snot nosed kid

The Lie

Synopsis: Seungri finds out that when you were a teenager you put his child up for adoption. 

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3,456

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Awkward Reunion 

(( OOC: Tonks played by: @sirussly ))

Tonks: *taps her foot lightly* 

Remus: *stares, still shocked* Wow, it’s been a long time. *grins* You were just a snot-nosed kid the last time I saw you!

Tonks: *teasingly* Funny what 13 years does.

Tonks: *grins* delivering pizza.

Remus: Uh…

Tonks: *waves a hand dismissively* Jesus Remus, you’re acting like I’m STILL some snot-nosed kid.

Remus: *quiets* How does your mum feel about this?

Tonks: … How have you been keeping?

Remus: *changes topic quickly* I’d love to catch up, but I’m about to head out. I’m just waiting on my partner to show up. *glances past Tonks at the door*

Tonks: Don’t get too excited.

Remus: *furiously* What the bloody hell is Moody thinking!?

Tonks: *raises an eyebrow* Huh, What about you?

Remus: … You’re definitely a Black.

Remus: Nymph-

Tonks: Tonks.

Remus: … I’m not going to be responsible for putting you in harm’s way.

Tonks: I assure you Remus, I am perfectly capable of handling myself.

Remus: It’s not happening.

Tonks: I’m afraid that’s not up to you. 


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dc heroes highschool au

so i was thinking about this and its my new baby but its really long so im putting part of it under a read more

  • the school is called justice academy and the school colors are blue, white and gold
  • theres a martial arts class at their school that bruce teaches bc he’s lonely and we all know he doesn’t have a real job
  • clark is the lunch lady who reminds kids to eat their vegetables
  • everything made in the caf is grown in the school garden that he has and he shames kids into not picking the unhealthy foods
  • bruce is smashing the lunch lady aka clark n he thinks no one knows but really the whole school gossips about how rich dude/part time gym teacher bruce wayne is banging sweet lunch lady clark
  • also clark and lois have an open marriage so they don’t have to hide their relationship but bruce is like……..yeah but i don’t want ppl to know i’m dating someone who says y'all’d’ve'st
  • Kon HATES it bc he and tim are also dating
  • diana is the wrestling coach and everyone marvels at how good she is except donna and cassie (bc thats donnas mom and cassie’s aunt and she  loves to embarrass them) n she’s known for having a rivalry with her the arkham academy coach, barbara minerva, aka her ex girlfriend
  • also diana is an ancient/world history teacher teaching history as it happened
  • Diana during the first day of class: The common theme in world history is that White Men Ruin Everything 

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tainted, i'm telling you•part one

a/n: a teddy boy! Shawn au! Check out his GQ Italia interview, he talks about them. I don’t write in proper English here (use a lot of slang, w/c London talk) so message me if you need more explanation lovelies!

synopsis: Shawn’s part of the Teddy boy subculture of 1960s North London. He’s got a girl (but kinda doesn’t) and a few mod rivals who want him gone. He just wants to smoke and listen to some Elvis with his girl, but the worlds got other plans for him. 

masterlist - brief explanation here

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anonymous asked:

ooo ❀✧ requests are open? yay! 。(⌒∇⌒。). may i please request a scenario where Bakubutt and his fem wife are called into their daughters school because she got into trouble (like a fight bc she inherited her father's fierceness) thank you so much and have a good day/night wherever you are dear! (人゚∀゚*)

Okay let me just say that I really love this request it’s really cute just,,, ily anon thank you for this quality ask

After being called from your respective jobs to visit your daughter’s school you were already regretting it. Your husband was giving you a heart attack just driving the two of you to the school. Swerve here, swerve there, and then the occasional aggressive stop at the stop light. His knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel and you swore there was steaming coming out of his ears. The car lurched forward as soon as the light flickered from red to green causing you to seek purchase on the handle of the door. Silently you prayed to whatever gods were out there that hopefully you’d make it there in one piece. The principal had mentioned to both of you that your daughter had been involved in a fight and knowing how she was just as fiery as her father, you knew it had to be a matter of time before the both of you got called in. 

