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my thoughts about dan's younow last night

so as i was saying~
this is honestly my favorite dan’s live show now.
it’s just the way he is so soft and quiet and kind in this it just feels so comfy and relaxing to watch (plus his sweater makes him even “warmer” to look at).
when he was talking about how he feels sorry for all the people out there who can’t have a great christmas because of the family/health/other personal issues and that he hopes the gamingmas will bring them a little joy on holidays. he is so sweet omg
also when he told people to write in the chat who is working/studying on christmas so “we need to pray for you”. this also made me happy so much.

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What's sex like with Gohan? (Toootally on anon here ofc)

     “O-Oh – why do you need to know this?” How was she supposed to answer a question like that. Talking about it out loud was embarrassing, but also – exciting. Videl could be a rather closed off person so sometimes it was different to talk about such personal things openly; different in a ..good way? Maybe. “Good ..? Awkward, at least, at first it was. And..the times after that too – we’ve fell of the bed more times then I can count.” She actually snorted at that. “I’m usually the one initiating it but – Gohan has his moments.” Oh, on that note, she remembered a good natured conversation she’d been having with future Trunks the other day. “Videl and Gohan might be like that in bed, but the Great saiyaman and girl, well, that’s a completely different story –” 

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I love my girlfriend so much! We are both artists and i really love her, she is a dork and sometimes she sends me smol doodles, and I send her some. I just wanna cuddle up under five blankets and watch Moana, Supergirl and all of the other shows and movies we adore. For now- Rabb-it will do, snorts. She confessed to me on valentines day and talk about me to her friends sometimes. Its long distance but we are tough and strong and filled with gay love.

First I just need to say that you have some quality taste in shows and movies 0: This is so adorable!! oh god please tell me Valentine’s will be your anniversary! I hope you gals won’t have to wait long to experience all that! For now you can do  what me and Kat do - watch your favourite shows/movies over Skype?  ^^ The gay is strong in this one I’m so happy for y’all

ok but i really need more info/fic/headcannons on sizzy as an established couple

like in the books izzy is mostly acting like the aloof, flirtatious cool girl and while simon is probably a bit more upfront and ~honest~ about himself he does tend to get a bit defensive and closed off, particularly in tfsa. so like what im saying is that we never get to see open, honest, comfortable established!sizzy you know like

  • dorky!izzy !!! is something im personally v passionate about like i know we see a lil bit about nerd!izzy but im talking about dorky shit you know like she doesn’t act it around most people but with simon shes so comfortable that she just??? relaxes for like the first time in her life and lets herself do lame stuff like snort laugh at bad cheesy comedies and sing in funny voices just randomly around the house and talk to herself and its like a relief cos she finally has a place and a person with which she can let go of the ~cool girl~ exterior and let her dorkier side show a bit

  • simon’s memory is never the same after edom and like he just constantly forgets little things and is in general A MessTM so izzy leaves him lil post it notes all over the apartment with reminders like “turn off the bathroom light before you leave” and “don’t forget Max’s birthday on thursday - pick up cupcakes morning of” and “your glasses are on your head” and that type of thing. so like their apartment is littered with fluro post it notes

  •  eskimo kisses! like thats their thing !!! at first simon did it as a joke and they did get a giggle from it but like from then on it became like their standard greeting/way of saying “i love you”. izzy wakes up in the morning and instantly boops her nose to simons, even if he’s not awake yet or when one of them comes home from a hunt they just press foreheads and rub noses and it’s like a sort of unspoken code for “I love you, i’ve missed you, im glad you’re okay”

  • isabelle does the worst impressions in the world anyway but she tends over exaggerate the awfulness because it makes simon laugh 

  • simon has some weird sleep habits like he finds it difficult to sleep through the night and when he does he has a tendancy to sleep walk/talk and it’s not uncommon for izzy to wake and find him somewhere strange so she’ll just take him by the hand and gently lead him back to the bedroom

  •  he also often finds himself struck with the feeling that he’s forgetting something really important? like he’ll wake up in the middle of the night probably from a bad dream  and like he works himself up a bit with all this stress over the idea that he might have forgotten something very crucial?? and like it almost always ends up being he hasn’t actually forgotten anything but it’s like this left over anxiety from the memory loss and it’s very distressing for him, so izzy will get out a notepad and pen and list everything that they had needed to do that day/week/whatever. and then she’ll run her hands through his hair and just reassure him that everything’s fine for a while and this usually calms him down enough to help him fall asleep again. 

