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1d as Tumblr users lmao

(idrk if u mean like actual people on tumblr or not but im just gonna go with this kghkfjhg) 

louis: has a sideblog for discourse, started the Gay Babadook sensation, fights terfs and aphobes, mutuals with a lot of kpop and fashion blogs that he really doesn’t even remember following, drunk posts, his main blog is literally just him complaining about something, the biggest tgd fan (and has @’d netflix multiple times), reblogs posts like “im tired and gay. rb if u r tired n gay too”, never has a queue, never has an empty inbox, quite popular because staff @’d him once

harry: has a minimalist and clean theme, reblogs aesthetic and fashion and tags stuff with just random letters like “a”, “r”, u kno the ones; had a fairly small following at first but then posted an ootd and it got like 4k notes so he gained lots n lots of followers, reviews books, posts pictures of his meals, takes photos of sunsets/rises and flowers and beaches and posts them (this also ups his follow count), secretly follows lots of meme accounts (including louis n he sends him secret anons) and he loves the Babadook meme, has a really short and pretty url

niall: runs a meme blog tbh, loves userboxes, liveblogs angrily about the outcome of eurovision, reblogs pictures of food and tags it “porn”, also reblogs slime videos and paint videos, posts lots of audios of him playing guitar and singing songs so his follow count goes up bc he’s really good, screenshots his spotify screen and posts a reaction pic to whatever song is currently playing, reads stucky fanfiction and screams about it on tumblr at 5am

liam: doesn’t know what he’s doing honestly, he just made one so his friends would stop bugging him, only follows a few people, has like 5 followers bc he’s never active, has a really long url and his theme is still in the default mode, he’ll reblog from you and you’re confused because he doesn’t even follow you, stalks the Snoop Dogg tag more than he probably should, always ghosts

This is my jojo secret santa gift for @sakapet

Merry Christmas, Saka! :> I hope you like this little jotakak drawing! Come talk to me about jojo sometime :D 

Why did you do this to me?

Summary: #25: “Come here baby, let me take care of you” #26: “Honey, you’re sick. Go lay down, I’ll make you some soup.”

Characters: Reader, Chuck Shurley

Fandom: Supernatural

Word Count: 644

Requested: @winchestergirl-13 

AN: Italics are their thoughts.

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Let’s be honest here

The real issue of this fandom isn’t whether or not they think a character is good or bad. It doesn’t matter that people have positive or negative headcanons, that they think the cult ending is or isn’t canon, that they, personally, believe Robert/Mary/Joseph is abusive/terrible person or are certain that they a ray of sunshine that’s done nothing wrong.

The issue of this fandom is the constant need for people to go onto other’s posts and attack people for posting them.

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okay okay, so a lot of people liked both ideas of Negative RGB scooting down to Hero’s level in that last picture and other people liked the idea of Hero being on a stool.

I snooped through the tags I read all of them and someone said that if she was on the stool, she’d have a hard time getting on it in the first place. So the solution was RGB putting her there himself.

it was too adorbable not to doodle (thanks @kier-is-a-ranger!)

On that note, anyone have any cute Negative RGB and Hero interaction ideas they want to see doodled? Finals are plaguing me, so suggestions?