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okay @marywisdom I now need a fic of Leonard Snart going to the WestAllen wedding.

  • Technically, he and Mick and Lisa weren’t invited, but that doesn’t matter, he forged an invitation and said that Barry’s third-removed cousin couldn’t make it, so he told them to go and have fun
    • Barry pulls Len aside and begs him not to ruin the wedding and Len is so offended
      • “As if I would ruin Iris’ special day, Barry. What kind of person do you think I am?”
  • Len and Mick in matching tuxes with little fire and ice lapel pins, Lisa in a gorgeous gold dress with matching jewelry
  • Lisa takes so many pictures at this wedding, so many. Of the bride and groom, the families, the reception, the cake (the cake has a glamor shot)
    • Also, she winked at Cisco from where he was standing with the grooms and there’s a great picture of him blushing.
    • She sat next to him during the reception
    • They danced together
  • Len and Mick are food snobs, you can’t tell me otherwise, especially Mick, and they manage to smuggle out three trays of hors d’oeuvres for later because that catering was damn good.
    • also they each got an extra piece of cake
      • “good job on finally tying the knot,” mick says, frosting in his teeth as he slaps Barry on the shoulder.
    • everyone’s slightly nervous and on edge because oh god
    • but it’s such a - nice - speech?
    • he mentions how Iris is the perfect person to balance out Barry, how she doesn’t take any shit and always finds a way to get things done regardless of the pressure on her head.
    • and that Barry is a good person and it rubs off on you whenever you spend too much time around him (”look at me,” he jokes) and that he wishes nothing but the best for both of them
    • and just when everyone starts tearing up he narrows his eyes and sends Barry a sneaky glare
      • “You better not screw this up, Barry, I’m only giving you one warning, or you’ll get frostbite in places where you really don’t want it. Iris, you call me if he messes up. Mazel tov.”
  • When Barry and Iris open wedding gifts later, they find an envelope with literally four thousand dollars in unmarked, non sequential hundred dollar bills with the note “don’t spend it all in one place ;)”
      • “p.s. don’t bother dusting for prints ;)”
    • Lisa gave Iris a beautiful gold necklace that has a huge amber crystal pendant. Iris’s thank-you note thanked her for the gift and let her know that she was sorry she had to return it to the museum.
Bake Off star Ruby Tandoh slams Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver for failing to back Jeremy Corbyn

Great British Bake Off star Ruby Tandoh has hit out at television chefs including Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver for failing to publicly endorse Labour. 

Ms Tandoh, who is supporting Jeremy Corbyn, accused top chefs of being “suspiciously silent” because they “don’t want to lose out” on Tory voters buying their cookbooks. 

She said on Twitter that “silence makes you a Tory”, adding: “If u [sic] think some ideological non-partisan thing is more valuable than getting a Labour govt in, get lost.”

imagine being silent on this incredibly important election just cos you don’t wanna lose out on a couple of tories buying your cookbook

— Ruby Tandoh (@rubytandoh)

June 8, 2017

She singled out Mr Oliver, Ms Lawson, the Hairy Bikers and Nigel Slater as she pressed them to go public with their views. She called Mr Oliver a “p****”.

She added: “I’d ask paul hollywood why he hasn’t publicly stood up for the many (not the few) but i got blocked long ago  lol.”

She said on Twitter: “Lots of big names staying suspiciously silent today despite their entire fortune/following being built on a ~kind and inclusive~ ethos.

Nigella Lawson

sorry but silence makes you a tory. if u think some ideological non-partisan thing is more valuable than getting a Labour govt in, get lost

— Ruby Tandoh (@rubytandoh)

June 8, 2017

"Imagine being silent on this incredibly important election just cos you don’t wanna lose out on a couple of tories buying your cookbook.”

The Great British Bake Off finalist has a history of hitting out at fellow cooks and food writers.

Jamie Oliver

She previously accused Ms Lawson and Tom Kerridge of being the “dull snobs” of the food World.

In a series of Tweets last month she criticised “horsey-maned rich girls” and “pompous ‘real food’ guys” .

imagine being silent on this incredibly important election just cos you don’t wanna lose out on a couple of tories buying your cookbook

— Ruby Tandoh (@rubytandoh)

June 8, 2017

She criticised female food writers for “Marie Antoinetting”, claiming they cooked for a hobby but were too well-off to actually cook the family dinner themselves.