  • izzy gets allergies from flowers right but she likes the idea of having like ~nature~ in the apartment so simon’s always bringing her home pot plants like ferns and peace lilies and succulents so the apartment is like full of leafy live plants 

  •  izzy still can’t cook for shit but simon’s pretty decent and he finds it a useful way for dealing with stress/anxiety 

  •  izzy gets him a whole bunch of herb plants in terracotta pots cos simon finds it’s nice to use fresh ingredients so theres like a row of potted basil, parsley, rosemary, chives etc. on the windowsill below the kitchen window
  • izzy keeps a framed photo of Max (little brother max) on their mantle. she dusts it every day. 
  • they also keep photos of all their family all over the apartment like there’s photos of max and raf stuck all over the fridge and one of clary and jace’s wedding photos on the bookcase and pictures of themselves from all their travels and all these group shots of all of the gang are framed and positioned on side tables and windowsills and whatnot. simon even keeps some photos of his family on the dresser (family photos from when he was a child, his mom, photos from his sisters graduation, etc.) 
  • the first hanukkah they spend actually moved in together izzy brings out a menorah to surprise simon and he almost cries
  • like just in general they are very sweet together and very open and honest and they dont keep important stuff hidden and they TALK and like idk im just really passionate about sizzy having a very healthy and communicative relationship it fuels me 

Ok, So, we all know Toph can’t swim (”Actually, it’s me” *snorts*) ANYWAY! So imagine she gets Zuko and Katara to teach her. 

So, Toph blackmails Zuko into taking a vacation and together they go get Katara and kinda accidentally kidnap her

“Look, Katara, I can explain! If you don’t want to come then–”

“Sir! The anchor just raised itself!”


Anyway, they go to ember Island and Zuko and Katara have to team up to help Toph learn to swim and keep her moral up because she hates being helpless and you’re getting both of them being very parental at Toph and being obnoxious but secretly loving every second of it cause her relationship with her real parents is still tense and, it’s just super cute and Ember Island works it’s magic and GAH! FEELS! I HAVE THEM! TO THE DOCUMENT!! 

Can we talk about how raw Charlotte was this week though??? Yuu was about to snort some cocaine. I think this is the first anime I’ve ever seen a male protag that broken that he’ll turn to drugs (esspecially because of Japan’s general views on narcotics), but it wasn’t even like pot…Yuu was about to start snorting cocaine. 

This is the first time an anime has hit me so hard with a character death. Yuu’s emotional breakdown was one of the darkest and most realistic I’ve ever seen in anime. True to some stereotypes of teenager boys we have the shutting out the rest of the work (Going to those private cubicles, skipping school, shutting out an ex (never though we’d see Yumi again)), but then I guess the drug use is what really drove how empty Yuu was. 


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Part 2 of (x)

The first day of training went just about how you expected it to. Natasha spent the day feeling out your weaknesses and strengths and you spent the day more than a little annoyed and bored.

The second day you found Natasha waiting for you in the longue resting lazily on the couch.

“What are we doing today?” you asked, warily watching her in case she decided to surprise attack you.

“Talking,” she replied with a shrug.


“So we can figure out more about your powers. You haven’t been too forth coming about how they work, so before anything else we need to understand how they work.”

“I’m not really sure how they work,” you admitted taking a seat next to her on the couch.

“Explain what you can then.”

“Well I think I can just will bad things to happen? For example Tony was being a prick-“

Natasha snorted and grinned cheekily.

“And he was holding coffee so I just thought about it spilling all over him and it did.”

“You can just will it to happen?”

“But only bad things. I’ve tried willing good things to happen and it never works.”

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you’re like Loki in that respect.”

You shrugged and Natasha stood up.

“Okay. I’m going to start walking and you’re going to make me trip, but make sure you say everything out loud,” she said.

“If you know it’s going to happen couldn’t you prevent it?” you asked with a raised eyebrow. Usually the only your pranks worked is because nobody expected it to happen, you were sure if they knew it’d be something easy to prevent.

