A little testing before Battle At Primm!! Beautiful day to play in the desert! #offroadracing #offroad #desertracing #duncankliezner #snoreracing #battleatprimm2016

So the vast majority of images that I post here on IG is landscape/fine art, but I’m pretty much in love with photography in all its aspects. When I started shooting some 20+ years ago it was the subject of motor racing that prompted me to pick up the camera, so it’s always nice to get a racing gig when I can. A super fun little project that I’ve had in my head for months finally started taking shape recently and while it’s still in progress I’m stoked to show some images. I’ve been chronicling the prep and racing exploits of my now good friend @bymamotorsports and so far it’s been everything I’d hoped.
Hope you follow along and enjoy the images!
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#snoreracing #racing #desert #offroad #1433

Yesterday did not go as planned…came up short when a CV grenaded 2 miles from the finish. With lots of support from the amazing off road family, we replaced the axle and CV assembly and put on some new limit straps. So…we are ready to do battle once more! Let do this! #ratr #offroadshenanigans #offroadracing #offroad #rageattheriver #snoreracing #desertracing #desertpiratesracing