Celebrating 20 Years Of Music! Welcome Music Lovers to official online retail store portal! Founded in Brisbane 1994 as the groundbreaking urban Flavors Radio Show the transformation into fully fledged record label came from the necessity of fans turning into artists. With an Australian music industry coming to terms with the cultural revelation that was hip hop there was a gap in the industry that saw emerging Aussie hip hopers and rappers with no outlet to record their music and learn the industry. Dual citizen raised in California and Queensland Jordan ‘JC’ Clark brought a wealth of experience to the Australian hip hop movement with his experience in the traditional music industry. This combination saw FRS International born with humble beginnings and to this day (now through transforming into distribution platform Homiemade Australia) continues to keep the catalogue of the 20 year history of FRS active in the market and continues to record independent artists who share a common dream of the art that is music.

The Incense Guy 'Live To Love’ Album COMING Soon! All releases on this page are Original Exclusive Commissioned of Purpose to in trust with as foundation. Please click the digital retail icon of the releases below to support this worthy cause and collect them all! Thank you in advance for your support of the endeavor dedicated to providing development, support and advocacy to a world cast of underprivileged, minority and disabled artists where we all need be a little “ECCENTRIC” to survive thus providing a chance to chase an artistic dream creating a recorded body of original works of art that would otherwise never existed. is a philanthropic passion incarnated as an ongoing music commission dedicated to improvement, incentive, inspiration and investment in art through royalties generated from this site. Please contact current caretaker Jordan B. Clark at for assistance and enquiries. Best wishes & enjoy the show! FRS (LTL) #dizzleflix #homiemade #snooptour #20thanniversary #hiphop (at Kingaroy Information, Art & Heritage Precinct)