“We’ll see.” She turned on her heel and started to cross the room.

“Natasha is going to trip,” you said slowly, putting a commanding tone to your voice.

Natasha fell, but it looked like she had tried to resist it or twist into a graceful roll, but couldn’t.

After that experiment Natasha helped you understand your powers and you found it easier and easier to make something happen without much more than a simple thought, it could be fleeting, but if it held the tone of a command it would happen.

After a month she started to integrate the physical training and the mental training. It was hard work, but you could eventually hold your own in a fight with or without your powers, though you preferred to use your powers.

“I’m proud of you, (Y/N).” Natasha told you when you had finally beaten her in a fight.

“Me too,” you quipped, unpinning her and helping her off the floor.

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Bellarke prompt: After Halloween and it's time to take down the decorations but somebody doesn't want to. (Basically I hate packing and putting things away and Christmas stuff is out and it's only November!)

Haul Out The Holly

As he comes into their house and toes off his shoes, Bellamy frowns at the skeletons still propped up by the front door. 

“Clarke?” He calls, setting his keys on the side table. “Why are there holly springs on the skeletons?”

“I can’t hear you!”

He snorts, because the sing-song tone of her voice tells him that she heard him just fine.

“We talked about this,” he says, rounding the corner into the kitchen, where Clarke has Christmas carols blasting and baking sheets, cookie cutters, and bowls of dough scattered over the counter. “I was going to go get the wreaths, and when I got back, it would no longer be Halloween in here. It’s December, Clarke. Time to let Mr. Bones and his friends rest in peace until next year.”

“There’s three of them, though, right? Ghost of Christmas past, present, and future!” 

“Clarke,” he laughs. “Seriously. Christmas is two weeks away. The bats and spiders need to go.”

“Can’t we just decorate over them?”

“I think the fake blood might dampen the holiday spirit.”

His wife of two years groans. “Why didn’t we do it earlier?”

“Because somebody kept saying ‘oh, next weekend, next weekend we’ll pack it all up’.”

“Like you were any more eager than me to crawl up into the attic again.”

Bellamy stifles a grin, because unpacking the Halloween decorations for the first time in their new house had involved a very tricky encounter with a family of squirrels that had left them both a little scarred. Still, they couldn’t keep their house spookified forever.

“C’mon, let’s go,” he urges. “Time to catch up with the spirit of the season. If we do it together–which was not the deal, might I add–it’ll go fast.”

“I’ve got plenty of seasonal spirit going on at the moment,” she replies, gesturing around her triumphantly.


“Five more minutes?”

He considers her for a moment, watching her grow amused and nervous at the same time. When a plan forms, he can’t help grinning as he straightens and moves around to her side of the counter.

“Bellamy, no,” she laughs, backing away as she reads his thoughts. “Don’t you dare.”

“Oh, I do certainly dare.” 

She wards him off with flour-covered, dough-sticky hands, narrowing her gaze. “Don’t think I won’t.”

“Don’t think I won’t.”

Then he darts forward, scooping her up at the waist to haul her over his shoulder. She shrieks in surprise, the sound cascading into a laugh as he marches her out of the kitchen and towards the garage, where the empty Halloween boxes have been sitting since they were first unpacked.

“No excuses now,” he teases even as she smacks his butt, no doubt leaving dough everywhere. 

He doesn’t mind though, nor does he mind the pout she gives him once he sets her down. Her bottom lips sticks out defiantly, and his hand tightens on her hip, thinking about just how much he wants to lean down and–

“So do you still want to pack up the decorations now?” 

His gaze flies up to catch hers, which is smug and a little heated. 

“We really should,” he says, but the way the corners of her mouth tug upwards at the uncertainty in his voice seal their fate.

She pops up and kisses him once, twice quickly, then lets the third one linger, drawing him in hook, line, and sinker. Her arms twine around his neck, and he splays his hand against her back, arching her into him.

“Tomorrow,” she gasps as he starts trailing wet kisses down her neck and backing them into the house again. “We’ll pack them up tomorrow.”

He chuckles into the hollow of her throat. “We could just go with a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe.”


“I was kidding.”

“I wasn’t.”

