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Gotta Get Out : Kit Walker x Reader

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“Kit?” You whisper throughout solitary confinement. There’s some rustling in one of the cells and you see Kit sitting in the corner. 

 “Kit!” You whisper loudly. His head perks up once he realises it’s you and he rushes to the little window. 

 “(Y/N)? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in the common room,” Kit says harshly. Yeah, you’re supposed to be in the common room but you had found a way out and had to get your plan rolling as soon as possible.

“So what? I found out how to get out of this hell hole,” you smile, dangling a set of keys in front of his eyes. “Took a little bit of work, but it was worth it.” 

“You are a godsend, sweetheart,” Kit beams. You quickly unlock the cell and Kit pulls you into a tight hug. “We have to go before the guards make their rounds and notice that the both of us are gone.” 

You lead the way with Kit close behind. You had found a tunnel leading out of Briarcliff when you were working with the kitchen and had done some snooping, silently praying that Sister Jude wouldn’t catch you. Both of you dart through the halls, careful not to make a sound until you found the tunnel. Kit pulls you in for a kiss, letting it linger a little. 

“Let’s go,” he smirks, pulling you with him. You look behind you out of habit and see that no one is following. You’re finally safe with the love of your life. As you make it to the end of the tunnel, you can finally see sunlight and feel the warmth radiating.

“I never thought we’d actually do it, Kit.” You climb out of the tunnel and feel the sun on your face after being in Briarcliff for what felt like ages. 

“I knew we’d get out and I knew we’d do it together.” Kit says, taking your hand in his. “Now, let’s go home.”

prettier-communist-than-stalin  asked:

I had a piece of paper out on my desk reminding me to insert a masturbation scene into my fic. My younger sister saw it. I am disgraced. I may have to exile myself to Siberia. I had so much to live for

For penance, you must explain to your sister that snooping around your desk was rude, tell us all about how this fit into your fic, and take a photo of this note and share it on tumblr.

cat and mouse | naruto

prompt: AU. Punk Naruto is frequently in trouble and the police are familiar with him. Hinata’s parents are cops. But he really likes her so …

pairing: Naruto | Hinata

notes: Sorry I haven’t been writing too many fics lately, I’m on kind of a hiatus. School work is drowning me, so here’s a present. (Okay, so I didn’t do exactly what the prompt was suggesting, can’t win ‘em all.)

notess: There’s also a small amount of touchy-feely in this one. Just a warning. 

He always ran from him. As fast as he could. As long as he could. And somehow he always managed to get away from Hiashi Hyuuga’s grasp. The old man was always two steps behind, never close enough or just too late. It was almost like a game of cat and mouse. But the cheese he was stealing was far better. It was the finest brand he had ever tasted. 

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summary: Juvia Lockser ran away three times.

pairings: siblings! jellalvia, gruvia, protective older brother jellal…




The first time, she was seven years old. Jellal was three years older than her, and at the time her phobia of the month was being eaten by a coyote, so naturally she asked her karate proficient brother to come along with her.

Jellal had been slightly bored that day, so he reluctantly agreed after she promised not to go into his room for a whole month.

They walked down the block to the Dairy Queen conveniently close to the house they were raised in. They bought matching chocolate dipped cones and let the ice cream drip down their chins in synch with the setting sun, reminiscing past escapades and counting cars that sped by.

It only took them an hour and a half to get bored and walk back home. They received a small scolding for their absence, but went to bed pumped full of chocolate nonetheless.

Those were the simpler days, and Jellal sometimes wished it would be that way once again.




The second time, Juvia was fourteen and had been denied a cell phone for what seemed like the twenty-thousandth time.

Jellal noticed her anger with dull interest, she was but a hormonal teenager who was taking the first step in the long, horrifying journey that was high school.

He hadn’t anticipated her explosion however – perhaps it was a girl thing - and she stormed out of the house with fire in her eyes and stubbornness in her shoes.

About three hours and seven Modern Warfare asswhoopings later, Jellal decided to go after her.

He found her lingering on the roof of the warehouse where they kept sleds on the winter - something they both ought to have grown out of but refused to – so it technically wasn’t running away, but she wasn’t in the house, so it sort of counted.

She had been crying, her messy eyeliner which had yet to improve was smudged across her brow bone messily and ground into her sweatshirt sleeve. He ignored her haphazardly glare and sat down next to her, brushing pine needles off of his sneakers and sighing, a telltale indication that he was ready to listen, if she was ready to tell.

“Everybody has a phone but me.” She globalized, fisting her hands and lightly punching the hollow plastic shed.

“Pretty much.” He agreed, although his phone wasn’t really anything special in the first place.

“You’re not helping,” she glared.

“I didn’t come here to help.” He rationalized, handing her something he had been holding.

She peered into her hand to examine the object he had smuggled her.

“What…is this?” she pondered, rolling the item back and forth between her palms.

“Aw, come on. You know what it is.” He baited.

“Is this a walkie-talkie?” she deadpanned, holding the object like it was an ancient fossil.

“Yup. You remember? We used to take them to the children’s museum and interfere with other people’s signals.” He reminded.

“Where’s the other one?” She asked flatly.

He held up the walkie-talkie’s twin and pocketed it once more. Juvia raised a slightly-black eyebrow.

“So you can call me, when you need to call someone else. It’s a three-way call system. Completely foolproof.” Jellal strategized.

“Foolproof, huh?” She drawled, tapping the walkie-talkie against the warehouse roof testily.

“You bet. Mom won’t know what hit her. Watch this.” He began, retrieving his walkie-talkie and turning it to channel four. “Juvia?”

To humor him, she turned hers to the same station and held it up to her ear. “Jellal?”

He cleared his throat, like he was about to deliver the state of the union address. “Guess what?”

Juvia bit back a smile. “What?”


She crackling sound of Jellal’s voice tenfold over the walkie-talkie almost fractured Juvia’s ear drum, and she hucked the ancient device at his face.

“Gross! I hate you, you crackbaby!” She pushed him in the direction of the edge of the shed, hoping that he might topple off and break a few limbs on the way down. Unfortunately, he stayed stationary, a cheesy grin plastered across his smug face.

“Let’s go home, I think dad hid a box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer…”

“Aw, really? Neopolitan?”