“Fucking shit.” Bakugou hissed as he pulled into the parking lot. You mirrored his frustration realizing the parking spots were completely full. 

“Just park at the curb, this shouldn’t take long.” You sighed bringing your hand to your face. 

As soon as your husband had artfully parked the car the both of you stalked into the school and through the halls to the principal’s office. You slightly grimaced at the amount of bright colors plastered in the halls. It was almost too much and you could feel the headache behind your eyes grow with each step towards the office. In fact you could barely keep up with your husband’s brisk pace and even stumbled a few times before you even got there. Oh boy, and when you got there…

“What the fucking shit is going on?” Bakugou growled practically kicking open the door. 

“Katsuki!” You hissed. “This is a children’s school, don’t go yelling profanity!” 

The principal, a small, round, and portly man, echoed your concerns as the other parents shot glares at the both of you. You apologized on the behalf of your husband and went to look for your daughter. When you spotted her she was glaring at the principal himself, looking very much like her father. If it was allowed you’d laugh at the pout she wore but you kept your gaze neutral as you panned to the one other kid present. He looked like the classic snot nosed kid that you’d see anywhere else. They were a dime a dozen and unfortunately, the type your daughter absolutely despised.

With a sharp throat clear from the principal you brought your attention back to the issue at hand. Your daughter was involved in a fight and you hoped for the sake of everyone here that she didn’t start it. The principal pressed his lips into a thin line before starting his little speech.

“Now Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou…” He trailed of for a second seemingly nervous under the harsh gaze of your husband. “You’re daughter was a part of a fight with this young boy right here. We are under the speculation that she was the cause-”

“You’re a fat liar! He hit me first!” Your daughter interrupted him and bounced onto her feet. Her burning eyes bored into his and he outwardly flinched. She was a small girl but she’d be damned if anyone thought less of her for it. 

“Wait, did this brat hit my little girl?” Bakugou asked with his voice going low. You braced for impact. 

“W-Well yes but, she could have walked away from it.” The principal stuttered obviously getting a little flustered by the interruption. “She escalated it to the point-”

“No, this fucking brat escalated it when he fucking hit my daughter. You’re telling me she’s in trouble for defending herself?!” He roared. The other parents were completely silent and the little boy in the chair looked guiltier than a sinner in church. The principal looked over to you for help but you just shrugged. 

“I mean he’s right.” You said, a coy smile making it’s way on your face. The principal visibly paled. 

“Sir if you refused to take responsibility for your daughter’s action’s she’ll have to be suspended for two days.” The principal responded cautiously. 

“Fuck, fine by me, I don’t want her here with shitty brats like this boy. Let’s go sweetheart.” Bakugou huffed beckoning your daughter over to the both of you. She grabbed a hold of your hand and tugged on it, looking back at the rest and sticking her tongue out. You expected that to be that and you could take your daughter home but your husband wanted to be just a bit extra today. He stepped towards the little kid, eyes blazing, and you half expected the kid to shit his pants. 

“If you ever touch my daughter again I’ll fucking-” He didn’t have time to finish however because you have seized the back of his shirt and yanked him away. He let out a string of curse words while the three of you exited the office until you eventually let him go. Your daughter looked up at you with a smile even though dirt was still smudge on her cheeks. With your thumb you went to brush the dirt from her rosy cheeks and run a hand through her hair. Bakugou was silent as the three of you walked back through the halls and out into the parking lot.

“Can we get ice cream?” Your daughter asked skipping ahead. You laughed knowing she should at least get something for standing up for herself.

“Sure, honey.”

Stolen Kisses and Sunsets

Overwatch Fanfiction

Characters: Jesse McCree, Gender Neutral Reader, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper

Relationship: Jesse McCree x Reader

Word Count: 1757

Summary: You are a pencil pusher for Blackwatch, and can’t help but appreciate the field agents on base.  Particularly one.  The cowboy caught your attention from day one and he decides to make a move on you.

