snort that shit

Puppet thought 1.

why are aftons so scary

i can just imagine them being all jack skellington-like, you know. TALL.


and they glare at people and stuff,

and and and like they wear very spooky long trenchcoats, and they stomp everywhere,

and everytime you bother an afton or even talk to them, im thinking of cranky old men you “GET OFF MY LAWWWWWN!!!!!!”

Ok but imagine matt got a file that contained info on shiro before the mission and it had a picture and he just kicked his sisters bedroom door open “KATIE HELP HE’S HOT” and throws the file at her and she snort laughs “whoo shit yeah you’re way too gay to handle that.” And matt just grabs her pillow and screams into it and she starts laughing harder and even snorts a bit “AND YOU CAN’T EVEN TRY TO MACK ON THIS GUY CAUSE YOU’RE GOING ON THE MISSION WITH DAD” he just screams louder into the pillow.

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They were showing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the eye doctor's office and I came in at a moment where the camera was panning upwards on a character. Got to their chest and I immediately thought "[female] boobs" but they were Ronald Weasely's boobs and I just don't know how to cope.

im rly confused but all i’ll say is, all boobs are good boobs

you know what? not only do i want fic, but i want an entire episode where steve has to do something with the navy, some sort of training thing or whatever, maybe some sort of “bring the old guys back to show the new guys how it’s done” kind of thing, OR OR OR maybe it’s a demonstration for people thinking about signing up for SEAL training and steve gets invited back because he’s, you know, a decorated former lieutenant commander who heads his own task force and takes down international criminals. the entire team decides to tag along. because they think they know SEAL!Steve. they think they know what he’s about because they’ve been working under his orders for the last six years, but they have no idea.

steve is a machine, and it leaves all of them stunned. he’s twice these cadet’s age and absolutely wiping the floor with them. it’s mesmerizing, watching him move.

they stop underestimating steve’s crazy after that. the steve they work with is downright lazy compared to the steve they see that weekend.

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BRÜH how would the 2PS react to their S/O out of the blue saying "spank me daddy" like they were either cooking, working or reading and the S/O is like spank meeee. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Oh my god, me and my friends do this all the time. We’ll be working and one of us will just look at another one in the eye with a straight face and go “Spank me daddy.”

Tbh, I did it once and a guy smacked my ass really hard. I turned and yelled at him because it was only for friends.

2p France: He likes to grab your ass. Not smack it.

2p America: He’ll honestly start laughing and probably snort.

2p Canada: Shit you don’t gotta tell him twice.

2p England: “WAT?!”

2p China: “Lol okay. Come ‘ere.”

2p Russia: He’d start blushing and take in a breath then be like “No.”

2p Italy: He’ll honestly smack it a little too hard.

2p Germany: He’ll start chasing you around trying to smack the booty.

2p Japan: Nah, he ain’t into random smacks.

2p Prussia: He’ll plus and shyly do it and probably just softly pat your butt.

2p Romano: “Only if you do it to me.”

2p Spain: Ohhhhh, you have no idea what your asking.

I dub thee "the Briggs!AU" part1

Maybe the correct title should be โ€œthe day Edward Elric decided that he should attempt to flirt with a girl just to see what would happen which ended up with unexpected results and he stopped after that because he did not want to repeat the scene no matter how funny it was at the timeโ€ย (huge ass title but so true) good going Ed *claps slowly*

No seriously, when this popped up in my head i couldnโ€™t not write this and then draw it *snorts*

If i like it, iโ€™ll post the comic i made about this XDD.

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fic prompts - craigslist personals
  • Divorced & Now a Bottom
  • I’ve been on a few dates here and there…usually one a year. Two if I’m having a good year.
  • Favorite things: FOOD
  • After that, we will go and get ice cream. When asked which flavor I want, I will demand the ice cream attendant give me “all the ice creams”
  • i will be respectful of u now sit on my d
  • Hope your wrists are in good shape, that is the ONLY exercise you are going to have!!!!
  • Find a bowling ball. Then find another one. Your nuts must be at least that big
  • I am and have been a professional spanker for almost two years now
  • I also hate people who don’t clear the time on the microwave after they’re done using it.
  • I don’t know how to swim, but I’m good at wading in the water, splashing around and having a good time.
  • huge fetish for soft angora sweaters
  • anything from this twitter craigslistlove tbh it’s a gold mine