snooki hair


I see you. I see you when you shake your head and roll your eyes. I hear when you mutter “permissive parent” as you pass. I hear your children when they ask why the girl with the colored hair has a “bald face”. We don’t mind the curiosity. If you can use a peaceful voice & give us some room in our bubble we don’t mind explaining. But we do mind when you act disgusted, use hurtful words, or just generally look on disapprovingly. The pretty girl with the colored hair is almost 5. She didn’t have an easy start to life. Some of what she experienced she remembers. Some of it she doesn’t. She also spent years screaming in pain at strange moments until a doctor visit taught us that she has a condition where certain sounds in the every day cause her extreme pain. Then earlier this year her face began to change. One by one her eyelashes began to disappear. We discovered that this tiny person has Trichotillomania, a condition where a person under extreme stress and anxiety compulsively pulls their hair out. After her eye lashes disappeared her eyebrows slowly began to go as well. I was afraid the hair on her head would go next. So when she asked for pink hair, I jumped on board. Multi colored hair too? Absolutely. We can’t always control the sounds in her world. But I can give her control over her own body and her hair. So far with her pride in her colored hair she has yet to pull it out. So, polite questions are welcome in public. But rude gestures and and statements are not. They generally lead to her pulling more hair out. Dont judge this beautiful little girl by her beautiful cover. I see you. And more importantly, she sees you.

( @sheeranwrites​ )

“This…is this actual food?!” Gemma sassed to the musician in front of her, trying her best to not make Ed feel extremely horrible about whatever this was that he cooked but at the same time, she couldn’t hide her sass if she tried. It was a curse really. When she noticed her boyfriend starting to frown, she lunged at him, nearly taking him down to the ground in the process when she looped her arms around his neck and began to nuzzle her nose into his ginger hair. “Awwww snookie boobie booble lovey - y’know I was only jokin’ of course!”


God I love deep-sea creatures. This cartoony-looking squid is Taonius borealis. It kind of looks like what would happen if E.T. had a baby with a squid… with just a dash of owl thrown in for good measure. Oh and Wall-e, I see him in there, too! What do you think?

These bizarre deep-sea squid only grow up to 50 cm in length but even something so tiny has room for unique adaptations. Its large eyes normally sit facing frontwards, but as you can see from the last photo it is able to switch them to see out laterally instead (those photos were only taken a few seconds apart). You might notice that it swims with its tentacles above its head as well. I guess it’s just into the Snooki pompadour-style look. Hey, you can’t really stay up to date on the latest hair trends if you live at the bottom of the sea, now can you?


Sexy alien snooki old-school nurse based on my roommate’s Halloween costume (which was just the old-school nurse part) and a conversation we had. 

Like any proper alien, she has three fingers plus a thumb. She probably had those gloves custom-made. 

Someday I’ll learn about color management and stuff, until then I’ll never know if this is as bright as it should be for everyone else ;;__;;