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Por qué ese odio/asco hacia Laura Gallego? Solo por saber tu opinion, que me gusta leer tus opiniones airadas sobre estos temas :)

En realidad no la odio tanto pero me pongo en plan hater a la mínima de cambio. Bueno la odio pero desde la indiferencia. Razones:

1) Tiene un palo metido tan hondo en el culo que es un milagro que sus pies toquen el suelo.

2) Es la Stephenie Meyer española pero la tipa se cree que es Michael Ende. 

3) Es una puta snob que no se da cuenta de que sus libros son todos la misma mierda de: 

pero ambientados en el mundo de la Historia Interminable.

4) Odio a todas y cada una de las muchachas que he conocido fans de Memorias de Idhún (esto no es una razón, pero joder, son unas petardas muy grandes)

5)  No me gusta el género fantástico (esto tampoco es una razón realmente, pero es que no aguanto los cuentos de omg un bosque y dragones. No. Stop.)

En resumen, yo entiendo que haya escritores que se centren exclusivamente en novelas para teenagers en realidad no y ojalá se extinguiera ese puto género pero que sepan lo que son. Quiero decir, eres una tipa mediocre y muy fans de Tolkien (o lo parece al menos) y ya está. Eso es todo. No vayas con esas ínfulas de “es que la gente es tan analfabeta que no lee mis libros y yo soy tan especial porque leo mogollón. No como vosotros. Masa. Necios.” 

Please consider
  • Keith actually being really easy to talk to
  • But nobody approaches him because he gives off an unfriendly vibe
  • People always get the wrong impression
  • But sometimes people actually have to talk to him and when they do they realize that he’s not such a bad guy???
  • People getting flustered and embarrassed when they see what Keith is really like
  • Cause he’s actually really nice and sweet and “wow I can’t believe I ever thought this guy was an asshole”
  • “it’s been an honor flying with you boys” yeah how can this guy possibly be an asshole
  • Him giving people advice and genuinely wanting to help but people taking it the wrong way
  • Being really confused when people he doesn’t even know not-so-subtly try to avoid him
  • Oblivious Keith who doesn’t realize people actually do wanna talk to him
  • And when people try to talk to him he thinks it’s a joke because rarely anybody does that????

Jewish women can never just be seen as women, as human beings. When we’re not the ugly hag, the nagging mom, the frizzy-haired prude; we’re the Jewish American princess, the sexy exotic Israeli (and most of the time we aren’t even Israeli), the “pretty for a Jewish girl.” We are caught between the antisemitic demonization of Jews and the antisemitic exoticification of Jewish women. We are both hated and commodified. The intersection of antisemitism and misogyny do not allow Jewish women to just be Jewish women; there is always a negative adjective in front. I don’t want to be a bitch, a reptilian, a snob, a prude, or a sexy kosher fantasy. I want to be me and I want to be a Jewish woman.

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Read something useful except from cute teen love stories. Open your mind. Read the classics.

See I wasn’t sure if I should delete this message because really, I don’t have time for this idiocy. However the more I thought about it, the funnier I found it to be. Anon you are a small minded and judgmental person. Those classics you insist I read (which obviously you don’t know me because if you did, you would know that I do in fact read classic novels and plays. ::gasp:: The shock!)  are doing nothing for your personality or your maturity. And here you talk about opening your mind, oh the hypocrisy. Please get off your high horse and stop being such a snob; you look ridiculous and petty.


(TS4)Model Pose Set  9 -  CAS & Pose Pack version

Download : Mediafire | SimFileShare

  • 10 poses requested by @zvlaaa, thanks for the idea !!
  • Pose pack version
    • for the pose 7, you need the teleport sim mod ; works for the counter
  • CAS (2 versions)
    • Snob
    • Squeamish (from GP01)


  • ⚑ The Mods you should have :
    • the Pose Player here
    • the Teleport Sim Mod here


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CCs : @antosims (hair), toksik (necklace), @sims4-marigold (top), @cleotopia (bottom), @dreamteamsims (shoes), @s-club-tbr (bracelet), @jfc-sims (body chain), @salem2342 (ring)


Ugh. I guess you can just add people as friends on Goodreads? Josh’s friend just added me. I looked at her page and books and whatnot, and she gave 5 stars to every Twilight series book. 😒

I’m sorry. I know full well that I’m a snob, but I am not the book friend you are looking for. *waves hand in front of her face*