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This is my jojo secret santa gift for @sakapet

Merry Christmas, Saka! :> I hope you like this little jotakak drawing! Come talk to me about jojo sometime :D 

So memories of my pre-Voltron days have been popping up in my head lately. And by “pre-Voltron days” I meant the days I looked through ship tags| read fics and theories before actually watching the show

And the biggest thing that stands out to me was my impression of Shallura before understanding the context of their relationship:

You see, Shallura was the first thing that caught my attention [aside from Shiro - but still!] and I had spent days snooping through the tag and @shiroallura‘s blog to see more of the ship

These images caught my attention every time

I saw this moment in a gray scale every time I thought that’s how it originally was and with it came “so this must be a memory

So here comes the impression I had on what their relationship was in the series:

I thought Shiro and Allura knew each other before the series, I thought this series was in a world where humans knew that aliens existed and lived together in peace and all that shit; that Allura was part of Shiro’s team in the Kerberos mission along with Matt and Sam

And those two images along with the whole “I’m not leaving you!” [I swear to god I remember the word “again” in that sentence] gave me the idea that Shiro lost Allura to the Galra once before……

Don’t really remember how the rest of the team and Voltron panned out in these line of thoughts [I actually thought Coran was her uncle!]. But I think it went along the lines of the Garrison forming a special team [Voltron] to take out the immediate threat [the Galra] before they destroy peace in the universe

……..damn! Did I sure know how to fill in the lines or what??? 

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All right, I was tagged by @madeyesims - so here we go!

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people.

  1. Quit Playing Games With My Heart - Backstreet Boys
  2. Drunk - Angaleena Presley
  3. Do You Wanna Come Over? - Britney Spears
  4. Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke
  5. How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding
  6. Come Around - Sing It Loud
  7. Bossy - Kelis, Too Short
  8. Catch Fire - 5 Seconds of Summer
  9. Nothin’ To Lose - Josh Gracin
  10. Flip It - Charlotte Devaney, Snoop Dogg

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okay okay, so a lot of people liked both ideas of Negative RGB scooting down to Hero’s level in that last picture and other people liked the idea of Hero being on a stool.

I snooped through the tags I read all of them and someone said that if she was on the stool, she’d have a hard time getting on it in the first place. So the solution was RGB putting her there himself.

it was too adorbable not to doodle (thanks @kier-is-a-ranger!)

On that note, anyone have any cute Negative RGB and Hero interaction ideas they want to see doodled? Finals are plaguing me, so suggestions?

anonymous asked:

So cause your 15 you shouldnt be pulled for being a moron? Nuh stay out of the anti tags dummy

I’m sorry but what are you even referring to? And listen Anon, I promise you I don’t go snooping through the anti tag. I don’t have the time nor the patience to do that because I have better things to do than read the same hateful crap from the same hateful people everyday.

And another thing…dummy? Really? That’s real mature. You can leave now until you gather up the courage to come off anon.