Tags: Reyes being that asshole dad who makes fun of his son for kissing someone

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i scream, you scream, but there’s still no ice cream | Hoseok | BTS

Summary: Part of “The Aquarium Series.” Working at the local aquarium definitely has its ups and downs. But, if someone asked you if the handsome boy who was scared of sharks was a positive or a negative, you couldn’t really say for sure. Maybe if he stopped screaming every time he saw a shark, you’d be more sure of your answer.

Genre: An overdose of FLUFF and HUMOR. There is too much. It’s overflowing. Hoseok just wants to hold your hand. Nuff said.

Words: ~4.2K

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Being a tour guide in the local aquarium had its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but the screaming children you currently had to handle made you feel like the downsides far outweigh the benefits. You weren’t going to lie: the pay was good, and your boss was kind enough to let you choose your day offs, since you were still a college student trying to pass her classes. You had to admit that the aquarium was probably one of the better part-time job choices, and you should consider yourself lucky that you were working there instead of, say, the convenience store down the street. (You’ve heard of enough horror stories from Jimin to know that it was probably a godsend that you were able to find work here.) So really, you shouldn’t be complaining over a couple of snot-nosed kids ruining your day.

Especially since one of those snot-nosed kids had a pretty hot older brother.

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Good Morning!

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Warnings: none?? 

Genre: fluff

Summary: “Please, please, please can you put some clothes on?” Alternatively, you just want to have a quiet morning to yourself, all naked and free in the kitchen, but no

Stepping out of the shower, you let out a breath, the warm water having created too much steam for you to see properly in the mirror. Your chest felt much lighter after a much needed steamy shower, your lungs expanding much easier and your sinuses less stuffed up than before. 

You reached down, grabbing the fluffy towel off of the rack beside the shower stall, wrapping the downy soft fabric around you as you attempted to dry off. Once you’d tied your towel tightly around yourself, you proceeded on with your morning routine, laughing quietly as you heard Vernon’s snores drift through the hall of your shared apartment. Sometimes, you thought that boy could sleep through a hurricane. He deserves it, though, you thought to yourself as you recalled his late nights at the university you both attended, him studying architecture while you decided to focus yourself in graphic design. 

Recently, he’d been staying a lot later than usual, being an intern with a major construction company. The company he’d been studying with had asked for his opinion on a few of their newer structures, some being hospitals while the others were smaller, less significant buildings like parking garages or office spaces in the downtown Seoul area. 

The kitchen welcomed you with a cold, laminate floors, startling you into a hiss, rubbing your foot against the inside of your calf as you tiptoed around the space, slowly letting yourself warm up to the sensation. The air had no doubt been turned down when Vernon got home last night, the boy unable to sleep unless the apartment was kept at a chilly 70 degrees. Making your way to the thermostat, you turned it up, just a bit, not wanting to catch a cold in the comfort of your own home. 

You began your daily routine the same way you always did: a bagel, some green tea in your favorite mug, and a new magazine that you couldn’t really tell if you were genuinely interested in or if you just liked looking at the picture. Either way, it busied you until Vernon usually woke up. 

Your eyes flitted around the kitchen from where you sat on the opposite side of the counter, eyes landing on the stove clock. 9:47 am it read, making you groan.

Dear body, you began. You couldn’t have let me slept until at least ten? Finishing the thought, you stood, pouring yourself another mug of tea before leaving your magazine to turn the coffee machine for your boyfriend, seeing as his alarm was bound to go off at any minute. His first class on Wednesdays began at 11:30, his alarm going off once at 9:50, then twice at 9:55 to get him up and out of bed so that he’d make it to subway by 10:45 and get to the university within fifteen minutes of class starting. You, however, did not have class on Wednesdays, usually using your spare time for doing assignments or catching up on the latest episode of your favorite show until Vernon got home in time for take out dinner.

You smiled to yourself, thinking of Vernon and your seemingly perfectly aligned schedules.

Letting the coffee run, you tightened the towel around you, running a hand through your wet hair before shuffling around the small kitchen space to take another bite of your bagel.