“Is there any other flavor?”

“Good point. Let’s roll.”




The third, and final time Juvia ran away, Jellal was not prepared.

She was too young. Only twenty-three years old, and he’d be damned to hell and back when he finally accepted it.

“Jellal, you look angry.” Erza, Jellal’s fiancé, pressed, tugging at his arm impaciently. He had no doubt in his mind that the frown on his face was visible, and he honestly didn’t give a shit.

“Yes, well – I have every right to be!” He sputtered, folding his arms together like a jealous toddler.

It was a good thing Erza had such a tight grip on him, because he really would’ve managed to sneak that shotgun in if it wasn’t for her snooping.

“Your sister is getting marriedbehave, dammit.” She growled. He wouldn’t have heeded her if she hadn’t have looked so good in that bridesmaid dress – deep purple did so much for her it was ridiculous.

But it didn’t change the fact that his tiny, itty-bitty baby sister, was being given away to another man.

“Jellal,” Erza repeated, “You promised her you wouldn’t freak out.”

Jellal gritted his teeth. Dammit – she was right, she had even bribed him with dark chocolate M&M’s. He had eaten every last piece the night before, stressing over the fact that that bastard Gray Fullbuster would have his disgusting hands all over his sister in a matter of hours.

That asshole didn’t deserve her. Even Gray himself had admitted it – but he still asked her to marry him, and she still agreed, more than happily.

“Stop looking so grumpy and assist the groom.” Erza instructed. Right – because he was a groomsman, to his knowledge, only because Juvia had requested it. What he and Gray had was barely beyond mild tolerance, on Gray’s part. What Jellal harbored for Gray was considered to be other-worldly hatred that originated from the depths of hell itself.

Jellal watched Gray get ready, fumbling with notecards and mumbling words under his breath repetitively over, and over again. Psh. If he really loved Juvia, he would’ve memorized them weeks ago.

“Hey,” Natsu, Gray’s best friend, asked him, minutes before the ceremony began. “You ready?”

Gray nodded nervously. “I am.”

Jellal bit the inside of his mouth until it bled.

Standing up at the altar and watching his sister walk down the aisle, absolutely breathtaking and everything an older brother didn’t want in a sister, was the most bittersweet thing he’d experienced to this point in his life.

She was happy – mind blowingly, spine-crumblingly happy, and he couldn’t stop it, not with all the threats, blackmail, and shotguns a brother could conjure up to frighten away possible suitors. He had lost, and she had won.

He would argue that he had let her win though, because despite his protective instincts, what mattered most was her happiness.

Gray, save a few nervous laughs and anxious stutters, seemed just as excited. If he had been anything less, Jellal would’ve had to kill him.

He made secret eye contact with Erza throughout the wedding vows as he listened closely, reminding himself that this would be him in a matter of months. Erza must’ve been thinking the same, because she was smiling wryly like she always did whenever they were on the same page.

And suddenly, with the words of a preacher, his sister became somebody else’s.

With a hardly appropriate for church kiss, Gray swept her away to the limo, completely forgetting about the rest of the guests in the swirly haze of being newlyweds. Typical kids. At the reception, people shared speeches and stories, and Jellal swirled his glass ambiguously, Erza’s hand never leaving his shoulder and his never leaving her waist. Juvia’s smile lit up the whole room.

Later into the night, surprisingly enough, jellal managed to snag th groom, alone.

With the few minutes he had before Juvia would inevitably find him and knee him in he balls for intimidating her husband, Jellal gave Gray a friendly shove against the wall and held him there.

“Listen up,” he started, praying that Erza would only be a few minutes in the bathroom. “You got three seconds to convince me that you’ll make her happy, or I make sure you’ll have no need to wear pants any longer.”

Gray gulped before speaking. “I love her.”

It was simple, and sweet, despite what Jellal would’ve liked to believe. He released him, his shoes hitting the floor with a plop.

“Fine,” Jellal warned, “but if I find out you’re nothing but talk, so help me god-“


Juvia’s wail of protest cut off his brotherly speech.

“What did you promise me about threats?” She asked sternly.

“…Not to.”

Exactly. Did he hurt you?” She asked in a concerned voice to her spouse.

“He…heh, no. We’re all good. Brother-in-law” Gray explained, attempting to throw in a good-natured joke at the end.

“Don’t go there.” Jellal said flatly.

“Good.” Juvia nodded firmly. “Behave.” She pointed a finger at Jellal and looked around for Erza to enforce her ruling.

“Also, Gray, if you get my sister pregnant too early, I’ll strangle you to death with your own scrotum.” Jellal reminded.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Gray said with a nod.

“God, dammit Jellal, what’d I just say? C’mon, tell me-“

“I am behaving! It’s just a  word of warning!”

“Oh, shut up! You’re weirding everybody out, where in god’s name is Erza when you need her?” Juvia moaned, and like speaking of the devil, Erza surfaced from the bathroom, face unreadable.

“Erza! Thank god! Put a leash on him, will you?” Juvia begged, shoving Jellal’s arm into her hands.

“I will,” Erza said, voice whispery and very un-Erza like. “Also I’m pregnant.”

I did a family au

Keeping Track

Sorry i’ve been quiet - had to go to the moon for a week :/

Repetitive due to different sources

Mainly DS, Metro, ITV and Mags - I update it as the mag spoilers come in

Week 11 (14th - 18th march) - divorce process

Monday 14th March

Ross confronts Charity, he realises she has him over a barrel too when she tells him that she knows he shot Robert

Chrissie’s surprised to learn Andy defended her to Robert as she struggles to hide her growing attraction towards him.

Robert’s thrown when Victoria tells him Aaron has his plea hearing in a couple of days.(Vic / Robert chat about Aaron)

Tuesday 15th March

Chrissie heads to see her solicitor to finalise her divorce from Robert. Enjoying spending time with Andy, Chrissie fakes hurting her ankle. Andy picks her up but it soon becomes clear that Chrissie isn’t hurt and she cheekily trips Andy up before racing off to the house. Andy catches up with her and she pulls him in for a passionate kiss.

