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I'd really like a fic about Cooper hearing about the wedding and wanting klaine to say their vows in his presence again because he wanted to be there and he's giving them pointers on their diction and facial expressions and lack of pointing

*snortgigglevaganza* Thank you nonnie

Blaine hasn’t stopped smiling.

it’s been three days, and he hasn’t stopped smiling.

Oh, he has moaned, and gasped, and kissed, but always with a smile on his face.

So much, in fact, that his cheeks start hurting.

But he doesn’t care, because right this moment, as his phone vibrates in his pocket, his husband is making dinner—omelette with cheese and asparagus, roasted potatoes in the oven—and shaking his ass to a song that exists only in Kurt’s head, and Blaine is …


Which doesn’t mean that he can’t avoid his phone any longer.

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