I was looking at comments on the newest Woe is Me update video and came across this, Mitch Brown talking shit about the members who left WIM. HOW FUCKING RUDE, basically saying none of them had talent (except Tyler) and saying whoever thinks they have talent is an idiot. He is basing off of the fact that “ none of them wrote any of Number[s], just because someone didn’t "write” any of the songs doesn’t mean they have no talent. You have managed  really only 1 band and most of the original members have left. Are people who think you are a good manager idiots because not all the “original” members are still in the band? answer me that please. and Mitch I’m not hating on you at all, I think you are doing a great job at what you do and I can tell you take your work seriously, I just think you shouldn’t talk down about people or call ANYONE untalented who you used to manage/be friends with because hiding behind another name doesn’t mean what you say is invisible to the world.


Hands Like Houses- The Sower acoustic