Sensing Aaron’s anxiety over seeing his father in court, Robert offers to attend the hearing with him

Robert offers to go with Aaron to attend Gordon’s plea hearing. Aaron is shocked when he realises ‘liar’ has been scratched into the side of his car, but he’s oblivious to the fact that he’s also being watched…

It’s not long before the real culprit reveals herself - aaron’s half-sister Liv

Wednesday 16th March

Aaron is unable to hide his happiness when Robert turns up to support him in court, (woop) but he receives a nasty surprise when he sees Gordon behaving like he’s seriously ill for the court’s benefit - even pretending to collapse. Could this help his case?

As the Dingles rally round, there’s one person Aaron really wants by his side — on-off lover Robert. So he’s overwhelmed when Robert arrives in court to support him.

The following day the Livesy lad is thrilled when loyal Robert keeps his word and turns up at the courtroom to hold his hand (plz not metaphorically)

Cain seethes to think Gordon’s defaced Aaron’s car but his face falls when PC Swirling places the garage truck near the jewellers that was robbed the previous day.

Later, DS Wise tells Chas that Gordon has an alibi and couldn’t have defaced Aaron’s car. As a hidden figure watches on from the shadows, it’s clear that someone else has a score to settle - but who? (Liv)

Aaron faces Gordon in court / Gordon’s plea hearing

As Gordon’s hearing arrives, Aaron is sickened to hear that his abusive father has another trick up his sleeve.              

He fakes a collapse so that everyone thinks he’s seriously ill.

As Aaron leaves the court, a figure emerges from the shadows, intent on settling a score… (liv? - though strong wording?)

Thursday 17 March (No Robert)

A furious Liv seeks answers from Aaron

Liv has turned up in the village and she accuses Aaron of being a liar. Aaron tries to reason with her by explaining what Gordon did to him.Later, Liv snoops through Chas’s phone and finds Gordon’s address. Soon afterwards, Chas and Aaron are horrified when they realise Liv has gone to find Gordon. Aaron heads off with Zak to find his sister, but will things get out of control when Sandra arrives?

Liv questions Gordon over Aaron’s allegations, but he denies everything and tries his best to get her back on side.

Liv questions Gordon over Aaron’s allegations and he denies everything. She’s in turmoil as he tries to get her on side. Meanwhile, Aaron’s frustrated as he’s stuck in roadworks, desperate to get to his sister. At Gordon’s, Liv comes rushing out and Aaron hopes for the best.

When Aaron finally reaches Gordon’s house after being delayed by roadworks, he sees Liv rushing out. Whose side is she on now?

Meanwhile, Sandra is under pressure from Chas and finally admits that she knew about Gordon abusing Aaron, but she still refuses to give a statement to the police. Chas pleads with her to reconsider. (Sandra makes an admission / Chas world is rocked by another huge confession?)

Sandra finally admits that she knew Gordon was abusing Aaron, but didnt do anything to stop it out of fear for Liv

When Liv confronts Aaron and accuses him of lying, Aaron sets out to give her some answers.

He is forced to regale what his dad did to him all over again, leaving him exhausted. But as he tries to get through to his troubled sister, she snoops through Chas’ bag when she is left alone and finds Gordon’s address on her phone.

While Zak and Aaron arrive to find Liv rushing out of Gordon’s, what state will they find her in and has she started to believe what her dad has said?!

Friday 18 March

Aaron tells Robert about Sandra finally going to the police. Robert is also suspicious of Liv asking him so many questions. When Sandra and Chas arrive back from the station, Liv sees Chas’s hostility towards Robert as she slips out. Later, Liv meets Gordon. Will she betray her brother?

Robert grows suspicious of Liv’s questions

Later as Aaron finally feels the case is going the right way with Sandra having gone to the police, Robert remains suspicious of Liv.

Aaron tells Robert about Sandra going to the police and feels things might be going his way at last. However, Robert’s suspicious of Liv asking him questions.

Robert smells a rat when Liv sets about giving him the third degree over his relationship with Aaron.  What’s she up to?

Sandra and Chas arrive back from the station and Liv sees Chas’ hostility towards Robert (*sigh*) as she slips out. Later, Liv meets Gordon. Will she betray her brother?

As Liv slips out once more to meet Gordon in secret, has her dad gotten so deep under her skin that she is about to betray her brother?

Or will she come to her senses and realise that he is using her?

Week 12 (21st - 25th March)

Monday 21st March

Liv conspires

Hoping it will get Gordon of the hook, Liv gives information about Aaron and Robert to the police

Tuesday 22nd March

Pierce shows up

Wednesday 23rd March

Aaron is in the episode

Paddy’s world is turned upside down

Pierce finds out about tess/paddy

Cain confronts charity about working with ross

Thursday 24th March

Holly Barton returns

Chrissie is worried about the divorce settlement

Week 13 (28th - 1st April)

Aaron: Thursday, Friday
Robert: Friday                

Week 14 (4th - 8th April)

Aaron: Monday, Wednesday.

Robert: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Week 15 (11th -15th April)

Trial week

trial starts on Tuesday

What Next?

Liv feeds Gordon info about Aaron and Robert’s relationship (cry)

Liv gives Gordon information about Aaron and Robert, hoping something will help get him off


Liv will be staying with Aaron.

Robert will be telling his worries to Aaron and Liv will be secretly listening/recording their conversation.

G’s Trial 

Robert holds Aarons hand at the trial.

Who instructs thugs to beat up a village favourite - and will he survive?

22nd April Roberts b-day       

New Dingle possibly Cain and Chas’ mum Faith (Aarons granny!)  

Aaron’s sister will challenge their relationship because she and Robert won’t get on and will be competing for Aaron’s affections

Jealous Robert and Robron going for a drink together (robert jealous of chrissie//andy candy - though possibly cause of Andy not Chrissie?)

Weiss Schnee’s Guide On How To Deal With A Vampire Roommate Chapter 4

and so… people like this… and this continues to continue…. thank u

Pairing: White Rose (mainly. if you squint there’s all the pairings you could possibly make within team RWBY) 

Summary: You don’t get to be an engineering genius at the age of fifteen, Belladonna.

Chapter 1: If you have suspicions, tell a friend.

Chapter 2: Confirm that she is, indeed, a vampire.

Chapter 3: Enlist friend’s help in final confirmation of roommate’s vampiric nature.

Chapter 4: Final confirmation. Bring your friend with you.

