Then there was the time that Gilda (costar Gilda Radner) and I had to do an intro to something and we hadn’t even bothered to look at it. Well, the key light came on and it blinded us so we couldn’t read the cards. We had no idea who we were introducing because we didn’t know who was on the show. I felt Gilda slowly getting further and further behind me because she was laughing so hard. We couldn’t make the intro. We just stood there for 30 seconds and laughed, which was horribly unprofessional. But it sure felt good. It was a tremendous release of tension.


Question: Jane what was it like working with gilda radner on snl?
CurtinLive: It was a joy working with Gilda
CurtinLive: Gilda Lorraine and I were a unit..
CurtinLive: and we looked out for each other…a
CurtinLive: and supported each other…
CurtinLive: but Gilda was always much better
CurtinLive: at looking out for us, then we were for her.

Jane’s AOL chat  September 8 1999

“I remember him telling me that when Candice Bergen would host, Jane Curtin might have less to do that week.”

- Rachel Dratch on Lorne Michaels preparing her for a job at SNL

“Might?’ LOL I remember Candice being given Jane’s interview skits. Always kind of felt sorry for Candice because it only ever served to show up how genius Jane is and how lacking in talent Candice was by comparison.

Always wonder if Lorne is one of the many SNL guys Jane turned down …