snort the ashes

Siths and their relationship with Drugs

Sidious’s Master: Drink this liquid, apprentice!

Sidious: AHHHH, it burns!


Sidious: Master, drink this… ummmm, sleepy tea.

Sidious’s Master: Oh thanks… zzzzzzzzzz


Sidious: Young Maul, snort the ashes of the mummified plastered corpses of our brethren fallen Sith.



Maul: Ezra, try inhaling this scarlet pyramid shape candy. Use it! Use it well!


Maul: Ezra, drink this suspicious liquid that definitely not the Nightsister’s secret stash of booze!


Nightsister Spirits: How dare you touch our secret stash! Give us your blood and flesh!

Requiem: Part Eight


The gold and red leaves hung limp on their branches, the rain not quite dulling down the beauty of the Autumn Court. By the time Bay got here, his entore body was drenched, his hair hung over his eyes, cutting breaks of blonde in his vision. Taking a breath, a made his way for the front doors, just to be stopped by Lucien, Heti and Dragos.

The High Lord stared down at him with a hot temper. Lucien crossed his arms and gave Bay a humorless smile. “Here to take my son off to the Court of Nightmares again?”

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Blood of Passage: Part Fourteen

Elain heaved into the toilet bowl a second time before she sat back, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand before flushing. Her youngest, for now, Adara ran a cool rag over Elain’s forehead, “Feeling better Mama?”

She attempted a smile, “Just fine sweetie. A little ill.”

Adara pouted her lips, “I want it to be a boy. Can you make it be a boy?”

Lucien snorted in the doorway, “I don’t think it works like that, Sweetheart.”

“Papa!” Adara jumped up, “You’re back!”

Lucien knelt down, “Why don’t you go play with Fia? I’ll help Mama.”

“Okay,” Adara kissed his cheek before she skipped out of the room, her curls bouncing off her back.

Lucien helped her up, kissing her stomach before kissing her cheek. “How is the baby?”

“She’s just fine.”

“So it is a girl?”


He snorted, “Ash will be just delighted.”

“Has Lady Aurora gotten settled?”

“Dacia is helping her.”

“Not Ash?”

“Trust me, you don’t want Ash helping her right now.”


“Because then we’ll only have daughters.”


Aurora slid the last of her clothes into the closet before turning to Dacia.  The female leaned backwards on her bed, her golden hair spilling past her shoulders. “Are you going to the Blood Rite tomorrow?” Asked Aurora.

“Thinking about it. Why?” She leaned forward, a smile on her lips. “You want to see Blake?”

“No,” Aurora said.  “Just wondering what your plans were.”

“Lie,” said a bored voice. Ash.

“Go away, Ash. Were having some girltalk,” Dacia said.

Ash snorted, “Yes because pretending to not talk about Blake constitutes girltalk.”

Aurora crossed her arms, “Considering how much time you spend with your sisters, I’m guessing you would know. Tell me Ash, do you want to gossip with us and braid each other’s hair?” Ash gave her a lethal glare and she returned it with a hateful smirk, not that he could see it.

“Cauldron,” Dacia said lightly, “the next few weeks are going to be so interesting.” Dacia turned to her, “Why do you want to see Blake? Please tell me you don’t want to kill him. I don’t have the time to break in a new best friend.”

“Kill him, no.” She didn’t think she physically could. She hesitated, “But I do need to talk to him. It’s…important.”

“I’m not going to ask you what it’s about,” Dacia said. “It’s not my business unless it affects my Court.” She paused, “Does it affect my Court?”


She could see the uncertainty in Dacia’s features and in Ash’s. The lord’s attention was directly on her. His eyes narrowed as if reading every invisible tell her body gave. “That’s not quite true, is it Aurora. Not..a complete lie, but not the truth either.” He enunciated, “Why do you want to see Blake.” She pursed her lips, crossing her arms. The Lord’s face was stone; Dacia’s cheery face guarded, role the high lady. “You aren’t getting anywhere near my cousin until I know why you want to see him.”

