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1. Can you recommend at least 3 amazing songs?
right now i’ll go with:
- Do or die by 30 Seconds to Mars (it really makes me wanna save the world every time I listen to it)
- The fighter by Gym Class Heroes (makes me feel invincible)
- Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell (good instrumental is always welcome)
- and maybe This is war by 30 stm as well (always loved it)

2. Can you tell me your love story?
oh boy… i’ve known my boyfriend since like 7-8 years old because we were always in the same school and also in choir together. we never really talked to each other until i was about 15, when we kinda became the only ones in that age in the choir so we would say a few words here and there but nothing long. then when i was 18, i joined the youth group he was already a part of and he started talking a lot more to me during choir rehearsal and youth group meetings and then texting as well… we definitely became close friends when the 2012 olympics came because no one else cared about it but us so we talked about it A LOT. and then he finally asked me out to go watch breaking dawn - part 2 (which we both thought was a disaster) and things kinda of crossed the point of no return there. 2 months later, in my birthday, we had our first kiss (which was also my first kiss and was totally and completely awful) and he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes. and we’ve been together ever since (19 months now).

3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
probably england or canada. always loved those countries and would really like to even live there.

4. Could you recommend a good book?
my all time favorite: angels & demons by dan brown
also my portuguese favorite writer josé rodrigues dos santos has quite a few interesting ones like God’s formula or The Seventh Seal

5. What super power you would like to have?
i’ll take this idea from the show heroes which is to absorve someone else’s power when i touch them. besides that, invisibility

6. What have you learned today?
not much… i’ve been just watching gymnastics for the past couple of days so maybe i got to know a new gymnast who’s gonna break into the big scene soon? maybe that

7. Could you give a random piece of advice?
like mahatma gandhi said: ‘be the change you want to see in the world’
i honestly believe that you should always act like you think it’s right, no matter what everyone around you does. it takes a great deal of strength and self-confidence and maybe it will drive people away, but there’s nothing better than being yourself

8. What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever done?
rappel at school? rope swing from the gymnasium ceiling? probably orchestrating a plan to escape a murderer across the street which turned out to be just a poor man smoke his cigarettes beats it all (we were all 7-8 years old, so yeah)

9. What do you like most about yourself?
i used to answer my intelligence but that shit can really be a bitch sometimes because a little bit less of thinking would help a lot. i’ll go with my curiosity and child-like attitude towards new things. i’m always eager to learn new things and i always get excited about it (which a lot of adults don’t, i don’t know why…)

10. Do you believe in destiny?
not really. i believe all you do leads down a certain path and probably things would have worked out differently if you did thing differently but i don’t call it destiny or fate. nothing is written in stone.

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And now the questions:

1. Favorite superhero? Why?

2. Are you more into playing sports or watching sports?

3. Best book-to-movie adaptation.

4. Do you have hope in this new generation (our generation and younger) not to make the same mistakes of the past?

5. What’s more important in a song: the lyrics or the melody?

6. Any freak talents? (curl your tongue, move your ears, etc)

7. Do you believe you can love someone forever?

8. What are you really obsessed and fanatic with? (if anything)

9. Are you in college? What’s your major (or what do you intend it to be)?

10. Are you a Potterhead? If so, tell me how you got into the fandom.

Thank you for reading my answers and for taking this challenge.