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I know the last post was a joke, but I can't help but think there's a little bit of truth to it. From what I've heard from others (in a discussion about why it isn't one of the top 3 shounen series) is that HxH fans are often pretentious snobs who like to keep it underground so they don't have to associate with mainstream stuff like Naruto and one piece. I fit that category of fans tho :/

really??? man, i haven’t gotten that impression, personally. i would actually be glad if it got a bit more recognition in the west – it really deserves it. that said, while i expect there to be plenty of new fans as a result of the english dub airing, i don’t expect it to be become mainstream like naruto or attack on titan, etc.

part of what makes hxh so novel and enjoyable to many is exactly why i think it will struggle with mainstream success in the west: it subverts expectations and is almost uncategorizable as each arc has major changes in genre, mood, and cast. it’s unpredictable and unorthodox – thrilling to some but difficult to get into for others. a general observation i’ve made from browsing forums is that some people even get kinda mad when hxh goes in a direction they don’t expect – gon and killua never battling each other, the lack of gon + killua + leorio + kurapika traveling together, gon not having a female love interest, etc. hxh is constantly setting itself up and knocking down pieces. i think it’s refreshing but some people know what they wanna watch and don’t like how hxh takes a steel bat to the genre conventions and tropes they expected to see and enjoy.

yorknew arc, possibly the most popular in the series, is airing currently on toonami so i’m very interested to see if there’s a fandom growth over the next few months. might be fun to do a fandom poll this summer and see!

keith’s probably the guy who’s just really bad at remembering names and paying attention to anyone other than the professors during classes so whenever someone’s like “hey!!!!!!!” he’s always like “uh…. hey?” all confused and trying to remember where he met them before and people misinterpret and think he’s a big snob when really the poor boy just has selective attention and shitty memory

“oh my god I’m so surprised harry styles is so talented bc I’m a musical snob who thinks boybands are shit even though I haven’t heard a single 1d song since wmyb” aka shut the hell up and keep moving you just got your harry fan club membership revoked

salem’s hungry all the time cause she’s pregnant, I switch to her and see she’s going to eat some fruitcake. ok what Salem you screamed at dina when she came to greet you to the neighbourhood so you didn’t get one where the hell you going. then I see her ass waddling out to the middle of the street

ITS JUST SITTING THERE ITS BEEN THERE FOR DAYS. and like any respectable pregnant woman she just eats it right then and there right off the ground. wow

look how pleased she is with herself. god help this baby

harry’s the type of person to interrupt your typical neck bearded radiohead tee wearing music snob going off about Real Music and the influence of the beatles everything that came after them with “uh actually teenage girls made the beatles what they are so jot that down” and that’s one of 5454478 reasons why i love him