“He left me a letter and I want confront him about it.”

“What was in the letter?”

“That is my business.”

Ash started to her but stopped at Dacia’s voice. “Aurora, we’re trying to meet you halfway here, but Blake is our family, we can’t just let you see him when the last time you saw him you almost killed him.” But she didn’t try to kill him the last time she saw him. But she supposed if neither Dacia or Ash knew, then that knowledge was restricted to her and Blake.

“I couldn’t kill him if I wanted to.”

Dacia snorted, “I’ve seen you fight, Aurora. You may get yourself killed in the process, but you could kill him.” Dacia gave her an appreciative look-over.“You could definitely get him in the bedroom, though.” Aurora rose a brow; Ash choked on a laugh. 

“No,” Ash smirked. “She couldn’t kill him. After all, you can’t exactly hurt your mate.”


The final horn blared through the mountain hours ago. Last day, it was the last day and Bay could finally get the fuck out of this mountain. He was filthy, hungry and desperately wanted to sleep in his bed; preferably without any nightmares.

His eyes slid to Nate, memories of sleeping side by side, without waking in a cold sweat, rose in his mind. Nate looked back at him, his eyebrows raised. “Yes?”

His ears heated. “Nothing.”

Nates lips curled into a smile, “Whatever you say, Baylor.” Bay rolled his eyes.

Ahead of him, Adrien groaned, his head hung limply, arms around Zev and Blake’s shoulders. It would seem the numbing high of Tarus’s blood was starting to wear off, reducing Adrien to the undiluted pain of shredded wings. At least, Bay supposed, he could still walk. Despite how much pain it would be to do so.

His illness started to shift in his veins. Apathy weighed down like a stone in the pit of his stomach. Who would have thought that emptiness could have weighed so much. Bay hated when he got like this.

Healers had told both Nesta and Cassian he would have bouts of deep sadness, apathy, and worthless or bouts of euphoria, reckless activity, and racing thoughts his whole life and Bay recoiled at that thought. He knew some humans had similar emotions and few ended their lives to escape but he was fae. And he would live forever. Thoughts of closing his eyes and escaping as the humans did would be entertained in his mind but at the end of the day, the thought of disappointing his mother or Cassian and Nesta stopped him. So he would pour himself into a book and escape that way.

“Hang on, Adrien,” Blake said. “Were almost out of here. Three hours at most.”

“What about Tarus’s blood?” Maze said. “Could you give him more?”

Tarus turned around, his golden eyes were assessing Adrien’s wings. He tilted Adrien’s chin up, looking at his eyes. The male’s mouth tightened, “No, I can’t.”

“Why?” Bay said flatly. “You gave it to him before.”

“Once is safe,” Tarus turned his eyes to him. “But there are…addicting properties to my blood. If I were just from the Dawn Court and didn’t have mixed blood, he could take more but I’m half and have diluted blood that can heal but also cause mind altering behavior that can leave a person an addict.”

“How can you possibly know that,” Bay said. Nate frowned at him but he didn’t care.

Tarus motioned to the scars on his neck and the ones wrapped around his arms, “Experience.” Zev’s eyes darkened and Maze went pale.

“Sorry,” Bay said.

Tarus shrugged, “It was a long time ago.” Bay highly doubted that. He could smell the lie coming off him and if he wasn’t so apathetic, he would demand named of the male who made those scars. But it was hard to make himself care.

“So what do you suggest we do?” Maze asked Tarus.

“I suggest we get out of here as fast as we can,” Tarus said. “When we do get out of here, we put fresh binds on those wings and give Adrien plenty of rest and exercises to keep his wings healthy.”

“And the pain?” Bay asked.

Tarus shrugged helplessly, “I hear alcohol has a way of reducing pain.”

Bay rose an eyebrow, “You want to trade one mind numbing addiction for another?”

