The Surprise

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Loki x reader
Words: 2641
Warnings: SMUT and fluff
A/N: So here it is, guys! I saw that a lot of you wanted a fic inspired by this gif, so I decided to write something. 
If it’s your birthday when you’re reading this, have a very happy birthday! 
Please forgive all the grammar/spelling mistakes I’ve made. 
Hope you enjoy!

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You were reading your favorite book while lying in the sweet embrace of your boyfriend, the God of Mischief, Loki.

Too caught in the story of the book you ignored Loki’s words. That was until he shook you gently and looked down at you.

“Just because that book is more interesting than me holding you in my arms, doesn’t mean that you should ignore me, love” he chuckled and you smiled back at him after you put the book down and turned around so you can look at him.

“Did you say something… I’m sorry, I did not hear you” you apologized and kissed the corner of his lips, softly.

“Yes. Just a reminder that your birthday is in two days, so I wanted to know if there is anything you want for your special day?” he asked while caressing your cheeks.

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Hogwarts house angst at school that turned into this

Alright people!! Listen up! I just got into a fight with my science class over Hogwarts houses. We’re supposed to be studying for finals, but this shit got intense. Now, what I would LOVE from you guys…Please either back me up, spread this like the plague, or tell me why I’m wrong. Whatever you think, I’m genuinely curious here.

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. WTF PEOPLE?! I’m really really really tired of this shit. They’re not that different. They’re just not. I’m in Gryffindor, that’s what I’ve always been sorted into on random quizzes, that’s what I got on Pottermore, I just roll with it. This being said, 99% of the stuff on this website written about Slytherin’s I can hardcore relate to. Okay? I’m not being biased here at all, for either house. They’re just not that different.

The people in my science class disagree. They say that Gryffindor’s are full of people who always do the right thing, are brave beyond measure, and constantly happy, and they’re constantly moving around and is the house of jocks.

     Slytherin’s are ambitious, greedy, manipulative, lazy, and snarky. They Claim that this is the ‘bad house’ and that Slytherin is truly the worst.   

HAHA No. Here’s why,

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I started writing the fem!Johnlock Salem Witch Trials fanfic because I’m trying to avoid my Feelings™ about all the new Content and subsequent angsty metas (which are actually killing me y’all; please, let me rest) and the first chapter is up on AO3 now. I’m going to tag everyone who liked, reblogged, or answered my ask post about whether anyone would want to read the fic when it was ready, just in case you’re still interested in the idea!

Here it is:

Lux et Tenebrae

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In honor of surpassing 250 followers, and making my 2000th post (this is it, btw!), I’ve decided to do a follow forever to thank all of you who have been riding the crazy train that is my blog.  Even if you aren’t mentioned here by name, know that I appreciate each and every one of you!

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Hello everyone! A new year is upon us and I thought that I should end the year by paying adieu to all the blogs that I found myself always on or reblogging from. 2013 has been an interesting year for me, and hopefully for you too. May the following year bring more joy to us all. Thank you all for posting awesome material!


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basically my history teacher showed this to my class the other day and i can’t stop laughing

So I have just reached 500 followers, so this is my follow forever. Thank you everyone that has helped me reach 500, you are awesome, and everyone who follows me, you are awesome. Here we go. (Sorry they are not in A-Z order, just went through my blogs I follow)

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Thank you everyone though!

11 reasons why I appreciate Clara Oswald

So after being sent angry messages last night, being unfollowed and criticized for my own opinion, I realized some people don’t like Clara Oswald, and although I do respect other peoples’ opinions, I decided to make a post clarifying the reasons why I adore this fictional character. Let the post commence. Also this post is spoiler free, no spoilers to be found anywhere in this post. All gifs included are not mine, they are just there for emphasis, gif credit goes to those who made them. 

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hi lovelies!

since the year is almost over, i’ve decided to make a 2013 follow forever. here are some (i know i’ve forgotten many of you) of the beautiful blogs that makes tumblr amazing! i love you all, hope you’ll have a perfect new year!  // i started bolding faves, but then i ended up having bolded every one of you.. so i’ve bolded the ones who’s all over my dash all the time

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Eleven’s hour over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s

2013 has been my first year on tumblr and I must admit that I really enjoyed it. I met absolutely wonderful people, started using Photoshop again and shared many lovely moments with all of you.
These are the poeple I admire. Thank you for making my dash brighter every day ♥

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