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Rough, hard sex in a snowstorm or a basket of fresh faerie apples for free?

Tova’s nostrils flared momentarily as she inhaled the sweet scent of the basket of apples, before turning her gaze to the raging storm outside. The offer was fairly tempting - the apples were large and ripe, promising a robust, succulent treat. However…

A smirk rose on her lips as she glanced back at the beautiful bard. Revenge was a dish best served cold, after all.

“Now, A’shtola… eet es my turrrrn…”

Tova moved quickly and grabbed A’shtola roughly by the hair, dragging her out of the warm hut and into the blizzard. The door slammed shut and a thump could be heard shortly after, followed by a moan as the Kaldyr descended onto the Seeker’s body with tongue and fang.

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why do you ship sasusaku I mean sasuke try to kill sakura like 3 times

Why do you anon I mean anon try to like, troll like since the dawn of time lololololol

Sorry, I just can’t enter serious discussion with an anon on my reasoning of why I ship SasuSaku;

Though, what’s it to you? It’s not like I’m going to go ‘OMG HE DID KILL HER THREE TIMES OH MY GOD IM JUST GOING TO GO SHIP WHAT YOU SHIP YES!’

There’s been too many anons on the SasuSaku tag for this not to be a coincidence. 

I wonder why the people who follow me who aren’t prepared to tolerate SasuSaku and my ships follow me. I mean like, can I not make it anymore obvious on my blog that I ship SasuSaku?


I’ll give you the answer for me, anyway. It’s long, and I actually doubt you’d read it, because I don’t really think you even asked this question to inform me that Sasuke tried to kill Sakura 3 times (If I’m correct though, wasn’t it only twice?)

Because it’s not like I didn’t know Sasuke tried to kill Sakura. Like really bro, of course I know that;

And I really don’t think you asked this question to find out why I ship it. To be honest, I really think you’re just here, in my inbox, to express your opinion on how my ship is something that shouldn’t be shipped in a way, or a very non-reason based ship (to you.) – but these are just all my presumptions. :

Faith to this ship, and faith in this ship. I’m faithful to this ship. It has a personal connotation to me. I remember coming home from a family party as an adorable little 6th grader to see the episode 'Sakura Blossoms’ during the Chunnin Exams. I actually hated Sakura before, but Chunnin Exams slowly made me grow out of it. Remember when Sakura called Sasuke a coward, that Naruto was better as they faced down Orochimaru? The seed of doubt, for me, was sown. Was Sakura really obsessed with Sasuke? Maybe, just maybe, her feelings are genuine, maybe they’re sincere. Sakura Blossoms episode, where Sakura got beat up and down everywhere, but she still fought and most of all, she fought savagely. Real determination to protect her teammates; To protect Sasuke. Her savage fighting can’t be just borne out of superficial adoration, insincere fangirling feelings grown from old rivalry with Ino; That biting down on Zaku’s arm wasn’t just nothing, cutting off her hair, taking a kunai to the knee just for one shot; I think that’s real devotion. And of course there’s Sasuke’s side; Protecting Sakura from Gaara, shielding her on their way to Mist (though I admit, that’s not really a good example.) I can’t see Sasuke or Sakura with anyone else. I grew up with this ship.

Sakura got stronger to catch up with her teammates, to catch Sasuke.

Angst. I like it. I like the inner-turmoil, the insecurity, I actually like how different they are, and the idea of them actually working out. To a lot of people, it’s too much 'in-theory’ kind of ship. They’re not like NaruHina, with Hinata running forward in a chapter a few months ago, excited for a Reunion with Naruto; This was given a whole panel, to show Hinata’s feelings. But SasuSaku isn’t a ship that’s fed , definitely not often. Uncertainty is a big thing in all ships in Naruto because hey, like Inner-Sakura said, Kishimoto doesn’t do romance. So whose to stop me to theorize? Sasuke and Sakura is interesting and it’s angsty.. and now my third point.

Interest. Not the biggest reason why I ship SasuSaku. But Sasuke and Sakura are really different characters, and in recent chapters, VERY CONFLICTED. As you put it and indeed, how it is: Tried to kill her three times. Sakura, recently had to make a decision; Her village or Sasuke? Duty or her own personal interest? She hesitates.  Her feelings for Sasuke, how they influence her, is interesting to her character. And something I support. Many say Sasuke is holding her back, preventing growth, even sending her back into a cry-baby; But I don’t really think so, not too much. We see Sakura change TONS over the time-skip, a huge jump; back then, it was about getting Sasuke back home, walking beside her boys as an equal. 

Of course it’s surprising that Sakura, who can take down Sasori (With help!), who trained with Tsunade, who seemed so strong, is breaking down and crying when Karui shows up wanting to kill Sasuke; Everyone saw this as a revert. I sure as hell did too. 

But Sakura, during timeskip, wanted to bring Sasuke home. Now, as a threat to her village, she’s faced with a bigger problem: Sasuke or her home? Sasuke or what’s right? 

That’s just how deep her feelings are. Her growth hasn’t stopped, but now it’s taking baby-steps, approaching this bigger, more conflicting problem. A few tears here and there, Sakura is coming to terms with ComeBackHome!Sasuke versus DestroyTheVillageThreatToEverythingImportant!Sasuke. It kinda shows how deep her feelings are, too.

Now, just pointing this out, but Inner-Sakura said that Kishimoto doesn’t do romance. And he doesn’t. Naruto isn’t a pairing-oriented manga; It’s based around him and Sasuke’s bond of friendship (of course, that’s my opinion.) So whose to say, that when Sakura comes to terms with this new Sasuke whose a threat, she won’t just go (like every other character in Naruto, ex. Itachi) 'IM PUTTING MY FAITH IN NARUTO.’

Whose to say she already hasnt? (I don’t think she hasn’t yet.)

I wrote a lot. I’m surprised with myself. I really like this OTP, haha.

Now, I wonder who’ll read it? By the way, this is how I ship SasuSaku. We don’t all ship for the same reasons; Please don’t use me as a representative for the SasuSaku fanbase.


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it’s hard to find someone who likes sasusaku in these days lol

ohgod YES, I KNOW.

I was looking at the SasuSaku tag (I practically live on that tag. no regrets.) and saw some hate on there today, right before I read this

and i was about to post about me whining about it hurr hurr IMA LOSER.

But in my opinion, I just think a lot of SasuSaku shippers either 

A. there doesn’t seem to be as much on tumblr because of the VAST MAJORITY of people who ship other things on tumblr (I think a shit-load of people ship NaruSasu compared than SasuSaku, just on tumblr..)

B. SasuSaku shippers don’t really make themselves known because of shipping wars.

But I think there’s a lot of SasuSaku shippers, but tumblr makes it seem so little. >: Plus, of course, we lost a lot of supporters..