“I don’t know what else to say.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get out of here,” Bay said. “I’ll scout ahead.”


Nate debated walking with Baylor but when the male was like this, it was better to give him space. He pitied any male who would try to kill him between now and the exit. A feeling Baylor was lethal but a detached one was almost as bad as Cyrian. Almost.

The other males, save for Adrien, looked to him. “What?”

Blake rose his brow, “Is there a particular reason Bay is being a dick?”

Nate glared at him, “Why would I know?” Only Cassian and Nesta knew about Baylor’s illness. As did Rhys, Feyre and his father, for security purposes. He did as well, Baylor had told him about it once, during a manic episode, and Nate had spent time with a couple of healers learning about it. Chemical imbalance that can cause dramatic mood swings, they said. He didn’t realize fae could have some of the same illnesses as humans. There were few, almost unheard of, but they were there.

“‘Why would I know?’” Blake echoed. “Maybe because you know everything about him?”

He ignored his brother and looked to Adrien, “Can you make it?”

His brother took a labored breath, “Do I have a choice?”

“No,” Maze said. “Don’t worry Ade. We’ll get you out of here and get you some help.”

Adrien’s body convulsed with a painful laughter. “Goodie.”


Pain rocketed through his body and his wings with each breath and each step. He was glad to have Zevakyn and Blake help him walk. As much as he hated it, he needed it.

Bay was ahead of them as they continued through the mountain, albeit at a slower pace, due to his pain, but they progressed. He was usually good at picking up emotions with his shadows and he wasn’t sure if it was the near blackout pain or if it was real, but he picked up a distinct lack of them from Bay. Unless apathy counted. Not many shadowsingers can read emotion through shadows but he could, as could his father. He didn’t think Nate or Blake did.

Right now, he didn’t care. It was an effort to keep air in his lungs and his wings off the ground. Adrien kept his eyes open and his feet moving, the only solace being the lilac and rain scent that was his Maze.


It wasn’t a good plan to let Bay go off on his own but Blake saw the blank look from the male. Instinct said it would be a mistake to force him to stay, so he let him go. As they advanced behind Bay, Blake kept Adrien’s arm around his shoulder, his own arm, against the lower part of his brother’s back, edging him forward.

Tarus still led them, his voice was a whisper, “Is he always like that?”

“I assume by ‘he’ you mean Bay,” Blake said. “I wouldn’t take it personally. He gets like that sometimes.”

“There was a story about a female from the camp I was originally from, she was like him,” Zev said slowly. “What is Bay’s mother’s name?”

Blake shrugged, “I don’t know. Bay won’t talk about her.”

Nate almost flinched in the corner of his eye, Blake turned his head to his brother, “Something you would like to share with the group, Nathaniel?”

“Nope,” Nate said cheerfully.

Blake opened his mouth to demand answers but Adrien said, “We got company.”


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Almost (Part 1)

Summary: Bucky and you meet at a wedding. You promise to spend just that one night together and then never see each other again. But after one of the best nights of your life, will you be able to just walk away? (Based on various HIMYM episodes which focus on Ted’s and Victoria’s relationship).

Word Count: 681

Warnings: None.

A/N: I just really wanted to put Bucky and you in this situation and I hope you like it!

Sorry, but tags are CLOSED.

Handing Bucky a glass of hard liquor, Steve took a seat next to him. Both men raised their glasses to their mouths at the same time, taking a sip, and lowering them again. They had been friends for most of their lives and were pretty synchronized in their movements. It was a funny sight to behold and Nat rolled her eyes as she spotted them from across the room. They had yet to walk up to any girl and ask them to dance.

“You have to stop babying them,” Clint interrupted Nat’s thoughts. He squeezed his arm around her waist, looking down at her.

Nat raised her head from where it was laying on his chest. “I haven’t even said anything, honey.”

Clint raised a brow. “I can see the gears turning in your head.”