The room was dark when they got in. It was two thirty in the afternoon and it was more or less pitch black. The blinds were shut, the lights were off, and since it was in the afternoon, the hallway lights were off as well. The only source of light was the tiny gaps in the blinds and the light from the doorway - which was from the window down the hall.

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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 27

Authors note: hope you all like this chapter :)
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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 27

I walk straight to my room, and sit on my bed. My tears don’t fall, I just aimlessly stare at the blank wall. I look away from the wall, and crawl under my covers wanting to go to sleep. I hear a few clinks against glass. It takes me a moment to realize that something keeps hitting the window. I get up and inspect my window, only to see Harry standing outside. He’s throwing small stones. “Hayley I know you’re there” he calls, and I sigh, he comes to the window, and gestures for me to open it. I hesitate, but end up opening the window. “What do you want?” I ask him,
“I need to talk to you”
“I’m busy” I say and go to shut the window but he stops me.
“no, you’re not. Let me in”
“Hayley let me in”
“no Harry, go home.” I shake my head, fighting my heart.
“Hayley let me in”
“why should I?”
“let me in and you’ll know” he says, and I push away from the window.
“well climb in” I cross my arms. Harry chuckles before climbing in the window, making it look easy. “Hayley” he starts of adjusting his top. “Okay, look, I’m not letting you go easily. I can’t do it. I have been nothing but a f*cken train wreck. I love you Hayley, and I can’t be apart from you. I hate showing my feelings and emotions you know it. I’m sorry and I never say sorry. I love you Hayley, I want to be with you, I want to be yours and I want you to be mine, and only mine. I’m in love with you, and I’m not letting you go so easily. Hayley, will you be my girlfriend again?” Harry asks me, his voice sounding sincere and catching me off guard. “Did you just say sorry, and I love you in the same sentence?” I gasp,
“don’t make a big f*cken deal about it.” he mutters, “Do you mean it?”
“mean that I love you? I climbed through a window, and said I did.”
“say It again”
“I love you Hayley” Harry replies with a smile, my eyes waster up before I walk into his arms. “I love you” I mumble, his arms wrap around me tightly, and I sigh in relief, so happy to feel his touch again. “I’ve been a mess” he whispers,
“so have I” I reply, before we break away.
“There’s uh.. Something I want to show you though”
“What is it?” I ask him curiously,
“you have to come with me” he says,
“just with me.” he replies, and I take his hand, I walk out my bedroom door, walking to the living room. “Hay- oh hi Harry” my mum stops her sentence,
“Hello” he greets, before we walk out. We walk to his car and hop in. We stay quiet while Harry drives, I just look out the window trying to work out where we are going. The car stops before I realize we are back at our houses. I look at him weirdly before he gets out, he takes my hand, taking me to his house. I don’t get why we got in the car, but I won’t question it. We walk into his house, and he takes me to the back garden. “What are you doing?” I ask him curiously, he doesn’t answer he just let’s go of my hand. “Stand here.” he says, before he walks away. “Don’t look back” he intrudes getting me even more curious. After a few moments, Harry makes me close my eyes. I do as he says, “Okay, open” he allows me open. I see Harry standing in front of me with a teddy bear holding a heart, with “I love you” stitched into the heart. The teddy bear has balloons attached to it. I look at him stunned. I never ever would have expected this. “Valentines day isn’t for another week or so, but I know this is what you like.” he awkwardly comments, stepping forward and handing me the bear and balloons. “Wow, thank you so much. This is so sweet.” I coo, still shocked. “You’re welcome, don’t say I don’t do anything for you.” he smiles before I kiss him sweetly. “I do love you Hayley”
“I love you too” I whisper before looking back at him. “Come with me” he flicks his head wanting me to follow him in the house. We stride into the kitchen, before I place my teddy bear and balloons down on the bench. “Well what do you want to do? Watch a movie?” he questions grabbing a cake off of the far bench, bringing it forward. “Cake?” he offers, making me eye the chocolate cake. I nod before Harry cuts me a slice. “Seeming we are back together, I have a small party thing tomorrow, would you like to come with me?”
“Sure what kind of party?”
“Well it’s, it has to do with my work and stuff, nothing too big” he answers and I nod. “Sure I guess.” I shrug hiding the fact that going to one of his small parties daunts me a little, it makes me a bit anxious. “Alright let’s watch a movie come on” he flicks his head towards the living room, walking to the living room. I follow, sitting on the couch with a slice of cake. “Do you want funny, boring, romance, scary or what?”
“Hmm let’s watch pitch Perfect.”
“I’m not watching that.” he shakes his head,
“Hm Safe Haven?”
“Nooo” he exaggerates.
“Uhm mean girls?”
“That’s so old.”
“You’re so picky”
“Yeah I am” he nods,
“My Big Fat Greek wedding?”
“Too long”
“50 first dates?”
“Too repetitive”
“You’re so picky, Uhm Nemo?”
“How old are we, 5?”
“What movie do you want?” I question,
“a good one.”
“nothing seems good enough for you.” I cross my arms. He rolls his eyes before putting on a DVD. “The things I do for you” he mumbles, plopping down on the couch next to me with a grunt. “We don’t have to watch it if you don’t like the movie.” I comment, hating the fact that he is so fussy. “No it’s fine.” he replies, looking at the screen. The start of Safe Haven begins and I find myself cuddled into Harry. “Wow her ex is looking for her, big whoop” Harry rolls his eyes, “Shh you’ll ruin it.”
“oh we all know how this ends, it’s obvious.”
“I haven’t seen this before now hush.” I scold, earning me a glare and an eye roll from Harry.

Harry’s p.o.v

This movie is boring me, I’m not the type to enjoy sitting here when I know the ending, it’s a chick flick, I much rather watch sports or something interesting with a good story plot, not this. I carefully get up and walk away. I walk to the small study by my room. I make sure nobody is around before I pull my journal out from behind the books on the book shelf. I hid it here when I found out the other week that both my mother and sister are snooping around for things. Apparently there’s no such thing as personal or private space. I sit down at the desk and turn to a page. I find the page where I last stopped working.
On the page in my writing there’s the words;

“only half a blue sky,
Kinda there but not quite”

“Without you, without you, half a heart without you.”

