Okay, so here the thing.. I downloaded this cool ass apartment lot thing. And it’s got a bunch of places. While I was decorating I thought.. It’d be cool to have a group of sims living here.. And, since I still have 498, 000 sims left that I have made, and are also doing nothing, I figured I’d add them too.. This way I can explore more careers. It takes me too long to play, and I don’t think I’ve maxed a single career  in this game *hangs head in shame*.

Anyway, here are the details for the last three- from top to bottom: 

Name:  Jax Kelly
Traits: Active, Outgoing, Romantic
Career: Detective

Name: Malia Bell (Food Critic Branch)
Traits: Insider, Snob, Perfectionist
Career: Critic

Name:  Tyler London
Traits: Jealous, Ambitious, Bookworm
Career: Politician (Charity Organizer Branch)

Lalayo muna ako, sana mamaya nasa mood ako makapag sagot na ng tumblr chats. Miss ko na kayo di ako snob mga best, wala lang talaga ako time dati tapos lately puro dota at kung ano-ano ginagawa ko. Pati wala ako sa mood madalas. Ayun. Panda hug! See you later!

Me, constantly whispering at my computer screen: but Dorian my boy as we move through this area surrounded by the people who live in this area can you be chill, sensitive, and cultural respectful for ten fucking seconds

Dorian, in the middle of the avvar village: EVERY AVVAR STATUE I SEE IS THE UGLIEST ONE THAT I HAVE SEEN YET

Me, just tired, not even surprised: but Dorian my boy can you be yourself but quiet

keith’s probably the guy who’s just really bad at remembering names and paying attention to anyone other than the professors during classes so whenever someone’s like “hey!!!!!!!” he’s always like “uh…. hey?” all confused and trying to remember where he met them before and people misinterpret and think he’s a big snob when really the poor boy just has selective attention and shitty memory


The complexities.

The simplicities.

The muses.

The music.

In Marvin, Vol. II, the second half of their focus on the legendary vocalist, The Music Snobs explore the loves and loss that drove Marvin Gaye to create the unparalleled Here, My Dear.

Listen right here.


This is Loqi.

He’s not as ready as he thinks he is.

(Previously on ‘This Is…’)

Baze Malbus sits at a bar, drinking his favourite tea. He has lost sight of Chirrut a while ago, but as a fight breaks out behind him, he wonders no more.

He doesn’t turn around yet. Chirrut can hold his own against a dozen and more opponents, and the patrons of the bar are intoxicated enough not to pose a problem.

With a sigh he raises his cup for the last bit of beverage, but it never makes it to his mouth. A small blaster bolt comes out of nowhere, smashing the cup to pieces in his hand.

Baze came here to drink chav tea and to kick ass if necessary. And now he is all out of chav tea.

Obi-Wan’s Snobbery

Obi-Wan is one of those characters who genuinely believes he isn’t in anyway a bigot. This is in spite of the fact that he struggles when dealing with people who are “uncultured,” and “uncivilised,” as if those words weren’t subjective. Apparently the only culture that matters is Core World culture. If you don’t know about that you’re uncultured, clearly ignorant, and a rather pathetic life-form in need of rescue, and a “proper” education. To be refined is to appreciate opera, and the fine arts. It doesn’t involve being multilingual, and deeply immersed in the art, etiquette, and society that developed separately on an Outer Rim world. They’re archaic, naturally: Clearly inferior. Obi-Wan is a snob who is barely aware that he is one, and he is all the more a better character for it.