“Hmm, Y/N?” came a rumbling voice, laced with deep sleep. Has his alarm already gone off? There’s no way it did without me hearing. Shaking the thought, you smiled gently, turning to face him.

You couldn’t help but coo at the sight of a sleepy Vernon dressed in only his boxers and a loose t-shirt. “Good morning, handsome!” you chirped, leaning against the counter to resume where you left off of your magazine. Vernon’s hair was all mussed, his hands having ruffled it a bit as well after he’d rubbed his eyes, one of his early morning habits.

The pot of coffee was taken off the maker after the boy had grabbed a mug with the words “I love you like no otter”, complete with two otters holding hands. He’d never admit it, but it was his favorite cup in the cabinet. You listened to the sounds of the hot liquid being poured into the cup, along with the sounds of the bustling streets of Seoul, South Korea as people tried to make their way to work and school. You could vaguely hear the sound of a bird chirping, most likely the same one that had been perching itself on your balcony for the past two weeks. You didn’t mind however, enjoying the cheerful sounds early in the morning.
“How’d you sleep?” you asked after a few minutes, letting him get a little bit of caffeine in his system.

Vernon walked around you, his lips grazing your shoulder in a chaste kiss before he sat across from you, still not quite all there. “Good. I don’t know why I agreed to help with this job, though… These guys are killing me,” he muttered, shaking his head. You watched fondly as his hair shook around his face before he looked up, locking eyes with you. He stared for a moment before choking on his coffee.

Are you only wearing a towel?” he questioned, eyes wide and seemingly scandalized as you took another sip of your tea.

You rolled your own, laughing softly as you set your mug on the counter, standing up to fix the fabric covering you once again. “Yes?”

“Why?! Why don’t you have any clothes on?! Our blinds are open!” he cried, yet remained seated as he watched you watch him.

Shaking your head with a soft laugh, you stood straight, placing your hands on the counter. “Vernon, baby, you’ve seen me in much less than a towel. Plus, who’s gonna come to the door at…” You trailed to look at the stove clock. “Who’s gonna come to the door at 10:03 in the morning? The milkman?”

“He could! And then I’d have to answer the door and he could see-”

“Vernon, milkmen don’t come around anymore, you know that, don’t you? And anyways, he’s not gonna see anything if you’d learn to open the door like a normal person and not swing it open every time someone knocks. What if it ends up being a murderer or something and they barge in? What if I’m naked?” You laugh at the face of mortification on the boy, leaning down to finish your bagel before taking his mug and filling it with more coffee. “Anyways, why are you up so early? And why hasn’t your alarm gone off?”

You leaned on the counter, shoulders shrugged upwards as you covered your chest to keep him from having a mental breakdown.
“Oh, my professor cancelled class today. Something about him needing a break from us annoying, snot nosed kids? I think he’s just pissed that the school had to call him out of retirement because of under-staffing.” His shoulders rose as he spoke, accepting the coffee mug back and looking into it as if it was telling him all the secrets of the universe. You grinned, shaking your had at him again.

“Does this mean I get to spend the day with you instead of cleaning the bathroom and wallowing in my lonesomeness until you come home?” You asked, eyes looking hopeful at the prospect of lounging on the couch with Vernon for once instead of drowning yourself in upcoming homework to pass the time.

He nodded, lips pulled back into his signature, gummy smile that you couldn’t help but grin back at. “Yep! That means that I get to spend the whole day with you, watching Harry Potter and eating day old Chinese take out! Woo!” You snorted at his soft whooping before standing and throwing away your napkin when you heard Vernon make a disgruntled sound.

“What’s wrong?”

Turning back to him, it was hard to miss the soft flush he had on his face, his eyes downcast in his coffee once again. “Vernon? Earth to Hansol!” Your fingers clicked in his face before he looked up, seeming to be embarrassed. “Why are you looking like your parents just caught us with our pants down?”

He cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck before stammering. “C-Could you… Can you u-um….”

“Can I what?” You raised an eyebrow, leaning your back against the counter, arms folded over your chest.