I re-read the words over and over again in my head, before deciding to try add more. My eyes wonder around the room before I walk out and go to my messy room. Glass is on the floor from my little outburst this morning, my things thrown everywhere. My shoes step on some glass, making it crunch. I ignore it all and jump on my bed. I look down at the floor, spotting one shoe, and that’s when it hits me.
“It’s like waking up to, Only half a blue sky, Kinda there but not quite, I’m walking round with just one shoe, I’m half a heart without you.”

The past weeks without Hayley has been miserable, absolutely horrible at that. I haven’t been into the studio much, associated with anyone, I’ve just been on my own, not including the times I decided to go out and get drunk because I had nothing else better to do, than to squander my money and time on alcohol. Without Hayley all that surrounded me was grey skies, like a cloud of rain was hovering over me constantly, not giving me an remorse. I was off without her, unbalanced, or walking around with just one show. I didn’t feel myself, half of me was missing, I couldn’t understand it, but now it’s making sense. This girl is driving me crazy, literally, making me feel things I’ve never felt before, things that I don’t want to expose. I keep my feelings to myself, and that’s why we had to have our break. I refuse to change for someone or to let someone change me, but if I don’t try show my feelings with her, I’ll lose her, for good. I’m half a heart without her. I’m half a man at best with half an arrow in my chest. I quickly jot down,
“I’m half a man at best, with half an arrow in my chest.”

“Harry?” Hayley enters the room before stopping looking around at the trashed room. “Yes?” I ask her, she doesn’t reply, she just looks at the broken glass, and objects on the floor. “What happened in here?”
“nothing I’ll clean it later. What’s up?”
“Well, I don’t want to watch the movie anymore.” she softly comments, her eyes scanning around the room. “What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know, what are you doing?” she questions me, I shake my head closing my journal. “Nothing”
“Clearly” she mumbles, I can see in her eyes that she’s getting curious, she wants to see what’s in this journal but I refuse to let her. I place it over on my side table, “no snooping” I comment as she takes a small step. “I won’t don’t worry” she defends before bending down and picking up a picture frame. “Hayley” I warn knowing she’s going to try clean my mess up. I don’t need her to clean my things up, it’s my mess. “Harry-” she goes to comment but I interrupt her, “don’t ask questions just leave things alone.” I firmly instruct not raising my voice, just sounding with authority. “I- fine” she sighs sitting on my bed. “Do you want to stay over at my house?”
“I can’t Hayley I have to out tomorrow morning.” I answer with a bit of a sigh. I would love to sleep beside her, but I have to go into the studio tomorrow. “That’s alright. Are you working on a new album?”
“Yes we are.” I nod, not wanting to get into a conversation evolving around my work and career. “Well this party thing tomorrow, what am I meant to wear?”
“Anything nice, a dress?” I suggest, not really thinking too much. “Okay I’ll wear a dress then. Well I’m going to go I’m tired.” Hayley yawns stretching out her arms. “Okay, come ‘ere first” I instruct opening up my arms, wanting to feel her body on mine, I want to feel her in my arms. She crawls closer to me, before I wrap my arms around her. She nestles into me cutely, her arms around my neck. “Mmm okay have a good sleep” I mumble stupidly, Hayley giggles lightly pulling away. “You too” she smiles before I peck her lips. “That all I get?” she pouts; her eyes shinning brightly at me, making my heart melt. I smile at her, before pulling her in for a sweet kiss. “I’ll walk you back” I mumble against her lips, quickly kissing her again before we completely pull away. We hop off the bed, she grabs my hand and I lead us out of my room. We walk out of my house, walking to her house. “Thanks” she smiles as we get to her doorstep. “Welcome, goodnight” I whisper, kissing her quickly before giving her a hug. I’ve missed this so much. “Goodnight Harry” she smiles before opening the door to her house and I walk back over to my house. I walk in the door, getting starred down by my mum. “So you and Hayley?” she questions placing her bag down, she must have gotten in when I was at Hayleys moments ago. “We are together.” I nod keeping cool about the topic. “That’s good, I thought you two would.”
“alright mum” I nod walking down the hallway. I walk into my room, and quickly hide my journal in a safe place. I pull my covers back and change out of my clothes, before sliding into bed. I lay awake thinking, I want to get out of this house and get my own place, but I don’t want to upset my mum, or move too far away, or not live next to Hayley. I sound so pathetic but I wouldn’t see her as much, we wouldn’t have the privilege of being so close. My eyes start to slowly close, reminder of hayley in my mind as I fall asleep.

