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To anyone that followed my side blogs, I deleted them today. Not because I wanted to, but because someone in my family decided to snoop into my personal business and send my posts to everyone in the rest of my family. So to avoid further drama, I simply deleted them. Yeah, I could keep posting as an act of rebellion, but why estrange myself even more from my family? I’m already the black sheep and its a fight I wouldn’t win. I’m not feeling too positive about myself today but we’ll see how the rest of the day goes.


I’m reading Cicero’s correspondence to Atticus and it feels like I’m snooping on some guy’s 2000 year old emails

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this is a concern everyone had with hajime turning into izuru but if they covered it up and said all the student council members were exposed; what the heck did those student's parents think? or do? I pray they didn't sign anything equally dubious

To my understanding, Hope’s Peak seems to be a boarding school (at least for the Main Course students.)

So it’s a bit fucked up to think about, but I don’t feel like any of the families were informed at all, and they were meant to think their kids were alive (so long as they didn’t contact them frequently while they were at school.)

I don’t really remember, but I don’t think the expulsion was made public, just that it was the “official story” in case someone went snooping in the files–similar to how Hinata’s file said “expelled” despite the fact he was participating in the Kamukura Project.

They just need an excuse as to why they aren’t showing up at school.

So the crazy chick came back to drop off the keys to her car (keys she didn’t have???? her mechanic dropped them off??) so we could move it out of the way but then stayed the night and basically tried moving in when I was like no.

In the end, she started accusing us for everything that’s wrong with her life, totally wigging out. We called the 911, dad had to hang up and then was assaulted, but the guy bolted and they fled when I came out with the shotgun.

Some people just do not understand when they aren’t welcomed.

Oh and they tried to steal some of our power tools and got away with our vacuum. :I They’d been caught snooping through our drawers and closets, so I wonder what else they took.

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Sorry we couldn't get a good look because they had the entire part of small area blocked off last night. I talked to someone and they said a tall guy and red head lady were there but maybe those are stand-ins? Not entirely sure, I left because there's no point in trying to snoop around in the middle of the night plus my camera phone is terrible.

Lord have mercy! A tall guy??? 

Ok when I was there on Monday, people were walking right past the shoot, nothing was blocked off. OMFG they totally have a Quarrie scene up their sleeve, don’t they???

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♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Perhaps Dani’s most privately kept hobby is her love for playing music. It’s one thing for her to rave about her favorite bands yet another entirely to openly share her abilities as a musician. Music was a highly valued part of the education she received in the sanctuary of her father’s estate and indeed a beloved one as well. As most musicians do, she first learned the basics of piano until she was adept enough to start with the instruction of her primary instrument – the violin. While you may catch Dani out on the beach with her guitar to sing a tune every once in awhile (an instrument she picked up during her later teen years), you won’t catch her playing her violin unless you have exceptional through-the-wall hearing and/or are snooping around her Mellankoli loft. She’s quite shy about her musical talent and commonly underestimates her own skill. She is though, in fact, naturally gifted in the musical arts, so if you are lucky enough to stumble upon one of her private practices, you can rest assured that your ears won’t end up bleeding as a result.

Let’s talk about this scene in Ghostbusters…                                                   

So at first glance this is just some maths/physics gobbledegook on a whiteboard that looks cool but then you look closer…

See it yet?


It says [Pa/RA(NO+RM)alS+UD1ies/Lab]com



Here’s the link of you’re a lazy fucker:

(Also those calculations were apparently examined by some dudes at MIT so something in there is legit IDK)