Getting up, Vernon quickly ran down the hall to your shared bedroom before coming back with a piece of fabric in hand. Before you could say anything, the fabric was thrust at your chest, his eyes still embarrassed. “Put… P-Put that on. Please. You’re very… Distracting.

Looking at him for a moment, you narrowed your eyes before speaking. “Hansol Vernon Chwe, I know you are not embarrassed to see me in only a towel when we’ve been dating for five years and have seen each other naked more times than we can count!”

“I’m not embarrassed!” he defended, looking up at you with a look you couldn’t quite place. You raised an eyebrow to urge him to continue. “I’m not embarrassed, just… Just very, very distracted… You look so good right now, god, fuck,” he mumbled, putting his head in his hands, causing you to snort, hiding a laugh behind your hand. “Just please put that shirt on,” he whined, not daring to look up at you as he also let out a laugh of his own.

“Fine, fine. I’ll do it.”

He looked up in relief before letting out another startled sound at the sight of you dropping the towel in the middle of the kitchen to change into his shirt.

Not here!

Teach Me Something New

(A normal AU in which Adam never got out of the public school system, never met Ronan and Gansey, and could never dare to dream of politics and becomes a teacher instead and Ronan didn’t dream up Opal just…got her. IDK)

Ronan is in a scowling mood. He scowls while Opal runs around his legs. He scowls as he buttons a shirt over his tank top and then unbuttons it again so it just hangs open. He scowls as he tries to find a pair of shoes that aren’t caked in mud. He scowls when he realizes his kid still hasn’t changed out of her stained shirt.

“Opal, I told you to go change,” he says, tugging on an old pair of converse that makes him miss lazy school days with Gansey so much a physical ache erupts in his chest.

It’s not that he doesn’t like  where he is in his life right now. He loves it. He loves the Barns. He loves Opal. He loves farmer’s markets most weekends. Hell, he doesn’t even mind fighting with the school system again with Opal. It’s the part of the school system he never had to deal with that’s really getting him going. He loves Opal but he really doesn’t like kids. Any of them. None of her friends. None of her classmates. Not the shrieking brats at the store. Opal is his and he loves her but that was as far as the love for kids went. And, God, the parents. Ronan’s parents had never been really involved in his schooling. He couldn’t even remember that much that warranted their involvement. Maybe private school would be better for Opal. Certainly better for his nerves. He hated the way the other parents looked at him. He hated their snide comments about how young he was and how old, in relation, Opal was. He hated every single one of them and he hated having to do anything that would put him in close proximity to him. So, yes, he was scowling.

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Life Well Wasted

Day Two of Jason Todd’s Birthday Week - One Sibling

Characters: Jason Todd and Damien Wayne

Word Count: 592

“You’ve wasted too little of your life,” Jason complained as he took in the son of Batman. He’d thought Talia had been lying if it weren’t for the fact that Damian looked just like smaller Bruce, brooding face and all. When he heard that Damian had known hardly anything about life outside the League, he couldn’t keep himself from making the previous comment.

Damian glared up at Jason with that same annoying look before he scoffed. “Yeah, says the guy who was dead once.”

This was before Damian’s own experience with death, before he fully understood his forced mantra of “justice, not vengeance”, back when he had trouble connecting with people. Before when he was just another brat with a penchant for murder and he didn’t understand the bonds of family, especially those outside of his own blood. To Jason, all Damian was just a snot nosed kid who really needed to get the stick taken out of his ass. His attitude only made the kidnapping easier for Jason.

It surprised Jason how effortless it was to whisk him away from Wayne Manor, his only real obstacle being Alfred of course, though the butler wanted nothing more than to be rid of the young master for a few hours himself. To be fair, Damian worked himself to exhaustion the day before and, after a very stern lecture over a cup of tea with Alfred, decided to rest his own volition. To this day, Jason wondered if Alfred had known his plan all along and had helped in some way…maybe even drugged Bruce’s new charge? The thought alone made Jason shiver. To Damian’s credit, he woke up halfway through the kidnapping, however, after realizing they had gotten a fair distance away from Gotham, decided just to humor his new brother. The grumble he made when he figured out Jason has taken him to a carnival was award winning.

