So I’ve been seeing some stuff about how this upd8 was actually wool over our eyes and only from “Vriska’s POV”. Honestly, even if that were true, there’s still definitive evidence that things are better in the future (That one panel in “She’s 8ack). And even still, who cares? The aforementioned “huge 8itch 8luh 8luh” is back and people are happy to see that, because some people out there ought to feel sympathy/empathy/overwhelming-joy-that-will-give-you-a-heart-attack for current, former, literal, etc huge 8itches. 

Everyone’s entitled to their hopes, dreams, and wild fantasies.

Deal with it.

Yep. I went there.

that is literally one of the strangest things i have ever seen i cannot believe it was published in the united states of america i feel like i live in one of those freaky alternate universes where everything is the same except snoop dogg knows what homestuck is