actual proof that my boyfriend is gr8 at writing like hE WRITES MY OWN OC BETTER THAN I DO. BOIFRAN WAI U DO DIS TO MEH

No but seriously he’s gr8 and his writing makes me really sad sometimes bc he’s s o good at writing sad shit like this

Ugh I ship Miriko/Luciano X Caspar so hard i cANT UGH MY CHILDRENNNN

For further note Milano/Luciano is my character he’s the one who’s an emotionally broken and maybe a little mentally unstable victim of child abuse and Riko/Caspar is boifran’s oc who is really tall and dorky and tries his best to fix his emotionally fucked up  boyfriend ye 

I ship these dorks so much but like I do reblog allot of shit that reminds me of them so thats why I have a Miriko tag and the purpose of this post is like I kinda wanted to let anyone who was curious know what Miriko is and why there’s sad/angsty/shippy stuff in the tag