She said: “Horsey-maned rich girls and pompous 'real food’ guys, all of them white, make up nearly all of the food world and i am so BORED of it.”

Earlier this year, Tandoh branded Ella Mills, known as Deliciously Ella, “dangerous as f—” for making money from the “wellness craze”.

And last month she refused an invitation to appear on Good Morning Britain, saying: “Piers Morgan is a sentient ham and frankly I’d rather die.”

Last year, Tandoh shared her true thoughts on Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood, calling him a “peacocking manchild”.

    stop pretending that sirius black isn’t a food snob and that it Kills him that lily puts ketchup on practically everything

    When I say Oliver should fight for Felicity...

    There has been a lot of debate in the fandom for over a year now about whether Oliver should’ve fought harder to make things right with Felicity after the breakup. Everyone has their own definition of what “fighting for Felicity” means, and I won’t speak for everyone. I can only speak for myself and relay my own hopes and frustrations.

    Today @emilytbett was nice enough to share with us the autographed script she received of 4x16 in which Olicity recite their vows.

    It was actually so beautiful and amazing to see how the actors contributed to the script and really made the characters come to life in that scene. I think we all needed to see this and be reminded of why we’ve been staying with the show even when we want to scream and throw things at the TV.

    There are many reasons why I’ve been upset this season and why I felt like I was pushed to my limit with 5x15. And it’s seeing this beautiful script and what we could’ve had that has made it hit home. I am one of those fans that strongly believes Oliver should’ve fought for Felicity, especially after he said these vows. With lines like “You will always be the best thing about me for the rest of my life” and “I will never lie to you again. Ever, ever again,” how could we not believe Oliver would’ve done everything in his power to make things right with the love of his life?

    Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

    Some fans argue that Felicity firmly closed the door on a reconciliation, and it wouldn’t have been right for Oliver to pursue her. But fighting for Felicity, to me, was never about Oliver coming on too strong or pressuring her to give him another chance romantically. I actually think the two did need to take a break and be apart for a while during hiatus. They both had a lot of heartache and issues to process and work through individually.

    But where I think the writers truly did the characters and fans a disservice in Season 5 is by not having Oliver become a living embodiment of these vows. Flirting with Felicity and asking her out was not how Oliver needed to fight for Felicity. To truly make things right, he first needed to apologize for lying. A simple, heartfelt “I’m sorry” to show that he was genuinely remorseful and understood how he hurt her. Nothing is more powerful than actually hearing the one you love say the words.  

    Then, every day after that, Oliver needed to show he’d changed through his actions. That meant being a good friend and partner by making sure Felicity had support after her paralysis, job loss, and Havenrock. If anyone understands the effects of trauma, it’s Oliver. They didn’t have to be big scenes because, let’s be honest, Arrow more often than not has issues with pacing and giving sufficient time to hit the emotional beats. These moments are usually small but powerful blips that we either re-watch or gif the heck out of to catch all of the subtle nuances. But small, consistent moments of Oliver asking about Felicity’s day or if she’s okay when she seems off would’ve gone a long way. Heck, even something as simple as bringing her a coffee or Big Belly Burger (I know he’s a food snob but Felicity loves the salt and grease) after a long day would’ve meant a lot.

    In turn, we needed to see Oliver being more open and honest with Felicity about his past and how he felt going forward facing various challenges (both as the mayor and Green Arrow). We saw a promising glimpse of that in 5x02 when he mentioned the Bratva to her.

    Originally posted by lyricalarrow

    However, he reverted to old habits in 5x04 when he lied about rescuing Dig. Maybe Felicity does need to be the one to make the first move and give Oliver a sign that she’d be open to giving him a second chance, but it’s a total Catch-22. Oliver can’t make a move until Felicity is ready, but Felicity probably won’t be ready until she sees an actual positive change in Oliver.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen that positive change yet. If anything, it seems to me like the writers have regressed Oliver yet again (maybe even more than in the past). Having him apologize and doggedly pursue another woman who isn’t even worthy of the effort sends the wrong message. Watching Oliver do this for another woman (one that Felicity knows is shady and has hurt people she’s cared about) does not communicate to Felicity that he’s thinking clearly or learned from past mistakes. I won’t even get into Oliver asking her to help him fix things with EWR, because there aren’t enough words to describe my utter disgust with that move. I think it hurt Felicity way more than she let on to see Oliver fighting for someone else but not even attempting to apologize to her for his lies or obliviousness to her pain after he “killed” Billy. In seeing Oliver put his own needs above hers yet again, I think it became the deciding factor (or last straw) in Felicity seeking support elsewhere and joining Helix. And until we see Oliver man up and stop being so self-absorbed, the “rebuild” just isn’t going to be effective.

