snort glitter


Part One

Part Two

‘Peter Pan? You think you’re Peter Pan?’ you asked as you looked him up and down skeptically.

‘I’m pretty sure I am, at least that’s who I was last time I checked.’ the boy smirked.

‘I don’t know what kind of glitter you’re snorting, and I quite frankly I don’t really care. A ll I know is you separated me from my pack, and that tells me you’re a bad guy.’ you glared.

‘Or maybe I just wanted to spend some time with you.’ he grinned.

‘I’m just gonna leave, before you say something that gets you killed.’ you sighed as you turned to leave, only to come face to face with the boy you had just turned away from.

‘You see, I can’t let you leave, because I need you for something very special.’ he said seriously as he stepped closer to you.

You growled and slashed at him, making him back away to avoid your claws.

‘I said, I’m…leaving.’ you warned.

‘And I told you that you aren’t.’ he said back.

‘Do you have a death wish?’ you snarked.

This made no sense, he should be scared out of his shorts right now, but he had the nerve to even threaten you. You didn’t smell the sent of gunpowder and mountain ash that clung to any hunter, so what was this guy?

‘Dying is only scary the first time.’ he smiled darkly.

‘You speak like you know.’ you scoffed.

‘I do know…first hand.’

You stared at him, trying to decide weather or not he was telling the truth or just controlling his heartbeat. 

‘What do you and your shadow want with me?’ you asked.

‘I need you and I need you to need me.’ he said mysteriously.

‘I don’t have time for riddles, tell me what you want.’ you snapped.

‘When I first came to Neverland, the shadow gave me a limited amount of time, and while it was great amount of time it did run out. Despite my best efforts, I did die.’

You looked around the forest for the cameras, waiting for someone to pop out and yell “GOTCHA!”

‘What the hell are you talking about?!’ you yelled in frustration.

‘You wanted to know why I needed you, so I’m answering.’ he said aggravatingly.

‘Fine then, continue with your make believe story.’ you scoff.

‘It’s not pretend, it’s my life, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t patronize it.’ he said.

He didn’t say it in any real sort of way or anything, but nonetheless you felt the need to apologize.

You didn’t though.

‘After I managed to sneak my way out of the Underworld and back to Neverland, the shadow again offered me time. This time much less than before. He told me the only way for me to stay here is to break his time curse, and the only way to break a curse that strong is with true loves kiss.’ he finished.

‘Woah! Watch it you damn disney character, I don’t care how real you think this is, you aren’t kissing me dammit.’ you said immediately.

‘Calm down Pup, not right now. I need time to make you love me first, otherwise it would just be a kiss.’ he said calmly.

You scoffed at his calm demeanor.

‘You sound so confident, what makes you so sure?’ you asked.

He pulls a rolled up piece of paper from behind his back, and you know there was no scent of paper until just now.

Maybe he’s a spark of some sort.

He unrolled the paper and revealed a charcoal sketch…of you.

‘What the hell?’ you asked as you took the picture from him and looked at it in awe.

‘The shadow gave it to me and told me you were the only one in any of the realms that I could love and that would love me back.’ 

I know about a million tumblr users who love to marry a fictional character.’ you teased.

You saw him roll eyes at you before crossing his arms.

What do I have to do to prove to you that I’m really Peter Pan?’ He asked.

You thought for a moment, what could only Peter Pan do that a Spark (which you suspected him to be) couldn’t replicate.

‘How about covering me in fairy dust and letting me fly.’ you said confidently.

You watched triumphantly as he lowered his head.

Just as you opened your mouth to call him a liar he pulled out a small vial of dust that was attached to a string around his neck.

‘This is the last of my supply, just enough for one flight, an hour tops.’

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I just tried to snort edible glitter and you weren't there to stop me. My nose, which has been recently reconstructed, is bleeding like a mother ducker. Just think about that. -Lizzy

why did literally nobody else stop you and why would you try that in the first place are you feeling better now

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Papi, be honest. How many times have you attempted to snort glitter in your life?

Once. I tried once, I was peer pressured in the past to try such things, though I insisted I would do glitter instead. It didn’t turn out well. Andres wasn’t very pleased with all the sparkles I kept sneezing up.

Okay maybe twice. But I was having a rough day, okay?


I need to say something to youe post abt instagram makeup culture. I am studying mua and the makeup we see on IG is seriously all the same, it’s just too much…Sure you can do whatever you want but I see the same block eyebrows, same smokey eye, same winged eyeliner and lashes and those goddamn matte lips, carving out your face and adding highlight on your nose and forgetting that in daylight it looks like you snorted glitter :D

Yes I see some artistry going on too, like real talent, but most of it is just the same IG-makeup-tutorial-look that everyone “should” look like and wear makeup, no matter what kind of person you are or what kind of facial features you have…I am rooting fr makeup that represents who you are and how it is a stress reliever, and not a “mask” to hide or definitely bit a necessity to wear if you don’t feel like it. Just do you. Ok, peace out.

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Morning person and night person living together AU?

Thx love ;;;; I was hoping someone would pick this! It’s so funny. 

Check out the list of prompts here! Yullen only!

Kanda scowled, turning his head away from the nightlight. Fuck, what time was it? It felt like too fucking late.

Frustration boiling over, Kanda sat up and glared at his roommate across the room. “Turn that fucking light off!”

Allen’s head snapped up, eyes momentarily wide with surprise before it settled into a scowl Kanda was getting used to seeing. “What? I can’t! I have to finish this by tonight!” He tapped the end of his dark pencil against the pad of paper on his drawn up knees.