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Ash: Part Three


Age Sixteen

Ash leaned against the doorway of the bathroom, “Dacia. If you do not hurry your ass up I am leaving without you.”

From inside Dacia snapped, “Some of us take pride in our appearance, Ash.”

With mock-hurt, “Are you saying I dont? We both know that I just happen to look better. It’s not my fault but it’s a cross I’m willing to bare.”

She snorted. Coming out of the bathroom, she smelled like rose petals. The very same rose petals that a certain female in the city liked. A smile stretched across his face, “Cia, does father know you are going to go see your lady-love?”

“No,” she snapped, “And you aren’t going to tell him either. Besides, it’s nothing serious.”

He held up his hands, “Bay and I are going to be spending the time making sure Father and Nesta don’t burn down the estate. I’ll cover you, all you gotta do is say please.”

She said flatly, ‘Seriously.”

He grinned at her, “Nah, you go do your thing, the parental units will be occupied.”

She kissed his cheek, “I knew there was a reason you were my favorite brother.”

He wiped it away, “I’m your only brother.”


He leaned against the tree eating an apple, “Twenty coin says Father explodes first.”

Bay snorted from high up in the tree, “That’s not a bet, Ash. Queen Nesta baits him every year.”

“It’s become a family tradition, I suppose.” Ash mused.

“How did Dacia manage to get out of this?”

“I told her I’d cover her. I don’t want to deal with a pissy Dacia when I have to deal with a pissy father. It’s just redundant.”

The fighting had begun and his father’s flames were close to being ignited. All it would take was just the right word from Nesta to set him off. Ash prepared himself to extinguish the flames when the wind picked up. Oh Cauldron.

Bay must have scented it too because his friend was now fallen out of the tree.


Every. Fucking Year. He and Nesta’s sparring ended with something being caught on fire but just as he launched himself at the queen, her scent, her raging fire, hit his nose and he stopped fighting, and stared at his sister-in-law, “When was the last time Cassian was at home?”

Nesta narrowed her eyes, “I’m sure it’s none of your business Lucien.”

He rolled his eyes, “Nesta, hasn’t anyone commented on your scent? Have you been sick recently?”

He saw the gears work inside her head as Nesta’s eyes widened, “Oh Cauldron. I’m pregnant?” Not so smart now are you?

Lucien snorted, “So very observant, Nesta.”

The last thing he saw was Nesta’s fist.


Nesta looked down at her sister’s mate. Oh Elain was going to be disappointed. She promised her sister she wouldn’t fight with Lucien. She flicked her eyes up and saw her redheaded nephew leaning against the tree, very amused. And Baylor, he was near unconscious on the ground.

She winnowed.


Ash bit into his apple, waiting for Nesta to reappear and she did, “Was it really necessary to knock out my father.”

“I was checking to see how observant he was.”

Ash snorted, flinging the apple behind him, wrapping his arm around Nesta’s neck, which she shrugged off, “uh huh. Hey Bay?”

From the ground, Bay croaked, “Yeah?”

“Help me get Father inside?”


Ash and Gary 10 years later
  • -Professor Oak's Laboratory, morning-
  • Videophone: *ring ring*
  • Gary: Oak's La...
  • Ash: Oh hello Gary!
  • Gary: Hi Ash.
  • Ash: How are you doin'? Sorry for not callin' for a few days...
  • Gary: You mean few weeks.
  • Ash: Oh, damn, sorry. Completely lost my track of time with that new pokemon legaue and stuff...
  • Gary: Uh-huh.
  • Ash: Sooo... Um... Yeah, about that, I got a little problem here... Can you send me water-type pokemon?
  • Gary: *rolls his eyes* I can't believe it! You went to Alola without swimming pokemon?
  • Ash: I've kinda forgot to pick one back at home lol.
  • Gary: I'm suprised that you didn't forget your brains back at home.
  • *awkward silence for a few seconds*
  • *keyboatd typing sounds*
  • Ash: You know... I thnik i did.
  • Gary: Huh?
  • Ash: That time when i saw you in my bedroom wearing only lab coat... Pretty sure that's where my mind have been since.
  • Gary: *snort* You're an ass.
  • Ash: Lol x)
  • Gary: All right, sweet talker, i've sent you a Lapras. This should do the trick... Come back soon ok?
  • Ash: I'll try.) Love you!
  • Gary: Same here, Ashy.
Dames Dig Dorks