    Oliver and Felicity do love each other. They’re soulmates. No one can convince me otherwise. Seeing the 4x16 script reaffirmed the deep love they shared, and I’m not saying they can’t get back to that. But it’s going to take time and effort. I think a single conversation won’t be enough to fix them this time. The reason Season 2 and, yes, Season 3 (despite the angst) were so great for Olicity was because the subtle moments (though they tortured us at times) slowly added up and fit perfectly into the big picture of their relationship. The rebuild has to be the same way and, personally, too much bad drama in Season 5 has happened for me to feel good about a reunion just yet. Oliver still has to be a better man so that he can realistically pull Felicity out of the darkness that’s consuming her. Blind optimism (blatantly trusting the wrong people) is not living in the light, and his actions have to start reflecting the change he’s claiming to make. It’s the only way he can even deserve the possibility of a second chance with Felicity. Right now, I’m hoping that by the finale Olicity have grown individually and we get an ending similar to Season 2 where there’s a strong indication of a reunion coming in Season 6.

    Will the writers actually do this? Who knows?! The Olicity love is definitely there and if the writers know what’s good for them (and their ratings), they’ll quit their failed experiment and actually embrace the elements that made this show so successful in the first place. How this plays out will be a mystery until the finale but what’s an absolute necessity for me as a viewer is seeing Oliver get out of his own way and fight for the woman he loves. Felicity deserves it. Oliver deserves it. We deserve it. And it’s totally okay to not accept anything less…

    Originally posted by organas

    Honestly, I don’t think you guys realize how important the Soul’s-mom-is-of-Italian-descent headcanon is to me. Especially since I think the Evans family isn’t an abusive family as much as Mama and Papa Evans didn’t know how to raise Soul because he was so vastly different from Wes. Like, so many things fall into place perfectly for me with these two little tidbits in my imagining of Soul’s glorious family and his home life with Maka.

    • His maternal grandmother, although came into wealth when she became famous for her opera talents, lived a comfortably modest childhood in Siracusa, Sicily. Even after moving to America, some things never changed (like growing all of her herbs and canning her own tomatoes for sauce. She also was the only one to make sauce; she didn’t trust her cooks for the staple part of the meal.)
    • She also gets very sad because she tried to get Wes and Soul to call her Nana but it didn’t stick and somehow Gran did.
    • Gran taught Mama Evans how to cook and bake delicious things. She later taught Soul and Wes.
    • Later on, when Soul was like 7 and Wes 12, Gran and Mama and the boys would bake and Papa Evans would play fun little ditties on the piano.
    • Soul loved young childhood. He started hating it when he started comparing himself to Wes.
    • Nobody else really did.
    • Gran loves the shit outta her baby boy.
    • Wes loves cooking. Baking bores him.
    • Soul is a stress baker, even though he doesn’t really care for too many sweets.
    • Maka, on the other hand, love pastries. But not the overly sweet ones. Sheet cakes make her sad because the frosting is overwhelming.
    • One evening Soul made Maka homemade sauce – 
    • (”Soul, you literally made enough pasta to last us the month. What the hell are we going to do with this?” “The fuck are you talking about, Maka? This is like a seventh of what my Gran makes back home!” “How the hell are you so skinny???”) 
    • – they were discussing Italian desserts and Soul brought up how Cassata Cake is his favorite dessert, like ever, and Maka cringed because the only “Cassata Cake” she ever had was the much more Americanized version with fruits and whipped cream and custard (”and while it’s good for a few bites, Jesus Soul, it’s wayyyy too sweet”) and Soul was like “no, like the cake that’s more like a Cannoli” and Maka had never one and Soul was
    • And literally drove to Death Mart immediately to get some maraschino cherries, ricotta cheese (”Maka if you pronounce it as Rick-otta one more time I swear I’m going to cry”), heavy whipping cream, bittersweet chocolate, and cake flour and got to work as soon as he got home.
    • “Soul what the fuck I’m too full to have dessert tonight, let alone two different ones.” “Nonsense Maka I’m only making the cake tonight and you’ll be hungry when this is done in three hours.” “Soul we have school in the morning!” “This is important you uncultured swine!”
    • When the cake was done at like 2 am, Maka admitted that it was sort of worth it.

