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so a handful of you were around for last year’s calendiles day, & therefore have an idea of what’s going on. for those of you that don’t, april 28th is the day one jenny calendar graced our screens for the first time, and brought with her a level of snark none had seen directed at giles before. or, to be fair, we saw the kids snarking at giles, but we never actually saw a fellow teacher shouting “you’re a snob” across the library at him. bless u jenny calendar.

anyway, jenny and giles are adorable, their love is adorable, and april 28th is the time to make content commemorating that!! starting at midnight, april 28th (pacific standard time) and ending at 11pm that night, 

for my contributions, i’ll be posting installments (every hour, on the hour) of four different six-chapter fics centering around giles and jenny (jfc what am i promising right now someone help me), as well as reblogging any content any of you choose to make. 

reblog this post to spread the word, and let me know if you’re thinking of making something + tag me in it when you post it!


Okay these scenes were so freaking cool, they look like scenes from a comic. I love when the storyboarders get creative like this,


I really wanna see his reaction when he realizes this was Steven all along.

The fuck, Steven? I think he has gotten into the role of a selfish snob too much. I want my innocent potato baby back.

Of course, this is the level of “funny” that Lars would appreciate.



Steven what the fucking shit.

I didn’t know this day would come, i am actually feeling bad for Lars.

Steven just lost his only true fan, Lars might be a jerk but Steven was the bigger jerk here. This “playing” has gone too far.

ofcandk  asked:

Just rewatched the music video, and it's now evolved into, Kylo has like been into Hux for ages, and he has propaganda images of him in his locker, and keeps talking about him and how Hux is out of his leage and he'd never meet him in real life, and the other Rens arel like 'No, You're awesome!" Then the fancy car drives into the garage and he's just 'great, snobs got lost in the poor area again' and then he see's Hux in the back of the car and freezes like a deer in headlights.

HOLY YES MY DUDE!!!! And he is so shocked and starstruck. And Hux sees him and is just internally like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because Kylo is obviously so hot. And the KoR and so glad Hux is paying attention to Kylo because he’s been enamored with Hux for monthsssssssss and now he’s finally getting to meet him

Okay this is something that’s been bugging me for a little while. I’ve seen a couple of pieces of McHanzo art and fic floating around with the punch line of “Hanzo likes tea and hates coffee. McCree likes coffee and hates tea.” And while these are good and funny, I feel like fandom is missing out a brilliant opportunity when it comes to Hanzo vs. coffee headcanons.

You see, tea is definitely super popular in Japan. And not just green tea but black, barley, oolong, jasmine, the works. Hell, you can buy giant liter bottles of tea at the grocery store and those basically get served up with meals, when guests come to visit, or whenever you need something to drink.

The thing is, in Japan coffee is just a ubiquitous as tea. 

In the same vending machines on every corner where you’ll find tons of hot or cold green tea for sale you’ll also see at least three different varieties of canned coffee. Convenience stores and grocery stores sell pre-mixed lattes. If you thought Pumpkin Spice Latte craze was bad, Japanese Starbucks not only go PSL but they also have cherry blossom flavored lattes and a ton of seasonal flavors.

Also Japanese people can be complete and utter snobs about coffee. You see this? That my friends is a Kyoto-style slow-drip brewer. It is $250 of some of the fanciest coffee brewing known to mankind. It can take up to 24 hours to brew a single cup.

So rather than the tried and true “McCree likes his coffee, Hanzo likes his tea,” please consider that while McCree might like coffee and settle for some percolator brewed mass-produced store brand stuff, Hanzo loves his coffee and is insulted by McCree’s unwillingness to understand the true depth of flavor in a diluted cup of 24 hour brewed caffeinated art.

besides for pearl having more angst moments and arcs and whatnot…shes given so much more personality

we know like 10 of her hobbies/interests, ranging from swordfighting to cleaning to baking to engineering. she gets a dozen different roles - the rebel, the swordfighter, the teacher, the mourning lover, the doting mom, the scientist, the dancer, the pilot, the nerd, the snob, the most self sacrificing… 

garnet and ame get nothing in comparison. all those text posts memes like “what the gems’ blogs are like” or w/e have unique, spot on choices for pearl…then ame is the “funny prankster one” and garnets is “blank blog w/ no posts” or “posts abt how gay she is” after jailbreak. bc thats what theyre reduced to in the show

look at her design and take a guess why

ok time to end in corny joke..the one gem without facets is given the most facets!! hah kill me