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Happy Birthday snooker player John Higgins born on May 18th 1975 in Wishaw. 

Higgins burst onto the snooker scene in the 1994/95 season, becoming the first teenager to win three ranking events in one season. For this he earned an amazing £283,970. 12 times more than he earned the previous season. the 1998 season he won the the first of his four World Championship and at the end of the season he received player of the Year award.

He has won 28 ranking titles, including three UK championships and two Masters titles, making him one of the most successful players in the modern history of the sport. His records include  the first player to compile four consecutive century breaks in a major tournament: 103, 104, 138 and 128, in Preston 2005. He achieved the feat in the final of the 2005 Grand Prix, against Ronnie O'Sullivan, he is one of only five players to win both the World Championship and the UK Championship in the same year.

In September 2010, Higgins was cleared of match-fixing allegations made against him by UK newspaper News of the World. He admitted to bringing the game into disrepute though, by not reporting an approach to throw games. Because of this he was banned for six months, backdated to May 2010 when he was originally suspended. In addition he was fined £75,000.

This year Higgins became one of only 4 men in their 40s have played in a world final at the Crucible, he looked to be cruising to victory in the event and was 10–4 ahead after the second session, He then lost 12 of the next 14 frames and ended up losing the match 18–15.

In February 2010, Higgins and his wife Denise appeared on ITV’s Mr. and Mrs. and reached the final after answering 9 questions correctly out of 9 to win £30,000. They donated the money to The Dalziel Centre – a day hospice for cancer patients, based at Strathclyde Hospital in Motherwell, of which Higgins became a patron after they cared for his terminally ill father.

See You Again

Fic Request: In a relationship. Lydia notices that Stiles never gets jealous when guys try to hit on her and she asks him why. He gives her a sincere and confident answer which in return turns her on.

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Romance, Established Relationship