It was a little hard to get the ball rolling at first. Almost immediately, Damian was turning his nose down at all the deep-fried food and over sugary beverages, only participating as minimally as he could get away with. He only tried the milk bottle game because it seemed like sure win in his eyes while Jason stood aside and held back a laugh.  He tried three times before realizing the game’s unwinnable design and was about to have a strong word with the attendant until a cackling Jason pulled him away.

“Come on, there’s something that I think you’ll actually like,” Jason bargained as Damian made threats under his breath. He fell silent when he saw the huge rollercoaster. He got in line without a word and in no time, Jason and Damian had the front car all to themselves. “This is gonna be great!” Jason managed to get out before the big drop.

The ride was a whirl of screaming, cheering, and the clanking of the cars on the tracks. When it was over and they returned to the start, Jason glanced over at Damian. The smile on his face almost made Jason forget how much of a demon spawn he was.

“And to think the Old Bat could’ve been prying you away from your next victim right now,” Jason joked as they exited the ride, nudging the younger boy with his shoulder.

Damian smiled despite himself. “Who knows, Todd? I just might kill you again right now,” he challenged, gesturing to the water gun stand. Jason beamed back maliciously.

“You have no idea what you got yourself into, kid.”

mrs-dr-strange  asked:

Your heart raced as you ran down the corridor, you were at home when one of the girls on Lance's team called you saying he got injured when running their beam routines with them. Rounding the corner you saw the girls in their red and blue tracksuits huddling around the entry way, they turned around half with tears in their eyes and the other half still shaken up. "Mijitas, whats going on?" you opened your arms as the teary eyed girls made you the center of their group hug.(1/7)

Each girl was trying to tell you what happened, between the sniffling, different speeds they were talking, and their volume you could only make out a few words. Lance had been showing the difference between aerial cartwheels and aerial walkovers when he misjudged his footing and fell, from different accounts the girls had said his foot went one way while his body fell another way but others said it was his hip, either way everyone heard a cracking noise.(2/7

After kissing their foreheads and ushering them to the waiting room you walked into the hospital room, Lance was looking out the window and ignored your presence. The steady beeps from the heart monitor filled the silence as you stood next to the bed. “Are you done moping amor? The girls are terrified because you insisted on screaming at them when they were in here.” Lance sighed when he looked at his splinted leg, “doc says its broken, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?(3/7)

We have qualifiers in 6 months and I wont be ready in time from recovering, PT, and getting back into competition shape. I’m fucking done. I was projected for gold now my god damn career is gonna be teaching snot nosed kids how to do a hand stand at the YMCA.” You shrugged your coat off and sat next to him on the bed, “Lance, you’re young. You’ll heal and have to do your best for when competition comes around. If you get bronze then so be it, then you just train harder for the next one.”(4/7)

He started laughing and rolled his eyes, “What the fuck do you know about gymnastics, huh? Nothing, abso-fucking-lutely nothing. You know what you do know, three C’s: cooking, cleaning, and cock. Get the fuck out of my face.” You stared back at his piercing eyes before you leaned forward and flicked his forehead. “Lance Tucker you listen to me right now and you listen real good. (5/7)

I am sick and tired of this self depreciative, condescending, cocky, asshole persona you have going on right now because I know for a fact that you aren’t like this. You are one of the best damn gymnasts right now, so what if you have a setback? Look at Chusovitina, shes 40 and has a kid. Hell that Raisman girl injured both her knees from falling off the uneven bars and she still won gold. So what you’re gonna do is this: you apologize to those girls for being a complete ass (6/7)

to them when they were trying to help, you’re gonna recover and do your PT as needed, train your ass off and win me that gold for this shit you pulled. Are we clear Tucker?” Lance cupped your cheek and smirked, “thanks for getting my ass back in line, can I get a kiss before the girls get in here?” You smiled and leaned down to whisper in his ear, “abso-fucking-lutely not.” You stood up and walked to the door, “oh and before I forget, no sex until you’re out of the cast.”(7/7)

oh your characterisation of Lance was spot on! - Gen

Teary Tuesday™

The Angel’s Demon-Jeffmads-chapter one

      James blinked, his black eyes searching the area curiously, flanked by ten guards, that he could easily take out at once with a snap of his fingers. Usually it took only one angel to take down a demon, but James was one of the Elite, and while he was the youngest he was considered to be one of the most powerful. He was lead into a shining white building, frowning at the boring decor.

