Arrow 5x19 “Dangerous Liaisons”  What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

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THE SEARCH FOR CHASE INTENSIFIES — Oliver (Stephen Amell), Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase (Josh Segurra). Helix tells Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) they have a way to find Chase but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return.

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Because it is especially relevant for this episode. Stunt Doubles:


Speed Weed & Elizabeth Kim

Never co wrote together so let’s check each one

Speed Weed

Cowrote 4x03 “Restoration”

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4x07 “Brotherhood” (poor Diggle finds out his belate and beloved brother is alive and it’s HIVE

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4x12 “Unchained”

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4x21 “Monument Point”

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5x02 “The Recruits”

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5x11 “Second Chances”

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5x15 “Fighting Fire with Fire”

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Elizabeth Kim never wrote for Arrow, or at least was never credit.

I think I see a pattern on Speed Weed episodes, he loves to spring new plotlines and/or characters. He’s sprung at us quite a collection of plot twists. I wonder what is expecting us now.

Billy Joel song

“You Picked a Real Bad Time”

Don’t get me wrong,
I ain’t the kind
To turn away from you
When something’s on your mind.

But you have to know,
You just have to see,
I’m having my troubles, babe,
And they’re all too much for me.

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
Tell me, why you try
To give me aggravation
You picked a real bad time
‘Cause this man’s got the blues

Don’t get me wrong,
You’re not alone
And I’d like to help you
But I’ve got problems of my own

It’s a bitter phase
I’m going through
And I can run from strangers, darlin’,
But I just can’t hide from you.

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
Tell me, why you try
To give me aggravation
You picked a real bad time
And I got time to lose

Ain’t it the truth
When they say
That the only thing worth dying for
Is our freedom
Ain’t it the proof
That someday
We will all be lying on our backs
Free at last from income tax

Don’t you get me wrong
The mood won’t last
And I’ll be myself again
Soon as this pain has passed

And I’m standing here,
Don’t ask me how,
I’ll make it up to you,
Someday but not right now

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
You caused a real hard line
To invade my isolation
You picked a real bad time
‘Cause this man’s got the blues

Ain’t it the truth
When they say
All you need is love but all you’ll want is forgiveness
Ain’t it the proof
That someday
Even love will not provide for man
The way that life insurance can

You picked a real bad time
To spoil my concentration
You picked a real bad time
To pass along the bad news
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
Why you tryin’ to give me aggravation
You picked a real bad time, cause this man’s got the blues.

What we expect

When the episode starts we have everyone hunting Prometheus / Adrian, ARGUS (welcome back Lyla Michaels Diggle we’ve missed you), SCPD and Team Arrow (without GA as Oliver is still not wearing the suit) and everyone is turning up empty. Whatever they are doing isn’t working and everyone knows Adrian must be working further into his plans to destroy Oliver Queen. I’m not surprised SCPD and Team Arrow come up empty, ARGUS however is a powerful organization and so I’m impressed by how clever Adrian is. I’m very curious to know what he’s scheming. He is absent from every promo, still or synopsis but I’m very sure that it all falls into his plan and he’s still 10 moves ahead

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Helix has a way to find out where Adrian is. (Sidenote: it baffles me a little that no one seem to have notice that besides helping Diggle and some trifles Helix in fact has been terribly unhelpful where Prometheus is concern. They conveniently found Snoozen but it was all a trap they didn’t found Oliver while for 6 days Prometheus hold him and finally he let him go, 6 days.)

Of course they aren’t giving their help without getting something in return. Something big and illegal for Felicity to do. Felicity knows how vital it is to find Adrian and she’s willing to do whatever for that to happen.

Oliver finds out in what is Felicity involved and he’s concern for her security. And his powerless to stop her. She wants take down Chase and she will be with the Team that has more chances of success.

For the first time Felicity and Team Arrow are on the field and they are not working together. 

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Team Arrow and Team Felicity; Oliver and Felicity will collide both within the Team and out in the field as they stand on opposite paths but with the same purpose.

This situation may parallel other Season’s Oliver, namely Season 3, but it also parallels Oliver in 5x18 when he brought in Bratva to take down Prometheus keeping the Team out of the field.

I’m expecting this episode to be the first part of the Olicity centric bit of Season 5.

No more silent Felicity, with the a world of pain brewing inside and controlling her decisions, she’s going to be vocal

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Oliver’s reaction I am curious to watch. He knows something is wrong with Felicity he knows she’s not telling him what is wrong. Besides both Oliver and Felicity reactions to each other have been so muted this Season. So maybe Oliver won’t react has shocked as I expect him to be, still I’ pretty sure he’s going to be surprised and at a bit of a lost.

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 I’m thinking that maybe it’s in 5x19 that Oliver will talk to the guys about Felicity (SA mention it on an interview a long time ago and I don’t remember it happening yet), she’s not telling him anything and he needs to know, now he does need to know. And he reads the situation correctly, Felicity security is compromised he needs to act, he needs her safe. We know he needs her safe by the way his voice broke when he mention her in 5x18 to Diggle and the way he broke when a simple glimpse on the same episode.

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He needs her safe. And she’s not listening to him. I think Oliver will understand why Felicity is doing what she’s doing but she’s too important for him to risk losing.

The Olicity storyline will speal on to 5x20 so I’m expecting 5x19 will end in a cliffhanger that will have me 

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Arrow 5x23 - 04/18/17 - Actors on set...

Baby Mama was spotted on location. Somehow she’s also at Lian Yu.

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If she’s there William must be in play. We sort of figured that because the show was mentioning the kid a lot.

I’m not happy about this. You know me I’ve told it more than once already. Baby Mama drama in Season 4 was dreadful, I do not need a reedition.

William kidnap is a bit “been there done that”. I would rather they would leave the kid safe, out of harm’s way, and in the background. But I think in these last episodes I’m going to find out a new side to Arrow writers, they are stubborn about the storylines they want, if at first it’s a complete fail, try again. They are doing it with Olicity break up (explaining it again because we didn’t understand it the first time around… yeah right. FYI we did it was a poorly written plot twist), they are doing it with Baby Mama drama.

Unless Baby Mama is in the girfriend Oliver took from Simon / Adrian all those years ago, that would make the story kind of interesting and new in a way, I’m not all that excited to see her back.

Sidenote: Arrow Writers you don’t read tumblr posts (I think) but if you are going to be like “they didn’t get it as we wanted to let’s do it again” I must warn you I draw the line at Baby Mama drama (and only because William is Oliver’s kid), that’s the line. Over that line there’s the lights of Billy and Snoozen, I don’t need reenactments. There’s one thing in life I’ve learn along time ago, the more you tamper with sh*! the more it smells and it’s not roses.

Good luck with Baby Mama drama I’ll do my best to ignore her blackmailing face. Yes she’s a blackmailer to me. The demand she made wasn’t against Oliver it was against Oliver relationship with his significant other. She feared for William because the Oliver she knew was Ollie? But the demand she made wasn’t “against” Ollie it was against the prospect of William having a family with his dad, one she wasn’t a part of. Am I reaching? I don’t think so, she must have known her demand would ruin the relationship Oliver had and still wouldn’t keep Oliver away from William, so protecting William wasn’t the only thing in her mind IMO. I respect you all don’t agree but that’s how I see it she’s a selfish mother who was in fact thinking about herself and her fear that William would have a family that she wasn’t a part of.