The whole cave. It’s gotten smaller over the years


Last day, day two, of this great weekend.

For day two, we woke up early and headed to Devils Den !!!!! This part was what I was waiting for and I’m glad it was set for the last day. Iv seen so many pictures of it on Instagram and I couldn’t believe that was in Florida. The water is super cold, unfortunately I only snorkeled around (its also to dive into) but it was still an amazing experience. Here’s a little background:

Devil’s Den is a karst window, in which the roof over a subterranean river has collapsed, exposing the water to the open surface, near Williston, Florida. It is privately owned, and operated as a SCUBA diving training and recreational facility. The water in the underground river is a constant 72 °F (22 °C) degrees. In cold weather water vapor rising from the surface of the river forms a visible plume above the entrance to the cave, which suggested a chimney from Hell to early white settlers. The opening to the surface was originally a small solution hole, through which visitors had to squeeze to reach the water. The opening was enlarged in the 1990s to ease access. The cave expands below water level (a shape described as an “inverted mushroom”) to up to 200 feet (61 m) across. The water level in the cave has fallen along with the water table in the area. The cave was opened to the public as a dive site in the early 1990s. (Wikipedia)


wannabe-mrs-moose-winchester Our last stop, One Hundred Islands ‘national park’. I’m going to submit some of the photos so here’s ten I wont be lol. Blue waters, there’s more than one hundred and some don’t show up during the high tide. It’s pretty cool. I went snorkaling, didn’t get a sun burn, and saw some killer strings lol. I always find it worth it to go.