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Their fans gonnna die from bitterness and also how many Grammy is bullshit posts we gonna get while crying about their fave not getting any nomination (: with bilboard and HDD I'm sure Harry styles and sott gonna get nomination 100%

Uglies during 1D: “What the fuck??? 1d clearly deserve a grammy, let’s start a project so they c an have the nomination they deserve I can’t believe they’re being snobbed by the most important award ceremony in music.”

Uglies right now: “Grammys? LMAO! The most fake ceremony in the music industry. No one cares about the grammys anymore they’re just so fake lol Harry can have his nominations and he can breaks all the records he wants HE’S sTILL FLOPPING. OK??? I HAVE A DEGREE IN RECOGNIZING A FLOP AND I CAN CONFIRM HE’S FLOPPING”

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R: Question, how did you classic rock, hipster, music snobs who act like you've been in the music industry for decades even become One Direction fans in the first place? I honestly want to know. How did you become fans of a manufactured boyband, whose music doesn't even live up to past boybands'? As a classic rock fan myself, I gravitated toward Harry because I could see the potential in him to become a great entertainer, that's why I'm excited for this guys' career. But what brought you here???


keith’s probably the guy who’s just really bad at remembering names and paying attention to anyone other than the professors during classes so whenever someone’s like “hey!!!!!!!” he’s always like “uh…. hey?” all confused and trying to remember where he met them before and people misinterpret and think he’s a big snob when really the poor boy just has selective attention and shitty memory


The complexities.

The simplicities.

The muses.

The music.

In Marvin, Vol. II, the second half of their focus on the legendary vocalist, The Music Snobs explore the loves and loss that drove Marvin Gaye to create the unparalleled Here, My Dear.

Listen right here.

Summer Punk

UM I love fashion???? Hey have some Summer fashion that would fancy your punk persona punksona IDK if that would be canon or not who cares but my hc is that noah, blue and ronan are music snobs and are they kind to tell you anything that is not rock sucks??? idk they are still idiots trying to look cool. 

Baze Malbus sits at a bar, drinking his favourite tea. He has lost sight of Chirrut a while ago, but as a fight breaks out behind him, he wonders no more.

He doesn’t turn around yet. Chirrut can hold his own against a dozen and more opponents, and the patrons of the bar are intoxicated enough not to pose a problem.

With a sigh he raises his cup for the last bit of beverage, but it never makes it to his mouth. A small blaster bolt comes out of nowhere, smashing the cup to pieces in his hand.

Baze came here to drink chav tea and to kick ass if necessary. And now he is all out of chav tea.

concept: yuuri drinks straight black coffee, no cream or sugar.  he doesn’t do it often and generally prefers tea as his hot beverage of choice, meaning coffee is only resorted to when he needs to stay awake, as a general rule.

viktor prefers his coffee to be delicious, always with cream and a bit of sugar. on indulgent days he also adds whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, etc etc etc. he probably has a custom starbucks order (but also is a bit of a coffee snob and says that other places are better than starbucks. he grinds his own coffee beans)

none of this is very relevant until after yuuri moves to russia to live with him and two days after the flight they have practice, and yuuri pulls out some instant coffee (”instant coffee? in my house?” viktor is shrieking) and dumps some (”too much!!!!! it’s going to be too strong and bitter and it’s instant coffee!!!!!”) into a mug, adds boiling water, and then chugs the entire thing

viktor’s world tilts. he is horrified. what have you done to yourself, yuuri. this is wrong. this is a travesty

yuuri is unaware of how what has just transpired makes viktor want to pull his hair out and just sleepily shuffles over and demands a hug. later, he is very confused when he cannot find his instant coffee bc it’s 3 am in japan and he just wants to stay awake through dinner please

it’s gone. it’s never going to be seen again. viktor is in the kitchen grinding coffee beans and singing. he will never let the love of his life suffer like that again

The signs as Sims 3 personality traits

Aries: daredevil, hot-headed, rebellious

Taurus: good, nurturing, great kisser

Gemini: good sense of humor, friendly, social butterfly

Cancer: family oriented, over emotional, dramatic

Leo: lucky, brave, party animal

Virgo: perfectionist, neat, neurotic

Libra: charismatic, flirty, snob

Scorpio: hopeless romantic, flirty, evil

Sagittarius: adventurous, loves the outdoors, rebellious

Capricorn: ambitious, bookworm, workaholic

Aquarius: artistic, excitable, commitment issues

Pisces: absent minded, easily impressed, clumsy