    Admittedly this was mostly because all I could think of for a moment was Maka not knowing what the other Cassata Cake was and Soul being horrified.

    But I do almost always headcanon that Mama Evans (whose name always changes) is Sicilian Italian.

    angelcontagion  asked:

    if you had a tarot deck where every card related to a food, what kinds of food would each suit signify, for you? (er, if you have time and energy for something silly like this. i can't get it out of my head, and i'm curious what someone else would do with it.)


    Wands = Spicy, light-your-ass-up, make you pray at 2am on the toilet even if you’re an atheist, foods and/or condiments. The Ace would be that homemade bowl of reactor core that your great aunt from the islands ate every day to cure her arthritis even though it has pitted the glass jar it is stored in and you’re sure it’s dissolving the little steel serving spoon that goes with it. Because it would be your choice if to put a little or a lot. (Note the boundary is measured in micrograms.)

    Cups = Drinks. “Soft”, “hard”, or “otherwise”. Hot chocolate, eggnog, tea, coffee, beer, cocktails, and/or liquor as appropriate for the meaning of the card. The Ace would be Everclear 190 vodka, because it is your choice if to use it to clean (read: sterilize) your equipment or to run a erasure program on your mental storage devices. (That stuff is 95% grain alcohol and is considered a munition of war in some USA cities.)

    Swords = Light tasting and/or high-snob foods. Dishes you must be this educated to fully appreciate in the spirit and refinement of the Michelin Star Cook™ who supervised its creation. The Ace will be Vanilla Ice Cream. Really. Look up how much shit goes down in cooking contests over vanilla ice cream. To have anything better than the store brand that always seems to be on sale is hard as hell, because if you’re starting with whole vanilla beans, you can’t just measure a gram of the pod and call it good. Vanilla varies from pod to pod, so making a batch of High Froo Vanilla Ice Cream requires Serious Skills™. It is then up to the reader how much effort they want to make.

    Pentacles = Comfort foods. Stews, cornbread, dumplings, that pot of beans that simmered all day long, that beef shank nurtured in the slow cooker all night long. The Ace would be a bowl of chicken noodle soup with the open can barely visible in the background. Because it is up to you if you just wanna make the minimum effort but at least you have something hot, or use that as a start (cuz who can make chicken stock from scratch now, right) to simmer up something more tasteful and fulfilling.

    That was fun! ^-^

    anonymous asked:

    Kara and Maggie bonding over food. Like, maybe Kara describes how she experiences food to Maggie since she's so much more sensitive to the smell, texture, sound (ex. the crunch of a good crust or the barely audible sizzling of freshly cooked meat), and taste. Plus Maggie as kind of a food snob in that she doesn't eat just anything. We know she eats vegan and probably organic (up to you if it's due to dietary restrictions or a personal choice).

    y’all this was so cute. i had so much fun with this. thank you for such a wonderful prompt! <3 

    kara is laid out on maggie’s couch, there’s an episode of bob’s burgers playing but neither of them are really paying attention to it. maggie’s excuse is that she’s cooking. kara’s is that for once, the biggest thing in her life isn’t alien’s threatening to take over, or humans threatening to kill each other. it’s not being bi and also maybe ace.

    it’s work.

    it’s having a laugh with maggie over shitty bosses and the then it’s maggie, deftly flipping two homemade black bean burgers, asking “so, little danvers,” she starts

    “yes, you have my permission to marry alex.” kara says, at once.

    maggie, promptly chokes “i- not exactly what i was going to bring up but, thanks.”

    kara sits up, smiling “please, like i don’t know you’ve got a ring hidden in your sock drawer.”

    “do i want to know how you know that?”

