snookies book

i remember in middle school one of the first books i ever bought myself was the book that snooki wrote and i read it like everyday until a teacher took it from me…. i never got that book back

For The Record

It is not easy to sell a YA book (or any book, honestly). Nobody sits at a computer and just bangs their fists on the keyboard for 80,000 words and immediately gets an agent and a book sale. That’s just not the way it works. No, not even for Twilight.

If you are still under the impression that editors will literally take any book with even a whiff of YA about it, you are mistaken. Point-blank.

1) It has never ever ever been that way.

2) Every single YA novel that you hate still took time, skill, discipline, blood, sweat, and tears to write and sell.

I’m not saying this because I’m like “omg HOW DARE YOU HATE IT! Why don’t you love every single YA book, you hate-hate-hater?!” I don’t think that. Anyone who knows/follows me for any length of time knows I’m very pro-quality control and pro-criticism of the category.

I’m saying this because, for whatever reason, people think that spitting out a crappy book they don’t really care about and then selling it to a major publisher for $$$ is A THING that people actually do. It’s not a thing. Anyone who’s ever actually written a novel-length manuscript knows that it’s not a thing.

A) It can be an absolute struggle to finish a manuscript you LOVE writing, let alone one you HATE writing.

B) There are no guaranteed sales. The only time you sit down to write a book that you know is going to sell is if you’ve ALREADY SOLD IT. (They call those “options” in book contracts… as in, “we’re buying a book you have not yet written and we get to decide which one we take.” So really, EVEN IN THIS CASE it’s not a guarantee of sale until you write a book they like.)

But seriously, you can write an AMAZING book in a genre that EVERYONE says is hot right now and likely to sell, and you ARE STILL NOT GUARANTEED A SALE. Rejection happens to hundreds of talented writers every single day. I’m not going to turn this into a crash-course on publishing, but just… trust me on this. If creating a salable novel were an easy thing to do, everyone would have a book deal.

(I’m not discounting marketing. The market plays a big role. And yeah, sometimes they give Snooki a book deal… because Snooki, much as you may despise her, IS IN THE MEDIA SPOTLIGHT and fits into the market somewhere.)

So if you don’t like a book, that’s cool. You don’t have to, you’re not obligated to, and you don’t need me to tell you that. But could we PRETTY PLEASE stop with the whole “this person just jumped on the bandwagon and wrote some crap they knew they would sell” thing? Because LOL no.