snorting peas

funny story

so one time i was playing truth or dare with my friends and they dared me to stick as many frozen peas as possible up my nose. i didn’t want to do it, but a dare’s a dare. i went to the freezer and got the packet of frozen peas, went back to where my friends were sitting, opened the packet, and started to put the peas up my nose. it was going quite well (I was just about to stick the fourth one up my nose) until my mum walked in. none of us realized that she was watching for about 30 seconds. i looked up and saw her standing, arms crossed, staring at me in shock. i then quickly snorted out the peas onto the ground and realized that i was having a blood nose. the ground was covered in blood and peas as my friends ran to get some tissues. my mum just sighed and then walked away