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I am so so proud of Kate and her winning an emmy!! I can’t really put into words just how excited I am, this resplendent warm-hearted kind and utterly funny woman deserves this prize so much! Again congratulations, Kate!

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Kate McKinnon winning her 1st Emmy:

“That’s not- okay. I am really crying you guys I’m not making that up. Thank you to the academy so much… good sentence. The- I can- I can’t- this is really crazy you guys. Thank you to Lauren Michaels for giving me the job of my life. To the amazing crew at SNL. You know it’s really hard making ninety minutes of sketch-comedy every week for forty-years so thank you to my amazing colleagues, the cast and writers. You’re the smartest, best people I know. I’m shaking guys. Thanks Fred, Brian, Melissa, Lauren. Thank you especially Chris Kelly and Sarah Scneider. Thank you Ellen DeGeneres. Thank you Hillary Clinton. And just on a personal note, thank you to my beautiful and hilarious mother and sister and to my father who’s not with us anymore but he made me start watching SNL when I was twelve so thank you and I miss you Pop.”

I wanted to make a longer hella long post explaining what I think about the situation of Kate McKinnon being annoyed when meeting fans. In no way do I actually know how she feels, as I’m not in her head, but if Kate is anything like me, this is my guess as to how she feels. Social anxiety and general awkwardness in social situations can affect everyone, celebrities included.

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I’m Dan Aykroyd and uh well I'm kind of afraid because uh… This is live television where the unexpected can happen and well, the unexpected has happened. We’re all quite saddened and disappointed but uh, in show business we have an old saying “the show must go on” and although this old saying, well uh, the show can’t possibly go on without Davey Wilson, our director who has apparently died.