just ANOTHER reminder since people seem to still not understand, if you have or find a picture of a band member’s child that they themselves did not share on the internet it is 107% NOT COOL to post or reblog that picture. bandom seems to have a REALLY hard time grasping this concept despite the fact that many band members have expressed multiple times that they do NOT want these pictures going around. grow up and gain some respect for the people you say you idolize, no offense.

i do not get why people lump all the “antagonists” into slytherin beCAUSE HONESTLY NAH

alright loook

we got peri-snot, who’s obviously a lil fuckin ravenclaw. shes analytical, intelligent,a lil bit weird, and a rambler/know-it-all. like, slytherin??? no, that’s for driven, self-reliant, and ambitious people tbh. peri-not a real self reliant person 2 me. nah, ravenclaw are lil shits, shes a lil shit, she a ravenclaw

then jaspurr, who, without a goddamn-doubt-in-my-mind, is a hardcore fuckin gryffindor. shes blunt, shes brave, and she’s unafraid to act on instinct/change of mind. like, how much more gryffindor can you get?? 4 real, slytherin?? nah, nah, theyre subtle. theyre perfectionists. theyre wise and quick to think. u try to tag subtle on jasper and i will have a bone to pick w/ u

and lapis. sorta antagonist, sorta not, w/e, who cares. but she is total slytherin. and i s2g anyone pin me w/ “but she not evil!”, slytherin aint evil.  she is manipulative, she is subtle, she is ambitious and self-reliant, she is driven, she’s prepared and realistic and she is unafraid of ur shit. she a gr8 slytherin

i aint doin YD/BD, cause honestly we havent seen enough of them yet. but nah. at least 2 of our original antags aint slytherin. naaahhhhh

Of Sniffles, Hangman, and Late Night Cuddles, or, Roland Has the Flu

From a three word prompt back in December that I have since deleted from my inbox. My bad. Takes place in the Paperwork, Knots, and Warm Glowy Things verse. Prompt: Tissues, NyQuil, Mistletoe

Roland has the floo.

No, that’s not quite right.

He has the flu.

Henry taught him how to spell it earlier, when they were playing hangman during the grown ups’ New Year’s Eve party. His older brother snuck upstairs, just to visit him, he said, sitting down with a small whiteboard and three colored markers, claiming the party was kinda boring without his partner in crime to keep him company.

“Really?” Roland asked, blowing his nose and wincing as his red, chapped skin rubbed against the tissue, soft as it was. He sounded like a baby elephant, and if his head wasn’t stuffed to bursting with snot, he might have been entertained by the various noises he’s been making over the last two days.

“Yeah,” Henry said, drawing a crude gallows that looked more like a shepherd’s crook with a row of dashes below. “They’re all playing this weird game my mom brought over, and it was getting a little rowdy.”

“Papa’s good at games, but Uncle Will is better.”

“Yeah, Robin and Mom were on a team together and doing pretty well when I left.”

“I hope they win.”

“Fingers crossed.” Henry held his hand up, middle finger wrapped around his index, and Roland did the same. “Now, this game is called Hangman. You have to guess the word at the bottom letter by letter. Every wrong letter you guess, I draw a body part.”

Roland frowned, dropping his tissue into the overflowing trash can wedged between his bed and dresser. “I’m not very good at spelling.”

“This will help,” Henry promised, holding up the board. “See, I started small. You only have to guess three letters.”

“Okay.” Roland tugged his comforter up to his neck and leaned back against the extra fluffy pillow his papa gave him to help prop his head up while he slept.

They played until his eyes got too watery and itchy to keep open, and Henry, because he is the best big brother ever, turned out the light and emptied his trash can for him before going back downstairs for the end of the party. He left the whiteboard and markers for him, warning him not to use them on paper, but Roland was asleep before Henry even left.

Now, though, he’s awake. 

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Since I woke up this morning I’ve been thinking about the moment when I would be done with driving and could have a hot toddy. Now that I’ve picked my dad up from the airport my moment has arrived! I’m going to cherish every second of being able to breathe through my nose before I pass out from snot exhaustion.


The Tsukumogami was almost completely asleep at this point, in fact she almost nodded off just before the night sparrow said her name. As the Tsukumogami soon freaked out by looking in each direction before stopping at Mystia. A small little bundle of snot was almost running out her nose.

“O-Oh hey Mystia! G-Good morning!”The Tsukumogami doing the best she can to stay as calm and collective as possible. Even with knowing full well she was under the weather, and that she hadn’t rested for days on end. As the Tsukumogami quickly covered mouth to hide the signs of sickness.

Full on teething now. An entire night of relentless screaming, snot and drool. And now, spiking a fever high enough we can’t take her to daycare.

She will only sleep while being held.

Everyone is exhausted but I just feel awful for her. She just seems so miserable and basically nothing helps.

(We’ve tried everything. We don’t need suggestions, thank you. I’m just venting.)

we found a Sensitive Plant today, and i had the worst panic attack during yoga class and i didnt understand what the teacher was saying, he had to tell me to breathe, i was about to faint i could barely see and what i saw looked like i was on shrooms. i was completely wet from both sweat and tears and snot

The Original Photobomb

Not my story, but still something that brings that sense of satisfaction.

When my mother and uncle were kids, they went to Disney World in FL for vacation with my grandparents. One day, there was this awful woman who all but pushed my mother and uncle out of the way for her snot nosed little brats for a picture.

My grandmother had never been so furious in her entire life.

A few days later, she saw the same family taking pictures with Goofy. Goofy had his hands on his hips so there was a window between his body and his arms. My grandmother, God bless this amazing woman, sneaked up behind Goofy and stuck her face in his arm hole. She stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes, the whole nine yards.

This was before digital cameras and this was their personal film camera. They didn’t even know about it until the film was later developed after they got home.

I have never been more proud to call that woman my grandmother.

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