honestly? i encourage people to keep using the fibonacci spiral incorrectly. it’s funny and it’s also not as big a deal as The Snobs would have you believe

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Just finished S2. I gotta say it was pretty awlful, apart from the Blackwater ep. We finally get a glimpse of book Cersei and book Sansa (my faves). I can't get past Margaery's wig.Osha must know a great waxer. The SanSan shippers must have hated everything, just like I hated the treatment given to Cat and Brienne. Talisa and Robb make no sense (it makes Robb a selfish asshole, not a guy trying to be decent to the girl he had sex with!). Do Clarke and Harrigton learn to act? Is S3 watchable?

See, I watched S1 and 2 as an Unsullied, but even looking back as a book snob, these are definitely among the stronger seasons.

The glimpse of book!Cersei and Sansa must be in “Blackwater”, right? That’s largely considered the best episode of the show by book readers (Martin wrote it btw), even if the scope was firmly reduced, and the Stannis/Davos side wasn’t exactly humanized. Otherwise, it’s just poor Queen Carol, the put-upon supermom :( .

The wigs get better! That much I can say. Clarke and Harrington’s acting actually gets worse. I hope you enjoyed Season 2 Dany…it’s the last time she actually emotes (Deadpan from here on out!).

Talisa the time-traveling field nurse only gets funnier and funnier. She ain’t going to conform, yo.

And yeah, the cracks in the plaster are definitely there. Cat’s treatment is actually very indicative of what’s to come in terms of GoT’s portrayal and scripting of women. I’m not sure if you’ve found these, but I highly highly recommend @turtle-paced who writes absolutely amazing rewatch pieces found here. She also has very insightful commentary as a result of this project of how so many micro-decisions led us to where we are now.  For instance, this one on Season 2 Jon, this one on Season 1 Cat’s sidelining, or my personal favorite on Sam’s portrayal in S2.

From my understanding, yes, SanSans were not particularly happy with S1 and 2. Though I think they got significantly less happy in subsequent seasons as both Sansa and Sandor’s characters just get shit on over and over. Sandor basically turns into a meme, and Sansa becomes perhaps the most inconsistent character ever written in modern television. Which is saying something, since she’s also competing against show!Jaime (just wait til Season 5).

voltron crew intellegence/learning types

lance: the silent type; the kid in the class that’s always cracking jokes and starting conversations with the teacher but gets A’s on every assignment through sheer brilliance and also a lot of unspoken hard work

hunk: the sponge; the person that reads a zillion books about literally every topic just for fun and retains it just because it’s so interesting

keith: the detective; never studies for anything, but manages to pass by using the context given to him within the test itself to deduce the correct answers

pidge: the snob (and i mean this in the best way); only learns the information relevant to her or the situation, or what she personally finds interesting

shiro: the hardworker; if he wants or needs to know information, he’s willing to sit himself down and focus on learning and practicing it (when he’s able to) despite not everything coming easy for him

allura: the self-aware; knows what information would best benefits her and learns it, sometimes putting off learning stuff that she would like to in favor of practicing what is useful

coran; the silent type, but more mature; the funny old guy you know that you think just exists for a laugh and a good time, but one day drops some life-changing wisdom on you when you need it the most

I really love reading and books. If I walk into a bookstore I practically cream my pants. I’m just a book addict. God, I’m such an intellectual and so much better than other people.
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What’s the word for the thing that’s the most symmetrical negation of a thing, if not the most complete - i.e. if “the opposite of love isn’t hate but indifference”, whatever hate still is to love?  I kind of think authentic hipsterdom, “snob culture”, is that to sneer culture.  Sneer culture punches down widely and indiscriminately, and treats cultural expertise as a dogma to be accepted universally, as a prerequisite for social inclusion.  Snob culture punches up at the highest status targets it can find, seeking to surpass them - “you like [high status band]?  I liked them before they were high status” - and treats cultural expertise as an esoteric gnosis that demands self-exclusion from the social.  This degraded avant-garde model of cultural superiority, against the degraded academic, in perpetually competing against the highest strata of status, even aims to liberate the individual entirely from it, jump off the top of the ladder and attain a realm where one is, like Coyote Starrk or Sousuke Aizen, “lonely at the top” - returned to universal aesthetic uncertainty and receptivity by elevating oneself entirely above reference.  Reversing into universalism, this egoism tends to break down cultural hierarchies rather than establish them in practice - see normcore, poptimism and the B-movie revival.  At least, that’s what I aim for on here.

Please consider
  • Keith actually being really easy to talk to
  • But nobody approaches him because he gives off an unfriendly vibe
  • People always get the wrong impression
  • But sometimes people actually have to talk to him and when they do they realize that he’s not such a bad guy???
  • People getting flustered and embarrassed when they see what Keith is really like
  • Cause he’s actually really nice and sweet and “wow I can’t believe I ever thought this guy was an asshole”
  • “it’s been an honor flying with you boys” yeah how can this guy possibly be an asshole
  • Him giving people advice and genuinely wanting to help but people taking it the wrong way
  • Being really confused when people he doesn’t even know not-so-subtly try to avoid him
  • Oblivious Keith who doesn’t realize people actually do wanna talk to him
  • And when people try to talk to him he thinks it’s a joke because rarely anybody does that????

I am utter trash for these two, and the concept of a First Order art school AU.