i used to be friendly on social media. like literally super friendly. i used to talk to everyone, say hi hello and make friends. my inbox used to have alot of messages from many bloggers here on tumblr and people around the world on my other accounts. but i stopped. not because i’ve changed or i’m a snobber now. maybe i’m just growing up. minimizing my space for people who deserve to be in my life because i don’t really need a lot. just a few who i know i can trust, grow old and learn from things in life with. 🌷


- pyo waved at us

- the members are walking slowly at first then zico walked fast so the members followed

- pyo, hyo and zico are so damn tall

- my camera got eye contact with ukwon

- bibum wearing a glass and his chocolate bangs

- kyung looks cute

- taeil didnt see everyone bc he is behind jaehyo

- taeil is not snobber, he is just small

- someone shouted to pyo saying ‘happy birthday pyo jihoon’ when he is entering the car, pyo ofc shock with cute smile flashes to the fans

- jaehyo always turning his head left to right while walking

cr. @Hanhae60

Pag mabait: Hinuhusgahan. (Plastic daw)

Pag mataray: Hinuhusgahan. (Masama
raw ang ugali)

Pag malandi: Hinuhusgahan. (Maharot

Pag hindi malandi: Hinuhusgahan. (Nasa
loob daw ang kulo)

Pag tahimik: Hinuhusgahan. (Wala raw

Pag maingay: Hinuhusgahan. (Makapal
daw ang muka)

Pag nakikipag kaibigan ka: Hinuhusgahan.
(Feeling close)

Pag hindi mo kinaibigan: Hinuhusgahan.

Ano na?
Kahit anong gawin mo, huhusgahan ka pa
din. Nasa sayo na lang kung magpapa-
apekto ka o hindi. Do whatever makes
you happy as long di ka nakakatapk ng tao.