“So … cliche.” He mumbled, ignoring the glares as he was lead up to the top floor. He knew he was working with a newbie, so he was expecting a look of fear on the man’s face. Instead he entered the office and saw the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.  He swallowed, forcing himself to remember facts about the angel. Thomas Jefferson. A prodigy. Considered to be the angel equivalent to James when it came to power.  James raised an eyebrow when Thomas waved the guards away, giving James room to lean one shoulder against the doorway, looking at Thomas.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcannons for The King? Its like no one talks about him

It’s a real shame too! I love that cosplaying dork. I can see why he’s not talked about a lot though, we don’t know much about him.

-He doesn’t let kids hang around the Kings. He’s worried they’ll think being in a gang is the best thing you can do in Freeside, and he knows this will just perpetuate Freeside’s cycle of violence. He gives them a few caps whenever he sees some kid beaming with admiration, enough for a meal, makes them promise they’ll go find a book to read, and shoves their little asses as far as they’ll go. He doesn’t need some snot nosed kid thinking gang life is glamorous and getting shot.

-He’s got a mandate to all members of the Kings- if they see some junkie on the verge of an overdose or someone hurting in the streets, they’re to deliver them to the Followers immediately for treatment. Most of the Followers patients arrive with a member of the Kings escorting them, and the King himself is known to make sizable donations when he can afford it.

-He was briefly a slave in the Legion, after they tried assimilating his former tribe into their ranks. He was one of the unlucky few that didn’t get away quick enough when the battalion of legionary rolled into town. Eventually, with the help of other tribals, he escaped, and took with him one of Anthony’s prized hounds- a certain German Shepard with cybernetics and a bull painted on his side.

-He’s a giant teddy bear. The type of guy that goes in for a hug when you offer a handshake. That’s not to say he’s a pushover though. He’s got a mentality similar to Hancock. Do no harm but take no shit. People often forget how god damned scary he can be when brought to anger, because it happens so rarely, but he can be downright terrifying. No one survives the Mojave wastes in a tribe without becoming a hard S.O.B. It’s lucky for Freeside (and the Mojave at large) that it takes a hell of a lot to get him riled up enough to show this side.

-Lastly, after arriving in New Vegas, he discovered a love of Pre-War cinema. Not just things involving Elvis either, he devours any old holotape he can find, and knows many of the classics by heart. Every week or so, he hosts a screening with the Kings and anyone willing to sit through “Gone With The Wind” or “Wizard of Oz” for the fiftieth time.

anonymous asked:

Not a request, I just have been thinking about this a lot over the past couple of days, do you think Jason has had any physical affects after he was brought back via the pit? Like faster healing or requiring less food/sleep or the other way around?

From what I’ve seen on the Jason Todd Wikia his little dip in the pit did at one point give him regenerative abilities. Whether that’s true or not in New 52 or in Rebirth I haven’t got the slightest clue but he has escaped death a couple of times after his resurrection with the help of the lasting effects of the Lazarus Pit.

He is also going to age at a much slower rate than the rest of the Batfam. We’ve seen this with Ra’s Al Ghul’s extended lifespans between visits to a Lazarus pit. Jason will probably end up being the last of the living batboys when they get old (assuming they all live that long to begin with). He’ll probably still look fairly youthful by the time Terry comes around only appearing to be in his late 20s/early 30s. So while Dick shows his age and experience like this in Beyondverse:

Jason’s probably running around Gotham looking hot and youthful as ever grumbling about how he’s getting too old for this shit and Terry’s like ??? But dude you’re only like maybe 30? And Jason’s like Fuck you kid! I’m 53, don’t you be disrespecting your elders! I didn’t let Gotham repeated chew me up and spit me out for 40 fucking years to have a snot nosed kid tell me how old I am.