“It’s-” he snagged his phone off the side of his bed to glare at the time. “Three AM! I have to be up by five asshole!”

Allen looked especially affronted. “Asshole? Me? I’m not the fucker up at five every damn day! I don’t need to get up until eight!”

“It’s not my damn fault you want to spend hours wasting away while you could be productive!” Kanda hissed, sleepy and angry and tired after a long week of this bullshit.

“Wasting?” Allen repeated and Kanda groaned. “I go to work from four PM until twelve! I don’t have this so-called free time to go socializing! It’s pathetic enough that I see your face more often than my best friend’s!”

“And I,” Kanda growled. “Go to work from seven am to 12 pm! Fuck, who the hell put us together?”

“God,” Allen said dryly and Kanda snorted. “Well - I mean, we can’t actually change it can we?”

“No,” Kanda said dejectedly and Allen stifled a laugh. Kanda wondered where all his energy came from - Allen did work long hours and was double majoring - but fuck all if Kanda knew what the other one was aside from his piano compositions.

With a sigh Allen tilted his head to rest on the wall behind him, rolling a piece of charcoal in his hand, creating dusk and - hey. That was Kanda’s charcoal pencil!

“Fucker that’s mine,” Kanda said tiredly, too used to Allen simply snatching his art supplies whenever Kanda looked away.

Allen grinned, and it was in these moments, in the dark of the night, that Allen’s peculiarities shined more than ever. The spare light there was always caught in the silver of his eyes, the white gleam of his teeth, and in the softer gray tones in his hair. There was something about that soft shade. It was a gray born of a dark saturated color mixing with the white - it felt like his hair was dyed but the longer Kanda was Allen’s roommate the more he was inclined to believe it was somehow natural.

The light also softened the gory mess the left side of his face was.

“I saw you using my hair tie the other day,” Allen teased and Kanda scowled at being caught. Allen was the type of messy person who kept everything organized but somehow still spilling over. Their room was filled with plants - which Kanda didn’t actually mind - and other knick-knacks, but somehow he found a gray eraser - one that was actually Kanda’s - sitting on top the roll of toiler paper in their bath room. When confronted, Allen claimed that when inspiration struck he could not afford to fight it, no matter where he was. So when Kanda stepped out of the hot shower and found only Allen’s numerous ties scattered about their sink counter - well. If Allen used Kanda’s shit, then Kanda could most certainly use Allen’s.

“Shut up,” Kanda said eloquently, too tired to wax poetic on how and why Kanda felt he was allowed to use Allen’s things. He waved vaguely towards the bathroom. “The eraser.”

Allen’s brows scrunched in confusion for a moment long enough that Kanda began to dread he’d actually have to explain, but then his face brightened and he laughed lightly. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

Kanda shook his head, expressing in his drawn down eyebrows exactly how he felt about finding one of his gray erasers sitting on the toilet paper roll like it belonged there. Allen laughed again.

“Go to sleep, Kanda,” he said warmly, eyes glittering and smile gleaming and hair shining in the moonlight. Kanda decided instead to look out the window. It grew chilly at night where they were, even though it wasn’t even close to mid-autumn yet. In the distance a tree’s branches danced softly in the wind.

“I’ll go to sleep soon,” Allen promised, and Kanda turned to look at him. He sighed long-sufferingly. “Okay, okay. I’ll go to sleep now.”

He debated for a moment in telling Allen that he didn’t hesitate for him, but shrugged against it, settling back into his bed as Allen shuffled around, setting his things down. There was the rustle of covers, and then the click of the light switch. Kanda sighed as the annoying light finally went away, his eyelids no longer bleeding red.

“I get to bitch just as much when you wake me up in two hours, BaKanda,” Allen whispered.

Kanda rolled over with a snort, meeting Allen’s glittering eyes. “Go to sleep stupid beansprout.’

"Night, Kanda.”

Kanda made it a personal challenge to not wake up Allen the next day. Like hell he wanted to start off his day listening to a beansprout’s constant bitching. Honestly, he thought he did a pretty good job gliding around and walking soundlessly. In fact, it wasn’t until he was leaving their room that Allen stirred, awoken by the jingle of Kanda’s keys.

Allen sat up mutely, gazed around the room bleary-eyed, and then caught a hold of Kanda’s face. He smiled sleepily, eyes creasing and lips turned up lazily. “Good morning,” he whispered, and Kanda hesitated.

“…morning,” Kanda said back, just as softly. Allen giggled so lightly Kanda barely heard it, and when he dropped his eyes to Kanda’s keys his grin widened. Waving Kanda away, Allen fell back in his bed with a yawn and thump. Pursing his lips, Kanda left their dorm, only noticing when he turned to lock their door that Allen had somehow snuck a clown-shaped key chain on his ring of keys. He scowled down at the clown, looked at his watch, and walked away, stuffing the keys into his pocket.

He’d get the beansprout later - for now, he’d let him sleep.

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YO I snorted Dorito dust and glitter today. It made me slightly less depressed may I have a meme pls.

YO i’ll have to try that then. sure i have just the meme

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Omg, the boys baking cookies... Well, Harry baking, and Louis being the "Supervisor in charge of overseeing all frosting, sprinkling, and tasting endeavors", which basically amounts to him yelling at Liam for going light on the frosting, daring Niall to snort glitter sprinkles up his nose, and elbowing Zayn so that he messes up his decorating, because "they're too pretty to eat otherwise, mate". And demanding to taste test the batter the whole time, as well as the first cookie.

I genuinely love everything here and I’m angry.