Nerd Monster Radio Episode 42 - A New Romance
  • Nerd Monster Radio Episode 42 - A New Romance
  • Jose Aparicio

And we’re back! Episode 42 of Nerd Monster Radio with me your host Jose Aparicio of After some delay we come back with a new episode. A movie to new apartment, being sick, and getting a cat all contributed to the delay of this latest episode, but now that things are settled, things should be getting back to a routine. That being said, the episodes will come less frequently, but will be a little longer. Now every 3 to 4 weeks you’ll get new tunes from me, and the show will be about 1hr long. This episode we focus on some vaguely romantic tracks, on account of valentines day just passing. Not all of these are love songs, but they have a romantic quality about them, and then some of them are just upbeat love songs. We start off the show with my official favorite track of 2015, Your House By Diet.

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00. Song - Artist - Album

01. Your House - DIET.

02. Puzzle - Snøskred

03. Car - Porches - Pool

04. Winter Sublet - Sea Span - Winter Sublet

05. Ego Loss - Flowers - Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

06. Dusseldorf - Teleman - Brilliant Sanity

07. Mas O Menos - Panderia - Buena Onda

08. Who Be Lovin Me (feat. ILOVEMAKONNEN) - Santigold - 99 ¢ents

09. Matadora (Medina Remix) - SOFI TUKKER

10. Drag Me Down (One Direction Cover) - Weaves - rdio comp

11. Absolutely (Dim Sum Remix) - Ra Ra Riot - Need Your Light

12. Fading - Two People - Fading - Single

13. Can I Be Close 2U - Tsörf

14. Trickle Trickle - Kill J