I’d also like to think that Jason was always like ravenously starving directly after being resurrected. He could order everything on the menu at a restaurant and still feel up for desert afterwards. This wanes over time but for the first year or so it was fascinating to watch him eat because you wonder where it could all possibly go.

He probably isn’t going to need much sleep after being risen from the dead. He’s never really been one to sleep too much in the first place and now sleep usually comes with nightmares. He sleeps enough to stay functioning but that might only entail a short catnap.  

shakespesre  asked:

“we’re texting for the first time in forever and i told you about some stupid thing i did and sent a sarcastic ‘you must really miss me, huh’ and you just replied ‘yes’ and i think my heart just broke” au damerey (bc rarepairs are Hell and i love Suffering)




Rey stared at the series of texts on her phone. Poe Dameron hadn’t texted her in months and this was what he decided to break the ice with? After a second’s hesitation, she sent back: I thought his name was Kylo Ren now?

The reply came back instantaneously:






Rey bit her lip, trying not to smile. I don’t think he’s ever forgiven you for the age difference. 


Rey couldn’t help it, she laughed out loud. how insufferable is he being?

it’s SO BAD. Just because his grandfather was some kind of freaking PUNK ROCK LEGEND who DIED in LITERAL FLAMES he thinks he’s some kind of authority. he made some stupid comment about jazz and I think Finn was about to punch him

Rey shook her head. Nothing got Finn more up in arms about poor representation about jazz. He hated La La Land on that principal alone. and what makes you think *I* have any influence on him?

are you kidding? 22 yr old wunderkind from the streets of London worked her through a degree from the Royal College of Music prodigy violinist/pianist/vocalist whatever the hell else you are? 

protege to THE Luke Skywalker? you’re a better story than he is any day AND an actual DECENT HUMAN BEING

Rey smiled wistfully. This was the one of the many things she’d achingly missed about Poe Dameron, his ability to take such absolute joy and pride in the accomplishments and talents of other people. There was no competitiveness in him, no resentment. She sent back, is he still going on about music theory?

I think he said something about Tibetan throat singers. Rey, I BEG YOU

Laughing to herself, Rey sent, I bet you really miss me now, huh?


Rey stared at her phone. There hadn’t been one second of hesitation from him. The speech bubbles with the dots appeared, furious tying on the other end.  

I miss you. Enormously. Hugely. Unendingly. And before you ask, no I haven’t been drinking, though I COULD’VE been to try to numb the agony of listening to him. 

I miss you. I’m so proud of you, of what you’re doing. What you’ve accomplished. But I miss you all the same. 

Rey let the phone drop from her hands onto the her bed. She stared off into the distance, taking deep breaths like Luke had taught her to in moments of stress.

She didn’t regret, usually, breaking things off with Poe, even though it had been like someone carving a knife into her skin. At the time, it had seemed liked the sensible thing to do. She had just entered a contract with the London Orchestra, he had gotten a deal with a small, but elite record studio about an EP of his. They had been going to literal opposite sides of the world. Life had been about to take off for them.

Rey knew it wasn’t fair to categorize her relationship with Poe as just “fun” or “having a good time,” though it had been all of those things. It had been more than that. After growing up an orphan and being introduced to Poe’s almost absurdly large circle of friends and family–it had been a family, even if it was only for a little while. She still kept in touch with Poe’s parents and his numerous adopted aunts and uncles. But Poe–she and Poe had been moving in opposite directions. They’d wanted to stay friends. And they had, she thought, to the same amount of success that any two people had when they loved the other desperately, but couldn’t have them. 

Her phone pinged again.


Are you there?

I don’t mean to freak you out or make you uncomfortable 

I’m not going to try anything

are you still there? 


She took a deep breath and then another and sent a text of her own: are you in London right now?

No. But I go there next week. 

Do you think, Rey started and then paused in the middle of texting to take a deep breath, you would like to get a drink while you’re here?

Like before, she didn’t have to wait for the reply.