Bellamy laughs again, shaking his head before leaning down and kissing Clarke again, deciding to let it go for the moment because they had found a much better way to spend a wintery Saturday afternoon.

A talk about magic mushrooms

Inside a dungeon, the party came upon a group of glowing mushrooms…

Seawald: “Can I snort the mushrooms?”

Hiroshima: “I think you’re supposed to eat those.”

DM: “Either way, he can’t”

Seawald: “Can I sense the motives of the shrooms?”

Soon after we discovered the mushrooms released spores that sort of reenacted past events, and while we were shown a flashback of some paladins, Jim had to stop us.

Jim: “I’m sorry but all I could think of right now is the mushrooms being a TV network going like ‘Welcome to Mushrooms LIVE!’”

help i’ve had this headcanon stuck in my head since this morning and i just…

  • imagine a normal day on the set. they’re filming a regular episode on a regular day
  • and they’re now filming gmmore, talking about some random topic. maybe they’re answering questions, who knows. link has been talking for about a minute now, and rhett is quiet as he strokes the table. he doesn’t look up from his hands often.
  • link stops talking and rhett says, “y’know, link and i – we dated for about two years after college.”
  • it pertains to the topic, of course, but the crew still falls silent, and everyone sees how link freezes for a second before stammering a confused, “y-yes.”
  • someone snorts in the background (probably stevie) while rhett taps his hands on the table. his cheeks are doing the thing because all he can do is offer a bashful smile to the camera
  • link starts grinning, too, as he turns to his friend and says, “man, why you gotta bring that up??”
  • rhett tries to defend his reasons for revealing their big secret but he chuckles while doing it. everyone in the room is laughing now. the two bicker (though neither of them are really mad) and they’re just a giggly, red-faced mess. it feels warm and organic and aw jeez they’re just huge dorks okay
Playing in the Snow -Bucky Barnes

Requested by @chillinlikemisha00. Part of the winter fic requests. Prompt: “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now… we’re just…staring at each other”

“Hey,” Bucky said as a snowball hit him square in the back. He looked back at you but you looked away, pretending to not know what he was talking about. 

“What?” you asked. He tilted his head and looked at you while you tried to fight off the smile that was forming on your face.

“Did you see who threw that snowball at me?” he asked, playing along with you. You snorted and shook your head.

“No idea.” Bucky laughed and walked towards you. 

“Let’s just forget that happened and not start something we can’t finish,” Bucky said with a slight smile as he continued walking in the snow. You raised an eyebrow a him and reached down into the snow. You ran behind a tree and just as Bucky turned towards you, you pelted him with the snowball. 

“Whoops,” you said with a smile.

“Dammit, Y/N, you are dead,” he said, reaching down into the snow. You ran away as fast as you could, knowing that you were no mach for Bucky. You found a large rock in the Avengers’ yard and hid behind it. You began making as many snowballs as you could. You peered over the rocks as much as you could and saw Bucky coming towards you. As soon as you raised your arm to throw he snowball, one hit you square in the face.

“Ow!” you half laughed. 

“Oh shit! Did not mean to hit you in the face!” Bucky laughed. 

“You’re dead, Barnes,” you said, reaching back to your pile and throwing four snowballs at Bucky. He dodged most of them, but one or two of them actually hit him. You’re hands were freezing with your lack of gloves. When you ran out you looked down panicked and began sprinting away from Bucky. 

“Get back here, Y/N!” Bucky called after you, running behind you, throwing a few well aimed snowballs at you as you tried to hide. You looked behind and saw Bucky was gaining on you. You ran for a few more steps but when you turned around again, Bucky was right behind you. He grabbed your waist and pulled you to the ground with him. You fell into the snow and laid there laughing for a few minutes. 

When you finally stopped laughing, you looked up at Bucky who was still hovering over you, his hands in the snow on either side of your head. You studied his face, especially his lips which for some reason were standing out to you like they never had before. Obviously, you knew that your best friend was attractive, but for some reason right now it was taking your breath away. 

Bucky hadn’t said anything for a while and he was just staring into your eyes. You looked into the eyes of one of your best friends and studied his blue eyes. He looked down at you longingly, placing a hand in your hair and spinning a strand of it in his finger. Before you understood what was happening, Bucky was leaning down towards your face, hopefully to kiss you when Natasha walked out onto the lawn.