My phone rings, the sound of the alarm waking me rings through my ears. I groan not wanting to get up, but duty calls. I grab my phone turning the alarm off, to give me some peace. I stay in bed a few minutes waking myself up. I push the covers off me, getting up and getting dressed. I pull on my usual black jeans, with a random top. I shove my phone into my pocket, along with my keys and wallet. I quickly pull the duvet over the bed, not bothering to fix my bed properly, I’ll do it later. I walk out of my room quietly before exiting the house. I step down the few steps walking towards my car. To my relief no fans are braving the weather and standing around. I look over and see Hayley walking out of her house at the same time. “Where you off to this early?” I call out, her head whips around and looks at me. “This thing called uni” she replies before she walks over to me as I turn my car on to warm it up. “Why are you going this early?” I ask watching her shiver a little. “I can’t sleep and because I missed classes I may as well use this time and get extra work done and all. All that fun stuff”
“doesn’t sound fun, but I’m glad I don’t have to do it all.”
“Hm lucky you” Hayley sighs before I bring her in for a hug, “How do you plan on getting to Uni if you don’t exactly drive?” I question her, her arms wrapping around me, clearly cold. “I was about to call a cab, I’m not going to walk” she replies,
“I’ll give you a lift, get in” I instruct,
“no you don’t have too, you’re busy”
“get in the car Hayley before you get me mad.” I comment breaking away from the hug. I wish she wouldn’t make things complicated and would just listen. “Okay” Hayley gives in getting in my car. I get in the car, and pull out. Hayley tells me which Uni she goes to, and I start to drive. “Aren’t you going to be late?” Hayley asks me.
“no I’ll be fine” I shake my head, watching the road. “How are you getting home?” I ask wanting to know she’s safe in how she gets home. I don’t exactly want her riding around in cabs on her own. “either cab, or I’ll get my dad to pick me up” she shrugs not too worried about how she will get home. “Do you want me to pick you up?”
“no it’s fine you already drove me.” she shakes her head, “You need to start driving”
“I don’t want to drive on my own”
“I’ll teach you”
“You don’t have too”
“I know, but I want too. Well we are here.” I comment looking at the large University to my left, “thank you Harry” Hayley grabs her bag before she looks at me. I shift in my seat, “I’ll pick you up, just call me” I instruct kissing her lips not allowing her to protest my offer. She should be pleased I am making an effort and attempting to be sweet, and pick her up. “Alright I will.” she nods before showing me her gorgeous smile as she hops out of the car. I watch her walk through the gates of the University before I drive myself to the studio. I park my car, before noticing all the fans gathered around the entrance. This can either be really easy, or really hard. I walk slowly to the entrance, the girls all looking towards me like a fresh piece of meat in a lions eyes. They all start to chatter, some attempting to get my attention. I play smooth and say hello, being polite. I stop for a few pictures despite the fact I don’t feel like taking pictures right now. “Are you single?” I hear someone ask but I don’t reply. I think it’s best to keep things on a low key for now. I walk into the studio, finding my band mates sitting around with a guitar. “Hey!” Niall chimes, he’s like a hyped up child all the time, always happy and cheery. “hi Niall” I nod, pushing my keys in my pocket. “Sup Styles” Zayn greets, “Hi Zayn” I reply, before Louis pats me on the back. “what’s this I hear of a girl Hm?”
“What are you talking about Louis?” I play stupid, “ah uh don’t play stupid with me Harry” Louis shakes his head. “I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines already”
“I don’t read the stories, half of them are fake.”
“Well I’m dating Hayley”
“Well I didn’t see that coming” Louis lies being sarcastic. “I’m sure you didn’t.”
“Well good job Styes, you’re actually getting in a proper relationship, being serious and buckling down.”
“Thanks Louis” I roll my eyes, it’s as if he’s my father that’s giving me some speech. “That explains why you’re here, you’re in a good mood, she took you back I see” Niall comments and I give him a bit of a glare. “So what are we doing today?” I change the subject not wanting to discuss the fact that I begged Hayley and gave her a speech that somewhat showed that deep down somewhere inside me I have a heart. “What happened? Did you charm her?” Niall questions getting a kick from this. “no”
“Tell us” he whines,
“No, why do you want to know? Your love life that boring?” I question,
“Oi my love life has nothing to do with the fact that you were miserable because a girl dumped you” Niall crosses
his arms. I angrily glare at him before letting my anger go, he is right. “I’ll give you that one Niall, but never speak of her dumping me again. Now if you must know she just couldn’t resist me” I shrug in a joking way. “Tell us the truth you muppet” Louis pipes in.
“aren’t you lot nosey Parker’s.” I comment,
“just bloody tells us” Louis rolls his eyes,
“Are your lives so boring you have to force me to tell you about mine?”
“Tell us and stop dodging the question.”
“we just talked it out that’s all there is to it. Now instead of hounding me for my love life details we should get to writing these songs before we get our arses kicked.” I explain grabbing a note pad from the small table and sitting down next to Liam. “Alright so far what do we have?” Liam questions,
“I have a picture of Niall with elephant ears, Niall has a picture of me with surrounded by blood carrots because he is a carrot, and let me also add that I dislike carrots, the worst saying I could have possibly used back when I was younger. It still haunts me to this day.” Louis mutters showing us his picture. “I have a blank sheet” I comment,
“I have nothing” Zayn adds,
“You lost are useful” Liam groans, I lean over and see he as well has an empty notepad. “Says the one with an empty notepad.” I mutter, but he ignores me. After hours of just mucking around, failing at writing something we all agree on, I get a call. “Oh your lover is calling better answer” Louis chuckles, I give him an eye roll before answering my phone. “Hello?”
“Hi Harry, I’m uh, I’m done if you want to pick me up. I can get my dad if you want.” Hayley says through the phone with a slight shiver in her voice. “I’ll be there in 10 just give me a few minutes to leave.” I answer her, before I hang up. “Ooh lover boy has to go” Niall chuckles,
“goodbye you lot” I comment standing up.
“Will we expect to see you tonight or are you busy?” Louis questions winking at me. “I’ll be there, and I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that wink”
“We all know what you’re going to do tonight” he adds,
“If you’re referring to screwing her, you’re wrong.” I comment walking away. I step out of the studio, swarmed by fans. I manage to make my way through the crowd of girls. I drive to Hayleys University, I see her standing near the gate looking down. She looks up, I don’t see her smile, or her eyes beaming with beauty. Instead I see saddened glossy eyes, and no smile. I park the car before getting out. She goes to open the door but I stop her. “What’s wrong?” I ask her instantly not caring about the hellos we are meant to share. “Nothing” she shakes her head, hiding the tears that I’m sure are threatening to fall. “You sure?” I ask her, but she doesn’t answer. She just opens the car door and gets in. I sigh unaware of what’s wrong with her, why she looks so sad. I get in the car, and drive home despite my want for McDonalds. Hayley gets out of the car quietly. I contemplate for a moment between following her or going to my house. I lock my car, before finding myself following her to her doorstep. She doesn’t say anything she stays quiet, walking into her house. I close the door worthy, locking it before strolling down the hallway. “Hayley?” I call before she turns to face me. “What’s going on?” I ask again, wanting an answer trying my best not to be demanding. Hayley doesn’t reply, a few tears just fall down her cheek. I sigh watching the tears. She wipes them away with her hand before turning her head. “Hayley-” I sigh wanting to be caring and comfort her but I don’t really know how. Usually if a girl cries there’s someone else that comforts her, and comforting my sister or mother don’t count. I bring Hayley in for a hug, before she starts to sob into me, “Do you want to tell me what it is wrong? Do I need to kick someone’s ass? Did someone say something too you? Who’s ass am I beating?” I question before she giggles softy. “nobody’s it’s fine” Hayley mumbles, I gently pull her away so she can look at me. “Tell me who’s ass I am kicking and I’ll do it right now.” I comment being 100% serious. I don’t care who you are, right now whoever made Hayley cry will pay. I’ve never been defensive of a girl I have had a “relationship” with but with Hayley I am. “Hayley I am serious, I need a name, or names.” I exaggerate curious to know if it is one person or multiple. I need to know who and what I’m dealing with. “Harry it’s fine honestly.”
“I have my girlfriend f*cken crying in my arms, it isn’t okay. Now tell me before I get annoyed and work it out myself.”
“Harry you can’t kick a girls ass so calm down.”
“Make a bet? I know girls who will gladly go do my business for me. Now give me a name.”
“Harry no. Nobody is hurting anyone.”
“I need a name, I’ll give them a good talking too.” I adjust my pay back method. “I don’t even know her name.”
“Fine describe her to me and I’ll find her.” I reason, making Hayley giggle. “You’re defensive”
“Hell yeah I am, now I need you to show me which bitch needs a talking too” I comment, not caring how defensive I may sound. Now if this was happening in public, maybe just maybe I would reconsider and not care just because of my reputation and eago but we aren’t in public so it doesn’t matter. “Let’s drop it”
“What did she do to make you cry?”
“Tell me” I demand cutting Hayley off. She huffs before looking away.
“she.. She said I was just another one of your trollops, just one of your promiscuous toys that will soon enough be thrown away with the trash where I belong.” Hayley informs me, my eyes widen and arms tense with fury. “You know that’s not true” I instantly bark getting angry, I’m not angry at Hayley I am angry at the fact someone was rude enough to say that to her. I’m angry that someone can even attempt to compare Hayley to previous girls I’ve dated or messed with. “Don’t yell at me” Hayley takes a step away from me, “Sorry I didn’t mean to bark at you. I’m pissed that someone f*cken said that to you. That’s not okay. That’s bloody awful for you to be told. It’s not true you’re not a trollop, you know that. That woman is just a miserable damn woman who is jealous of the fact that I love you. And she’s jealous that she’s not getting any because she’s a miserable bitch nobody wants.” I exclaim, Hayleys facial expression changing from sad to a bit happy. “She seems miserable” Hayley admits with a nod. “She probably is, she probably can’t pull a guy even if she tried her hardest, not to mention she has a terrible personality to say shit to you. She’s probably the trollop that stands on street corners. Some people piss me off I swear.” I mutter calming down as I are Hayley dry her tears. “Miserable low life bitch” I add,
“okay no more name calling, can we change the subject?” Hayley sniffles,
“No I’ll call her what I want”
“Harry” Hayley sighs making me stop. “Fine” I mutter stopping myself from coming up with more names for this woman. “Do you want something to eat?” Hayley offers, changing the subject completely. “Sure what are we having?” I ask walking towards the kitchen with Hayley.

