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This is my jojo secret santa gift for @sakapet

Merry Christmas, Saka! :> I hope you like this little jotakak drawing! Come talk to me about jojo sometime :D 

Why did you do this to me?

Summary: #25: “Come here baby, let me take care of you” #26: “Honey, you’re sick. Go lay down, I’ll make you some soup.”

Characters: Reader, Chuck Shurley

Fandom: Supernatural

Word Count: 644

Requested: @winchestergirl-13 

AN: Italics are their thoughts.

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     besides admiring, the fact that her mother wore pearls and wanting her own pair, the pearls symbolize something else rather than her wealth. veronica’s pearls symbolize the control her father has over her. he usually gives her gifts when he fucks up and during the end of the episode, he’s doing the one thing that will work. hiram is giving veronica a gift, a pearl necklace. for veronica this is her normal, she’s used to being spoiled by her dad and mother. however, the lodges aren’t exactly in their definition of normal anymore. her father is in jail and her and hermoine are literally fending for themselves. the pearls aren’t just a source of admiration for her mother being able to rock that jewelry and being like her in that regard, it’s how he reminds her that he’s still a part of her life. and that despite whatever measures she takes in the end, he’s still the one calling the shots. not only that hiram is acknowledging the fact that he messed up yet again, with whatever business dealings he’s doing or however he’s calling the shots. and in the previous episode it was so important that she rips off her rose colored glasses, sees that maybe everyone might be right about her father?? so she does the one thing that frees her from her father’s safety/influence, she rips those pearls out like nothing. not only that it’s a roadblock to her trying to be a better person because everyone will always associate her as a lodge. so, veronica is done trying to cover up for him, but she still can’t bring herself to throw the pearls away. 

   instead they just become a heavy reminder and this leads veronica to wanting to pursue the truth. she can’t just listen to what others say because it’s not going to lead to anything. she’s just going to get even more confused, have even more doubts. so she’ll judge her father for herself the way the justice system is going to be judging him. then maybe those pearls won’t feel so heavy anymore or maybe she’ll get a refund on them.

So memories of my pre-Voltron days have been popping up in my head lately. And by “pre-Voltron days” I meant the days I looked through ship tags| read fics and theories before actually watching the show

And the biggest thing that stands out to me was my impression of Shallura before understanding the context of their relationship:

You see, Shallura was the first thing that caught my attention [aside from Shiro - but still!] and I had spent days snooping through the tag and @shiroallura‘s blog to see more of the ship

These images caught my attention every time

I saw this moment in a gray scale every time I thought that’s how it originally was and with it came “so this must be a memory

So here comes the impression I had on what their relationship was in the series:

I thought Shiro and Allura knew each other before the series, I thought this series was in a world where humans knew that aliens existed and lived together in peace and all that shit; that Allura was part of Shiro’s team in the Kerberos mission along with Matt and Sam

And those two images along with the whole “I’m not leaving you!” [I swear to god I remember the word “again” in that sentence] gave me the idea that Shiro lost Allura to the Galra once before……

Don’t really remember how the rest of the team and Voltron panned out in these line of thoughts [I actually thought Coran was her uncle!]. But I think it went along the lines of the Garrison forming a special team [Voltron] to take out the immediate threat [the Galra] before they destroy peace in the universe

……..damn! Did I sure know how to fill in the lines or what??? 

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So I've been snooping around the phd tag and as far as I'm concerned Kai hasn't done anything wrong so I'm putting Kai in with alpha shipping to spite ein (I'm pretty sure there rivals) and because it'd be funny to see them all interact

Lmao get rekt Ein

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