“There you two are! We’ve been waiting for you in the training room!” she called. Bucky finally snapped out of it and shook his head. 

“Sorry, we’ll be right there,” he said with a smile. You sighed, upset that Natasha broke up your moment with Bucky. As Natasha walked back into the Avenger’s building, Bucky stood up and held out a hand to you. You took it and looked up at Bucky. “Sorry about that.”

“Nothing to be sorry about,” you said smiling back at him, trying to let him know that you were totally okay with what just happened. 

“Maybe after the meeting, we could get together,” Bucky said, running a hand threw his long hair.

“Together? Like a date?” you asked hopefully, trying to contain your excitement. 

“Yes, like a date.”

“I would love to,” you responded, kissing him on the cheek. You walked into the training room, leaving Bucky in the snow, the kiss still fresh on his freezing cheek. 

A/N: okay it’s short but I think it’s short and sweet. I hope you like it, Katie.

“Fairy tales?” Westley snorts. “Mr. Blackwell, I am a grown man in my thirties. You can’t honestly expect me to answer that question with a straight face.”

“No, I suppose not,” he smiles at him thinly in response. “However, this position does require the ability to…” Jem hesitates, gazing at his companion intently, “…suspend disbelief at times. In fact, I dare say that’s why the last agent I hired failed at the post so miserably.”

“What job are we talking about exactly?” West asks with narrowed eyes.

“Officially? You will work as the curator of my private art and antiquities collection. Obviously it’s not an ideal fit considering your lack of a Ph.D. on the topic, but I believe you have more than enough… field experience to make up for that.”

“And unofficially?”

Jem Blackwell smirks, his face suddenly alight with such a searing intensity that it sends cold shivers down Westley’s spine. “I need someone to help me obtain certain pieces that cannot always be acquired through conventional methods.”

“Or legal methods either, I’m assuming?” West shoots back.

“Well yes, if you want to label it that way,” the older man scowls, his mouth twisted in obvious distaste. “So what do you say, Mr. Monahan? Care to know more?”

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Henry’s Crush

AN:  I know you all are waiting ever so patiently for new chapters and I wanted to give you a cute little ficlet to tide you over.  I basically wanted to write some Neal/Henry bonding but with more of an original twist.

Dad? What are you doing?”

Neal looked up and grinned at his son.  “Organizing me and Emma’s records. Do you want any of them? We’ve got like thirteen doubles of Springsteen.”

“Sure,” Henry said uncomfortably. “Could…could I talk to you about something?” 

“Course, kid, you can talk to me about anything,” Neal raised his eyebrows. “Is this a sitting at the table kind of conversation or…?”

“No, I’ll join you,” Henry took a seat on the floor, carefully removing a Yazoo record to clear more space. “It’s just…I’m not sure how to begin.”

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ooohh my god okay so I can totally see them talking about how the ‘Cluster’ is a giant Gem FUSION and of course Garnet’s going to be like ‘That isn’t fusion!’ and I CAN TOTALLY see Peridot just snorting and being like ‘pfftt, how is that not /fusion/?’ because she totally thinks it’s probably like ‘two gems mashed together’ anD THATS HOW WE GET A GARNET EXPLAIN FUSION EPSIODE AND MAYBE RUBY AND SAPPHIRE BACKSTORY

What I noticed from the Studio 10 interview...

1. Sam is adorable
2. He talks about Cait whenever he can
3. He got a little shaken up I think with the “who inspires you” question… can’t say Cait so lets bring up Shatner (to be silly)
4. He fiddled with that watch an awful lot (that watch which may or may not have been a gift from someone we may know?)
5. He is shy but handled himself verra well.
6. The hosts cracked me up especially the pink lady with her snorting.
7. Sam is a class act.

Charms and Quidditch II

Pedrazar Hogwarts AU - 1081 words

Part I

“This isn’t fun!” Ben complained loudly in the Gryffindor common room that evening. “When I signed up for this ‘magic school’ thing I was under the impression it would be fun. This is not fun.”

Pedro did not look up from his History of Magic essay. “Listening to you whine all evening is not fun.”

“I can’t even remember the last time I pulled a white rabbit out of a top hat. It’s like, what are we even learning here?”

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