*** ***

I lean on the wall of Hayleys house, waiting for Hayley to get dressed, in the time it has taken her to get ready I’ve gone to my house, taken a shower, gotten dressed, cleaned the mess in my room, and She’s still not completely ready. “Hayley come on” I groan before the door opens. I enter Hayleys room. My eyes meet her body, she’s dressed in

My mouth waters, my eyes unable to take themselves off Hayley. She looks irresistible. Her legs are showing, her chest area is out there, she just looks perfect in the dress. I feel gobsmacked. I feel lost for words. “Problem?” Hayley asks before I take my eyes away from her body. “Uhm no” I shake my head, yes there is a f*cking problem, guys are going to be over her. I’m struggling to keep my cool, and not be all over her, I hate to think how others will be. Hayley slips on her shoes, before getting her bag. “I’m ready”
“about time, only took like 10 hours” I exaggerate taking her hand.
“Whine” Hayley rolls her eyes as I lead her down the hall.
“you take forever” I exclaim only stating the truth. “Where are you two off too?” Hayleys dad asks, “Just out dad”
“What time will you be home?”
“I don’t know” Hayley shrugs,
“Hmm okay make sure you have your key and be quiet when you get in. Harry take care of her.” Hayleys dad instructs and I nod. “I will”
“Are you staying the night?” he then adds,
“Erm no not that I know of”
“Well if you do, you know the rules.”
“Yes no sex, got it.” I nod, too late really, I’ve already taken his little girls virginity away. I tug Hayley behind me trying to reach my car.