AN: Heya, I said I’d write this up earlier, but I heard it was Nalu Week’s Bonus Day 1!  Figured I may as well enter it, even if it doesn’t follow their prompt.  A simple little high school AU drabble I doodled up.  Also can be found here.  Enjoy!

“You can’t be serious,” came Gray Fullbuster’s exasperated voice behind him, not that Natsu cared.

Natsu was minding his own business on this beautiful, autumn day.  Literally sitting under an old oak tree at the top of the hill at lunchtime with his chemistry set and favorite anime soundtrack drifting through his headphones.  But no, Fullbuster still had to find a way to irritate him.

Rolling his eyes, Natsu pulled off his headphones, probably screwing up his messy, pink hair further, and raised an eyebrow at his ‘friend’.  “Got a problem, droopy drawers?”

“I’d say you do, pyro,” Gray scoffed, plopping down beside him.  Much to Natsu’s surprise, Gajeel and Jellal joined him.  

“I don’t.  Not sitting by your girlfriends today?” Natsu inquired, focusing his attention back on the firework he was making.  

“Consider this an intervention,” Gray told him.  “As your… friends, loosely, we can’t stand by and watch you play with your chemistry set, alone, at a high school lunch period.  Dude, what is wrong with you?!  It’s like a nerd in a bad movie!”

“I am not playing,” Natsu protested, settling his headphones into his scaly, white scarf.  “This is how I make money, thank you, and at least I have a better pastime here than making out with my girlfriend in some closet!’

“You don’t have a girlfriend,” Jellal pointed out.

“High school relationships don’t mean anything,” Natsu muttered, feeling his ears heat up at the pressure.  “I’ve got better stuff to do.”

“Oh yeah?” Gray said slyly.  “Would you say that while you ogle Lucy Heartfilia every chance you get?”

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My stomach is in knots. “Hannah, just remind me again. What’s the difference between being a healthy nervous and getting cold feet?" 
My sister stares at me. "Oh, no. No way.” She zips up my dress. My wedding dress. “There’s no way in hell you’re getting cold feet.”
I took a shaky breath. “Is this the right thing? Am I doing the right thing? What if David is not my soulmate?”
Hannah snorted. “Seriously, Ash? Soulmate?”
“Yeah,” I mumble. 
“Oh my word,” my sister sighed, exasperated. “Ashley. You’re always so damn dramatic. She picked up my bouquet and shoved it into my hands. "You and David are meant for each other. But,” she paused, “if you eventually change your mind you can always trade him in for a younger model.”
I laughed. My sister always knew how to cheer me up.
“How about this. Tell my why you love him”
I stare at my newly manicured nails. “He makes me laugh, always. And he even laughs at my lame jokes. He knows I’m not a morning person so he doesn’t speak to me before I had my coffee. He’s kind. Generous. He always gives me the last piece of chocolate. Or pizza. Or anything, really. He shares my taste in music.”
My sister smiles, satisfied. “There you go.” She walked to the door of our suite. “Ready?”
I grinned. “Definitely." 
Hannah opened the door. "Then let’s do this, bitch." 
I stuck my tongue out at her. "Classy.” I say. I check my make up one last time, and walked towards the door, and my future.
—  L.W. | scenes from a wedding #1

Person A is going through a rough time and gets drunk at a bar, which ends in them getting caught up in a fight and getting hurt. Person B saves person A from further injuries, nurses them up and lets them sleep at their place. What happens the next morning is up to you.