Author: scottmczall

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EXO Chatting Relay Event - Chanyeol
  1. Hi~~~~
  2. Can you see this!?
  3. You should be able to (see this)
  4. I was anticipating for today
  5. Everyone, are you ready?
  6. 5 minutes is too long..
  7. It’s even more tiring than waiting for a cup ramen
  8. Has you eaten your meal?
  9. I’m going to eat after finishing this
  10. What should I eat?
  11. Please give me some recommendations
  12. Thank you for giving me good recommendations
  13. I’m bored..
  14. What should I do in these 2 minutes..
  15. Hukk -Okk -Ah.. cannot..
  16. I ate yeom-ddok and got upset stomach for 3 days
  17. Stir-fry kimchi with tuna and vegetables and then add some cheese and done!!
  18. It’s still left with 11 days.
  19. Co..k..cola…
  20. I like, I will go to Osaka!!
  21. I do wear short sleeve shirts but I will follow my mood on that day, and I will wear long sleeve
  22. Shhhhh It’s our secret
  23. Nemo?
  24. EDM Section!!!!!
  25. Nihao~~~~
  26. My height is 185cm.
  27. When I visit a cafe, I will order Americano??
  28. Nuna babo, dongsaeng babo, hyung babo, I’m just a babo in general. (Note: xx babo means he loves xx a lot until he turns into an idiot for them )
  29. Three hours ago, my handphone was film kkkkkk Bulletproof Film kkkkk
  30. I use ballet-binu… I’m joking.. I only use soap kkkkk (Note: Binu=soap)
  31. Oh!! Really!! I like pcy too!!!!
  32. Why do you talk about that person when you apply to chat with me??
  33. Yes.. I can’t read music sheets kkkkk
  34. Every round of snooker has 5 players at most?
  35. I feel like wanting to learn.. I really want to start a band ever since back then kkk
  36. Ah.. someone mentioned about snooker
  37. In billiard, I am 9999 times better than Kyungsoo..
  38. Kyungsoo can’t play like this kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  39. Let’s have fun!!!!
  40. Uhmm.. Love Me Right or Promise?
  41. Jjajang noodles and Sweet sour pork
  42. I prefer pouring the sauce and eat…
  43. Actually sometimes I pour the sauce, sometimes I dip the sauce.. I will stay in the middle of both.. Dip-pouring the sauce
  44. Chanyeol Oppang
  45. My highest weight of my whole life is right now.. it’s… a secret
  46. Me too, will work hard to study Japanese
  47. I like myself only
  48. Like I said, thank you for making the best memories in your 20s.
  49. You mean you are going to sleep now……….?
  50. Close your eyes and breath!?
  51. Recently.. even though it’s an old song, but I listen to Kings of Convenience’s Cayman Islands. It’s good to listen to it when it’s raining
  52. Assassination!! I was playing Crazy Arcade, then someone assassinated me with loudspeakers. Because of this, I wasn’t able to focus during the beginning part.
  53. Me too, fall for you after seeing you.
  54. I seldom play games.. Just when I’m really bored kkkk
  55. On the first showcase!!! I will never forget that time my whole body having goosebumps ><
  56. I’m sure I’m over 180cm, but because I am huge, so it’s okay.
  57. I really like Nujabes
  58. Fried tofu sushi… The kids that I went out with scolded me why I pay such high prices for fried tofu sushi at 스지집.. But it’s so delicious, what to do TT
  59. I love sushi. I was thinking to go to eat sushi later but yesterday I ate so I am not going.
  60. Of course (i’ll choose) dancing 
  61. Come to Yeollie
  62. Uhmm.. I don’t go out…?
  63. What hair colour I like?? I actually like my silver hair.. but my hair is still hurt by it…
  64. Amen!!! I will pray for you too!!!
  65. I’m excited!! Let’s dance!!!
  66. One most suitable cute nickname will be fine. If there’s many of them, then it will be confusing!!
  67. I don’t think I have been through such difficulities kkkk
  68. Don’t be obsessed over songs that I composed, be obsessed over me.
  69. I really like ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’..><
  70. I like the nights more ><
  71. Maths…………..
  72. 문과!!! (liberal arts related majors)
  73. kkkkk You’re the cutest here
  74. If you eat watermelons, you will need to go to toilet
  75. /sings Three Bears song/ 곰세마리가 한집에있어 아빠곰 엄마곰 애기곰..
  76. After growing 4 more years, come to oppa
  77. I can’t do aegyo..
  78. It’s even harder to find a webtoon that I have not watched before… I was the one who recommended About Death (죽음에 관하여) to Kyungsoo!
  79. Vladimir ><
  80. EXO-Ls’ superpower is love!!!! giving out hearteu!!!!
  81. It’s because back then, they said people with same surname are not allowed to be married.
  82. They said Daegu recently is very hot…..
  83. Godric Gryffindor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Me too, prefer during CMB era!! But it was hard to maintain TT everyday the colour was fading
  85. What cologne I use? It’s a secret!!
  86. (Q: Is it hard to say I love you?) Yes!! very difficult!! very embarassing!! I love you!!
  87. When it’s hot, (I wear) short pants ; when I dance, (I wear) long pants… kkkkkkkk
  88. I don’t really like beer.. kk
  89. I like both.. Because it’s summer, so it’s good to have short hair…………. It’s so hard (to make a decision)… kkkkkk
  90. Guys, the time is left with 10 minutes
  91. kkkkkkkkk Cannot
  92. I need to go to eat
  93. eungggggg
  94. It’s too fast…
  95. The time passes faster when I chat with all of you
  96. Everyone, now tell me what you’re curious of.
  97. kkkkkk. Ah, that one… I went for shopping but we met up conincidentally kkkk Even when I went to another supermarket, we met again kkkkk We are doing well~
  98. Try playing Yiruma’s Maybe.
  99. Wearing a few pieces of clothes..? Thin padding + Thick padding is the best combination
  100. Guys, now I have to go to have my dinner
  101. Goodbye everyone
  102. Going to eat my dinner
  103. To be become a man with principle, I will go and eat real rice
  104. Everyone, please be happy, don’t get hurt. Only look at the bright side, listen to good words.
  105. Let’s believe in each other and be happy together
  106. Bye!!!!!!!!!! 
  107. I will count one to three
  108. One
  109. Two 
  110. Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  111. Byeong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Will The Real Anthony McGill PLEASE Stand Up??? (when you’re done with that shot)

A while back a well known Twitter personality saw the above tweets and concluded that a reputable Scottish sports journalist working for a reputable publication had suddenly decided to turn his professional Twitter into a celebrity tattler and reveal an ongoing romance between a television actress in a series being filmed in his country, and his friend Tony McGill. Much digging about on the Internet revealed that this actress did indeed know a man named Tony McGill (a music producer for a small label and co owner of a bar in London) and with much fanfare a new sector of the Outlander fandom was born.
A while back I saw those same tweets and concluded that they had to have been a joke. How would a sports writer even know this Tony McGill? He is not a sports figure, but perhaps they are personal friends. But why make a public joke about a personal friend on a professional Twitter feed?? It was all very confusing, but probably not as confusing to me as it was to the journalist, who got slammed by Outlander fans.
But it turns out that this journalist does know Tony McGill-he’s just not the same Tony McGill the actress knows.
The journalist’s Tony McGill is a well known ginger snooker player and a perfect target for a sports writer to joke about on his professional Twitter to plug a TV show in which the handsome male lead character happens to be a ginger.
So looks like it WAS all a joke after all, and aimed at a very well known sports figure by a sports writer- not the reveal of a celebrity romance. But the joke is really on you Purv, for not getting your Tonys straight!!

anonymous asked:

Go look at Purv's Tumblr She showed the photos Scarlett posted don't show Cait, just Sam and she posted more DMs from people who insist Tony was there. She also did a two part thing showing Gerry Braiden wasn't talking about the red haired snooker player and she tagged you. one of Tony's friends follows Cait on her Twitter! This guy isn't in Cait's circle of friends, he is only Tony's friend, so why would he follow Cait? Can you go look and tell me what you think.

Nope.  Don’t care what she has to say.