Hayleys p.o.v

As Harry pulls up to some place I know nothing of, I feel my legs start to shake. I notice there are men and woman holding cameras, majority being men. I look at Harry but he doesn’t look back at me. He just parks his car. I watch as the men swarm whoever is walking towards the entrance at this moment. I thought this was a private event, clearly not. “Please tell me we aren’t going in there.” I comment, pointing towards the group of photographers. A lot more than the ones that followed us in Greece. In Greece there were probably 8-10. Here there’s 20+ and I’m unaware of what I’m meant to do. I’m just an ordinary girl, being photographed by randoms isn’t my cup of tea. “Yes that’s where we are going.”
“But.. Those people” I gulp getting a bit nervous.
“Ignore them, come on” he encourages getting out of the car like it’s nothing. Easy for him to say. I open the door and slide out. I take Harry’s hand, instantly trying to hide behind him. We walk towards the entrance, I keep my head down, as things are shouted at us, and flashes go off. Before I know it, we make it inside unarmed. Harry leads the way to where his band mates are sitting. They all greet me politely and I do the same, despite my shaking body still. “Why are you shaking?” Liam asks me noticing quickly. “The morons outside rattled her up” Harry speaks for me, “oh” Liam sounds, knowing exactly what he meant. “I didn’t think you would show up” Louis smirks,
“Shut it, don’t even start” Harry warns his mate before taking his drink and throwing it down his throat quickly. There seem to be a far bit of people here, which I know none of. They are all just people I have no clue of whom they are. I stay by Harry, not feeling like associating with people I don’t know. I don’t exactly trust everyone I see. The guy in the corner seems like the creepy type, he just stands there watching quietly, not moving. The woman in the blue, short dress is hanging off three different guys, which makes me wonder what exactly she’s trying to do or prove. Then there’s the man sitting at the car with a half empty glass of some alcohol, he isn’t talking he’s jus starring down at his drink, as if he’s stuck in a black hole sucking him in, thinking about major life decisions or the heart break he feels, but will soon be too drunk to feel anymore. Harry and I part hands as we walk to the bar and gather around at the corner of the bar. The bartender hands me a water before the 5 boys get lost in their own conversation. Harry kisses my cheek, “I’ll be back in a second” he whispers before swiftly moving away. The conversation between the 4 boys is interrupted by a group of guys coming to us. “Oh who’s the lady?” one asks looking at me. “Oh this is Hayley” Niall introduces me, and I give the man a half smile. “Nice to meet you” he offers his hand to be shaken. I shake his hand before awkwardly standing there. “So Hayley tell me about yourself” he smiles,
“back off mate she’s taken” Louis shakes his head, noticing the pick up line quicker than me. “By who?” he asks just as I feel an arm at my waste, I gasp a little before realizing who it was. “Oh now I see, ha it won’t last long” he mumbles,
“what did I miss?” Harry questions,
“Not much” Niall shrugs,
“Hm okay.” Harry sounds not exactly believing Niall. As the night goes on I find myself sitting alone in the corner. Harry keeps leaving me, and the boys all scattered after a while. I look down at my phone before my attention goes towards who just sat next to me. “Hayley” a guy smiles, he looks like one of the ones that was talking to the bigs earlier. “Uhm hi” I awkwardly greet, a bit uncomfortable already. “What are you doing?” he asks, the smell of alcohol on him makes me think differently of him. He was nice at the start, now he seems tispy or drunk, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. His hand rests on my knee and I move it away. “Don’t” I shake my head, I don’t want his hands on me. He’s been friend zone. And friends don’t touch my knees while drunk, or sober. I find it to be a bit of a sexual touch. “Do you want to go somewhere else?” he asks me, his eyes looking bloodshot. “no” I shake my head, shifting away from him. “Why? I want to do you so badly.”
“Uhm you need to leave” I comment firmly. I don’t appreciate being spoken to like this. “Don’t be hard, come on” he chimes but I shake my head. I get up and scan the room. I spot Harry chatting to someone, before I make my way over to him. I tap his shoulder, he instantly turns around. “oh hey” he smiles bringing me into his side, his arm draping around me. “I think he’s bothering her.” the man who was talking to Harry comments. Harry turns to see the one who was sitting with me. “Is he bothering you Hayley?” Harry questions me, I don’t reply not wanting him to get upset or anything. I don’t know what he’ll do and I don’t want to find out either. Considering we are in public he probably won’t do much, but there’s nobody to capture the moment so maybe he would. “Is there a problem mate?” Harry questions the now stumbling man who was bothering me. “Yeah, this girl is f*cken hot” he comments, his eyes lighting up at his comment towards me. “Oi watch you’re f*cken language when talking about this girl, my girlfriend, and while you’re at it, find another girl.” Harry firmly instructs, exaggerating the 'my girlfriend’ part. “But she’s so f*cken hot, look at that body.”
“You have 5 seconds to shut you gob before I shut it for you.” Harry threats, the man eyes Harry before stumbling away not taking any chances. “He won’t be bothering you again” Harry comments proudly. As much as I am happy he pushed the man away, I’m not happy with how the man directed me as hot. He was just looking at my body, which gets to me. “Hayley this is Nick, Nick this is Hayley” Harry introduces me to the mysterious guy Harry was talking too. “hi” I shyly greet,
“Hi Hayley are you enjoying the party?” Nick asks me. “I guess” I shrug, before the two boys get back to communicating. While Harry talks to Nick I start to notice the area getting fuller and fuller. Some people have bulky cameras, some have note pads. “Harry, Nick smile for the camera” Someone shouts before pictures are snapped, left right and center. I hide behind Harry, unable to move anywhere. Everyone surrounding us in a big circle. “Smile with the girl” Someone instructs being pushy. Harry turns to me, unable to do or say anything. Pictures being taken of us already. I look down as a flash blondes me. “Hayley?” Harry whispers, but I don’t reply. I’m too busy trying to process everyone around us, taking pictures, telling us what they want, how to pose, what to do. Too many flashes are going off at once for me to handle, there are too many people, to many demanding photographers wanting certain pictures. I’m just a Normal girl who isn’t use to this, this isn’t my thing. I take a deep breath starting to feel overwhelmed by everything. I gives small smile to a camera that’s facing me, before I turn my head to look at Harry. He’s just half smiling half looking at me before his eyes meet the camera. I try to pull things off for his sake, these people clearly not leaving until they get what they came here for. “Harry look here.” someone calls, more flashes blinding me, making me feel anxious, and even more overwhelmed. My eyes hurt from so many flashes, I don’t know how people deal with this. I am struggling, I have never been subject to this before, this isn’t an experience worth wanting. I feel cramped, too scared to move. If I move I will probably be pounced on by these demanding people trying to snap pictures and probably make a living off of them. My palms feel sweaty, my eyes burning, the pit of my stomach becoming unsettled, my legs feeling unsteady. My nerves are rushing through me, pulsing hard making me feel nervous and anxious. “Harry” I whisper trying to stir his attention away from the needy photographers. I want to get out of here. The room feels like its starting to spin, the flashes feeling like blurs. I don’t know what’s happening, I feel the same feeling that I felt back when I was sick, the feeling I felt before I ended up in the hospital but I can’t quite pin down what the feeling is. Maybe it’s just the flashes playing with my eyes and mind, I don’t know. All I know is this feeling is not a great feeling. It’s not a distinct feeling, it isn’t distinct like the feeling of puking, or the feeling of being weak, cold, and what not. It’s a mixture of different feelings. My eyes feels like they want to shut, as if I’m sleep deprived, my legs feel like I’ve been standing for hours on end, my hands sweaty, my head heavy, and my body doing its own thing, kinda rocking a little; as if I’m on a boat. I pull away from Harry, I take a step towards the table that was behind us. I lean my elbows on it bowing my head down, I feel as if my knees will give way any time now. Harry feels so far away from me, I just want to lay down and sleep. My heart feels like it’s pounding when it has no reason to, not like I have run a marathon. “Harry?” I mumble to myself, not sure on where he is, although I took a few steps away from him, it feels like miles between us. Trust him to be miles away, then again it isn’t like I can expect him to be my little savior, we all know he won’t do anything in front of the cameras but pose.