, he had managed to trick his best friend. But then again, so had Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi was snapped out of his thoughts as the clock chimed once again. It was 12. There was no time left. And so he changed, right there. Tsukkishima napped peacefully through it all. They both knew how tiring the process could be. Tsukkishima woke up to the sun shining in his eyes. It had entered through the…open door? He shot up, readying himself to attack but instead heard a soft whimper. He had trodden on something furry. A tail. But not just anyone’s tail. It was Yamaguchi’s.