sno*drift rally


You know, for a privateer, Nick Roberts has one stubborn demeanor about him that absolutely REFUSES to turn him away from rally. Always a top performer in the Super Production class of Rally America, he’s managed to completely thrash his cars in the process, and somehow always gets his cars race ready before the next event. 

Take the recent fire at the Oregon event. His car had nothing that could be salvaged, and with the next rally in three weeks he wasn’t looking very likely to be an entry. However, and Ken Block even admits this is quite a feat with his factory team, with a new sponsor and a shell for an STi, his privateer effort pulls through and builds a new car from the GROUND UP in a matter of 19 days. Absolutely spectacular, but what even adds to it is how he goes on to win in his class at STPR. 

So yes, while his history of crashes and wrecks is great given the number of events he has entered, his skill clearly shows. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a major contender in a more open-class vehicle someday soon.