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Amourshipping Week 2016 - Day 4: Dating

The halfway point of the week brings us to the future! While we won’t be staying here (tomorrow actually happens in the past, relative to current episode of XY&Z), we’ll return here on Friday and Saturday. This is my first real attempt at writing Ash and Serena after the events of the XY(&Z) Series, so I hope you enjoy it!


“Miss Gabena! Miss Gabena!”

The young woman pushed through the paparazzi, her Sylveon using her ribbons to part the crowd threatening to push in. She had thought that the wide-brimmed straw hat and sunglasses would have disguised her enough to avoid notice, but she still, against all logic, decided to wear the ribbon she got when she was ten years old from her now-boyfriend.

It painted a huge target on her as she tried desperately to get to the hotel in Driftveil City. The Pokémon Performer Association’s ‘Ambassador To Distant Regions’ had just returned from what she considered a fairly successful audition at PokéStar Studios in Virbank just across the river.

This is apparently what the paparazzi was there for.

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Pokeshipping Week- Day 3 “Confessions” (from the second set of options)

Rated: T. Ash and Misty are 18/19

After his relationship with Serena had dissolved and reset itself into only a shadow of the platonic bond they once shared as children, Ash put romantic notions away from his mind for a while.  He went as far as choosing to travel without any human companions so as to not risk any of them falling in love with him, because according to Serena, he left a trail of broken hearts in his wake and was too self-absorbed to realize it.  

Unfair, considering he never tried to string anyone along, or was even aware when someone was crushing on him. Still, Serena’s words resonated with Ash, and he dug through the layers of his memory trying to locate any moments that could give him an indication of who may have had a crush on him at some point.

He thought about his earliest companions, starting with Misty, but come on, they had been children. There was no way any of them besides Serena had liked him as more than a friend when they were ten years old! In any case, they were still all very good friends, and he would have known by now, wouldn’t he?

Eventually, Ash got tired of  wandering without having at least one other human around, and decided that the best traveling companion would have to be an old childhood friend, one that certainly hadn’t and didn’t harbor any romantic feelings for him whatsoever.

What Ash hadn’t considered were his own feelings.

 “Wow, they’re all so beautiful,” Misty cooed at the water-type Pokémon swimming blissfully inside an aquarium. At her insistence, they had stopped to visit the Aquatic Pokémon Research and Rehabilitation Center, and were being given a tour by a water-type specialist, a man around their age named Finn who had nearly all his attention focused on Misty. “You’ve done a great job.”

“It’s an honor to hear that coming from the renowned gym leader of Cerulean City,” said Finn, speaking to Misty with a smile on a face that had very little physical flaws.  

Misty blushed at the compliment. “I still have a lot to learn. I mean, I don’t even know some of these Pokémon. Like that one for example.” She pointed at a green and blue Pokémon that was unfamiliar to Ash as well.

 “Oh, that one, well that’s-” Finn began yet another lecture on the various kind of Pokémon he and his staff had rescued and rehabilitated, walking alongside Misty and leaving Ash and Pikachu to follow their tail as they had been since they first arrived.

It was one of the few times Misty responded positively to a guy flirting with her, having found most of the lot creepy or annoying. Atop from sharing an enthusiasm with water-type Pokémon, Finn was irritatingly handsome, and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, which irked Ash all the more.

That aggravation flared all the more when at the end of the tour Finn asked Misty out on a date

“Excuse me, what?” Ash asked, unable to stop the words from tumbling out of his mouth.

They both turned to him. Misty lanced him with her eyes. “It was me he asked, not you,” she sassed, then answered Finn with “I’d love to.”


The impending date was so distracting to his mind that it nearly cost him a victory. Fortunately, his Pokémon came through for him where he had failed, and Ash could tack on another badge to his collection. Despite his win, he felt like he was about to lose something, something far more important.

