Catastrophic Flood Warning!!! Please Signal Boost

There was a serious land slide near Oso, WA that has plugged up the north fork of the Stilliguamish River. If you live near the river between Darington and Stanwood, please evacuate. The mud dam could give way at any time. This will cause catastrophic flood, a potentially 15ft high wall of water.
There are Red Cross Shelters at the Darington Community Center and Post Middle School in Arlington. Please get yourself to safety

He took me shoppin’Valentine’s Day, Snohomish, WA 2016

Missing Kitty

Those of you that follow me on Facebook already know about this. I’m not sure why I was avoiding typing it up here, but it’s time. I need Tumblr’s help.

Yesterday, 4/2/16 at 6:15 PM PST, Finnegan stepped outside with me onto our patio. He immediately became spooked and tore off. In our panic, we made the mistake of chasing him. I’ve never seen a cat run so fast. He hopped over the fence between our apartment complex and the bread factory next door and became lost in the large pile of underbrush, blackberry bushes, and poison ivy. Friend have helped us search, and we have flyers lined up everywhere. A coworker loaned us her humane trap which is out again tonight, and we are sleeping with our patio door open, hoping he will come home.

Finnegan, AKA Finn, is a 2-year-old DSH Orange Tabby with a white chin and patch on his chest. He is about 12lbs with a chubby face. He went missing from the intersection of 164th St SW and 6th Ave W in Lynnwood, WA, behind the Franz Bakery Outlet. 

He has a white collar with blue and brown polkadots, a name tag, and is microchipped. We miss him terribly and will do anything to bring him home. We are offering a reward for his safe return.

If you live in the Seattle/Snohomish County area, please reblog this. Please. Please help us find Finnegan. We want our sweet boy back safely.

FINN HAS COME HOME SAFELY!! Thank you everyone!!

For those of you wondering about the Oso mudslide here in WA

FEMA is turning people back at gunpoint.


People bearing donations of food and clothing.

Concerned family members.

FEMA has the place locked down.

Some of my militia associates showed up with food, water, clothing, bulldozers and other such tools and heavy equipment.  They were literally turned away at gunpoint.

This is happening in my county.

Where is the news coverage on this?