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    anonymous asked:

    i know it's a fanon (or canon?) thing that bitty is a huge food snob but i like to believe that he is A Mess™ more often than not. like he and chowder tried making mug cakes that exploded all over the microwave. he once made easy mac but forgot to add water and the haus had to be evacuated bc of the smoke. eats gross week old cold leftovers when he's too lazy to cook. (these may or may not all b things i have done)

    okay listen as someone who loves to bake but has done that exact thing with the easy mac,,, it’s true. bitty can bake, and he can cook when he needs to TRY for a fancy meal. but when he’s just trying to sustain himself? boy eats leftover pizza rolls he finds in the bottom of the freezer, and like, a questionably dated can of ravioli from the back of the fridge. he’s a broke ass college student. Let Bitty Be Messy 2k17

    BSD Character Food Headcanons

    Because food is important. 


    • Dazai: will eat anything and everything. Not literal trash but pretty close. Cup noodles, instant ramen, if he were left to his own devices he’d probably be dead from scurvy or malnutrition. Definitely manipulates people into cooking for him. He raids Kunikida’s leftovers. 
    • Kunikida: has an ideal diet for himself and everyone else at the ADA and tries to make sure they eat healthy. He’s a good cook because the ideal man must know how to cook competently. Ends up cooking for others often because most of them don’t really know how, but has never considered giving them lessons to solve this problem. 
    • Atsushi: he’s all about comfort foods. Mostly eats what other people give him, tries and fails to cook, would be a regular at a diner if there was one nearby. He also eats with emotion. 
    • Kyouka: she has a sweet-tooth but she mostly follows the diet Kunikida set out for her. She doesn’t know how to cook but she knows how to make sweet drinks. 
    • Yosano: she’s not much for cooking and she’ll just eat whatever is convenient but she is an expert at mixing drinks and has favorite brands of canned coffee which she stashes in bulk in the ADA building. 
    • Kenji: farm-to-table. He can’t cook it but he can provide the produce. He comes around with fresh milk and no one knows where it comes from or what kind of animal he’s been milking. 
    • Tanizaki: typical student food and whatever Naomi likes. He can actually cook, and he often cooks comfort-type foods for Atsushi and Kyouka. 
    • Rampo: candy. No one knows how he doesn’t have teeth problems. Will destroy a kitchen “trying” to cook so Kunikida provides meals for him. 
    • Fukuzawa: a very healthy diet because the president of such an organization cannot sacrifice his health, but he sneaks candy from Rampo. Or maybe Rampo leaves some out on purpose. 

    Port Mafia 

    • Mori: Lots of international types of dishes. He can cook, but only Japanese meals and not desserts, and he rarely has time so he hired a cook capable of making anything and everything. Mostly for Elise, who has varying and extravagant tastes. 
    • Chuuya: he’s a food snob but not a health nut. He likes high quality. In addition to fine wines, he’s a coffee snob and scoffs at things like flavoring syrup and *shudder* creamer. He’s a good cook when he has time. Sadly he gets take-out a lot, but he’s found some take-out places that don’t make him feel like he’ll die of a heart attack. 
    • Akutagawa: doesn’t have much of an appetite and has heard way too much about gourmet food from Kouyou and Chuuya. Doesn’t know how to cook but will literally eat anything. 
    • Kouyou: knows how to cook, will tell you what you should eat and it will be something healthy but also aesthetically pleasing. No one ever wants to actually start eating what she makes because it looks so good. Each dish is a work of art. 
    • Gin: knows how to cook, but likes a lot of junk food and lives off coffee. 
    • Tachihara: took cooking lessons from Gin and failed them, so he lives off a lot of really simple meals. He’ll make sure everyone else is fed, though, if people are super busy. 
    • Kajii: doesn’t know how to cook, forgets to eat, and once ingested an experimental lemon injected with various chemicals by accident. Stomach of steal. He eats some things that make other Mafia members look on in horror. They have a game called “what’s Kajii eating today” because some of what he considers “meals” should not be food. 

    So ive been yknow, high key playin P3P and it always struck me as odd that Shinjiro “food snob” Aragaki was totally cool with giving the object of his affections rotten-beyond-edibility-food so I can only assume that he was just internally suffering on some unforeseen level