“You can still change your mind.” Desperation seeped into his tone as soon as Misty emerged from the bathroom. She looked lovely in a strapless turquoise dress that matched her eyes, her hair down and pinned on the side with a seashell-shaped hair-clip. She always looked pretty- he wasn’t blind- but seeing her dress up this nicely for someone else was tearing inside him with jaws. Curled up on the bed beside him, Pikachu looked at its master with concern. 

“It’s just food, Ash,” Misty said, exasperation in her voice. “No need to get all jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.”

She threw her hands up in the air. “Yes you are. It used to be sorta cute but now it’s just frustrating. I thought you had matured a little after dating Serena.”

“That’s hitting below the belt, Mist,” he said, anger and hurt spiking in his chest.

Her expression softened. “Sorry, you’re right. That was uncalled for,” she apologized, biting her lip. “It’s just… I’m tired of waiting.”

“Waiting for what?”

A groan tore from her throat. “For you, Ash! I’m tired of waiting for you!” With that, she moved hastily passed him, grazing his shoulder with hers.

For a second, he could only stare at her back dumbly. She was slipping a shoe onto her feet, and then another, and then she reached for the door.

“Wait! I mean, crap. Hold on, I have one more thing to say.”

To his surprise, it worked, because she turned to him, her hand still on the doorknob. Her eyebrows knitted, impatient. “One more thing.”

“I…” his heart was pounding the way it did before a battle “I like you. A lot,” he said, holding his breath at the end of his confession.

Her eyes widened, and then her mouth puckered into a pout. “That’s nice,” she said, sounding disappointed, and turned to leave again, slamming the door behind her.

Panic hitching up his chest, he ran to the door and forced it open, yelling: “I mean I love you!”

There, it was out. He didn’t know if that was the answer she was looking for, or the complete opposite of it, but it was all he had, and whether she did or didn’t want to hear that, at least now she would know.

She was frozen in place, stiff except the rise and fall of her shoulders, as if she was steadying her breath. When she turned around, there was disbelief as well as a twinkle in her sea-green eyes that made his heart kick. “You’re not- You’re not just saying that as a last-ditch effort to stop me, are you?”

Vehemently, he shook his head. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

A smile cracked open on her mouth, a happy, little gasp spilling from it. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

He sucked in what air he could. “So does that mean…“ Dare he ask? He took a few steps closer. “You love me too?”

“Yes, you idiot knucklehead. Since, like, forever.” She closed the gap between them, her fists coming down on his chest in a mock- beating before she pulled him in for an embrace.

All the tension and dread that had been stuck in his chest came out as an exulted, short laugh. He was so happy he could kiss her, which he leaned in to do but was blocked. “Let’s postpone that until after the date, okay?”

His heart fell to his knees. “You mean you’re still going out with that guy?”

“It would be rude to cancel at this hour. And besides, I’d like to ask him a few more questions. Research, you know. Don’t worry. I’ll let him down easy.”

Ash snorted. His heart was still pounding, but he found some relief in the prospect of Misty’s rejection of Finn. “By all means, drop him as harshly as you can.”

“Don’t be petty, Ash,” Misty said, rolling her eyes. She stepped back, breaking contact with him. “You would probably like him if he wasn’t interested in me.”

“Maybe,” he admitted. “Just, be careful, okay?”

Rolling her eyes once again, she waved him off. “You’re not my boyfriend as of yet, Ash Ketchum. We still have a lot to discuss.”

“I’ll be right here,” he said, and with reluctance, let the woman he loved go on a date with someone else. 

~To Be Continued in PW Day 4, Part II: “First Kiss” (which I still haven’t typed out)~


I didn’t specify the name of regions or certain Pokémon since this is set in the future and I obviously don’t know which places and Pokémon are yet to come. In my headcanon, Serena would eventually win Ash over and share at least a few years of happiness together, but alas it was not meant to be.